Mori Building Digital Art Museum - Teamlab Borderless Review

June 13, 2018

Probably the most anticipated museum in Tokyo that has attracted the attention of worldwide citizens, presenting to you Mori Building Digital Art Museum - Teamlab Borderless that was created incorporation between Mori Building and TeamLab. The unprecedented digital art museum soon will be open for public on 21st June 2018 but there's a press event held on 11th June 2018. I was so lucky to be the first Indonesian that visited the place, thanks to Mori Building Team for inviting me! With their help, I managed to explore and take pictures + videos in the museum freely before it gets packed with visitors on its real opening date.

The interactive artworks have no borders separated them from other works as some of them extend even beyond their own zones and even into corridors. Since its theme is borderless, the immersive works and the visitor's interactive experience will result in a new approach to interactive digital art experience which can only be found at this museum. Ultimately, Mori Building and TeamLab wish for this museum could be a new fascinating tourist attraction especially in welcoming the Olympic 2020 in Tokyo

There are five zones that can be enjoyed in this museum. So let's talk about it one by one!


When I entered this area, I got lost right away as the creators want. I needed to adapt and recognize my surroundings with my body and senses thus I move freely and try forming connections with the digital artworks and people around me. The queen of the area might be the 'UNTITLED' which I showed above. The piece has been shown in New York before and it surely received a high appreciation. It shows a digital waterfall with flowers every time I step on the hill thanks to its amazing sensor. The more people in the area, the more sensors activated that will create a more beautiful art

Forest Forest artworks also invited you to an area filled with colorful flowers as if you're in a fantasy world. They play around with mirrors as well to give unique reflections and make the whole space larger than what it is. Be careful to bump into anything because you might lose your sense of space


Crystal World piece is also a part of their Borderless World and definitely an Instagram spot for many! It used tons of LED and the color plays are truly majestic! It's hard to capture the beauty only on pictures alone


Another amazing artwork is the Forest of Resonating Lamps. The sensor detects when a person stands still close to a lamp, it shines brightly and emits a color that resonates out. After one lamp lightens, it spreads to the two nearest lamps and keeps spreading out continuously. The floors are mirrors that reflect both the lamps and human that creates another borderless world again

The duration per stay and the people in each room for this place are limited per session, as expected to make the room not overcrowded. If you're here, make sure to know what pose you want to take and don't bump the lamps!


To enjoy the athletic forest, no people wearing heels, sandals, and platforms are allowed because it is where you can do some physical work out in this interactive world. Flat shoes and sneakers are recommended but if you don't have it, you can rent it on the spot. Weightless Forest is where you can play with various objects that defy gravity and change its color when touched

For me, this place might be the most fun area because I can move around while exercising in the fantasy world. There are also light pogo sticks that are called Light Forest Three Dimensional Bouldering where you can climb along it. My most fun part is their Multi Jumping Universe where it's like a trampoline that gives galaxy trails when you jump or walk along it 

Besides that, there are also 2 other zones called Future Park and En Tea House

For Future Park, it is made as an educational project and experimental field for collaborative creation. When I observed it, there are many kids playing and touching digital fish and the fish will escape or be gone once it's touched. There are also coloring space where your draw will be scanned and move to the digital world

For En Tea House, it is also my favorite place since it's where I can enjoy Digital Gastronomy experience. With just 500 yen per drink (4 choices available), you can see flowers bloom on your tea. The sensors are too awesome to be true and there's never a loop. However, for a picture it's a little bit blurry hence video justify the awesomeness more

To know my experience better, watch my Youtube video down below

I had the honor to have private interview Sugiyama-san as Mori Building General Manager and Toshiyuki Inoko-san, the founder of TeamLab during their tight schedule to find out further about this museum

Since 1986, Mori Building has involved and supported the growth and evolution of cultural events, so this time they believe that modern art can successfully reflect the modern era we live in. Mr. Sugiyama, the manager of Mori Building, stated that there will be no time limitation of people who can enter the building. However, there will be some areas which can be entered by a limited number of people. He’d be happy if more people are coming because the museum is made for the people and because of the people it will work well. He believes that the partnership with teamLab will make Tokyo enhance its power to attract more people in terms of art and cultural interaction especially to welcome Olympic and Paralympic in 2020.

According to Mr. Inoko, the digital artworks are made by the various discipline of ultra-technologist which he started with only five people at the beginning and soon after we recruit more people that can help him to achieve the result he wants. The interactive artworks that visitors can see in Mori Building Digital Art Museum have no borders separated them from other works as some of them extend even beyond their own zones and even into corridors. Since its theme is ‘Borderless’, the immersive works and the visitor's interactive experience will result in a new approach to interactive digital art experience which can only be found at this museum. Mr. Inoko added that every visitor might have different interpretation e or receive different message from the artworks because each artwork has different layers and depths on it. However, although the message from the creator is not able to be delivered well, he wants the visitors to be inspired by the artworks

Since TeamLab has partnership with gallery around the world, such as PACE, Mr. Inoko also considered that the digital art is contemporary art. When asked the reason why teamLab often brings theme such as nature and environment to the artworks, he said that Mr. Inoko himself often thinks about the relationship of humans in the world and how humans perceive the world. If there isn’t nature to begin with, the human wouldn’t exist, thus he has deep interest between human and nature.

All in all, I spent roughly 4 hours here and I still want to come back again to enjoy everything with other visitors. Mr. Inoko mentioned that he will be happy if there are a lot of people around the world want to come and enjoy the digital museum since this is the first in the world. The more people come to the museum then the more movement can be seen from the artworks; visitors are inclusive into the artworks. He also mentioned that the use of camera is permitted because it will be another experience for the visitors to enjoy the artworks

For more information, check out their website :

The museum itself is located in Palette Town, Odaiba. You can reach the place via Tokyo Telecom Center or Odaiba Kaihinkoen via walking distance but Aomi Station is the nearest among them. You only need to walk 3 mins away from Aomi Station and it's easy to find as it's near the Ferris Wheel

The museum is open for public from 21st June 2018

The ticket for an adult is 3200 yen, but early bid discount is available for 2400 yen if you visit until 31st July 2018

I would love to come back in the future and I believe this place will be a must visit in Odaiba for tourists besides Gundam and Ferris Wheel! So mark the place on your bucket list, and definitely visit it when you're in my favorite city ever, Tokyo

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