Sumber Ayu Body Scrub Review

July 31, 2018

If there's one Indonesian beauty product that can fight against Japan's beauty products, I would choose body scrub. Local's body scrub from Indonesia is not only affordable but also provides an amazing result. This time, I stocked up a few body scrubs from Indonesia before leaving to Japan because I am sure I would need it for regular basis. And it is nonetheless the new Sumber Ayu White Body Scrub!

Sumber Ayu White Body Scrub has just released their new packaging and comes with 5 different types. Madu, Bunga, Pepaya, Susu, and our Indonesian favorite Bengkoang (it's famous for brightening skin and an essential ingredient in a lot of Indonesian beauty products). I got myself in Bengkoang and Bunga! Besides new packaging, they also have been perfected by Extra Cleansing and Extra Fragrance for optimal scrubbing result as well as Whitening Complex from Vitamin E and Milk Essence for a brighter and natural skin

The texture of the body scrub is creamy and easy to massage. I mostly use it for my armpit, elbow, and knee to get rid of the dead skins but when I have more time and want to pamper my whole body, I scrub my whole body with the product! The scrub is pretty solid so people who have sensitive skin might want to go easy when scrubbing their body but for me personally, I like when I can feel they brush away all the dead skins thoroughly. I use it 2 times a week, followed by body lotion after rinsing and drying my body off

Sumber Ayu body scrub is processed HALAL with HALAL ingredients as well and has received certificate of Halal. For my Muslim readers who are particular about their halal beauty products, this will be your best option! Besides, all Sumber Ayu products have been tested clinically by the dermatologist

The result after using the body scrub is smoother and healthier skin, with enchanting fragrant that stays on my body for a while!

For now, it has become the staple for me and stayed inside my bathroom loyally (except when taking it out for a while for this photoshoot lol). I am planning to restock it once I run out of it, and when my Indo friends coming over to visit!

For more information, visit their website at !

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  1. Yay we're twinning because I use the same body scrub as well!


  2. wahh, kemasan baru yaa sumber ayunya. kandungannya d upgrade atau sama ja ?

  3. you're no longer deserve it anymore