Riad Be Marrakech Review

July 02, 2018

Thanks to Instagram, everyone knows about cool places and instagenic spots even when they're a thousand miles apart and my trip to Marrakech is not complete without visiting one of the most famous Riad in my generation, Riad Be Marrakech. It was so difficult getting the room because most of the time it's fully booked, but apparently, I managed to get the slot and so my long stay in Morocco includes Sahara Desert, Marrakech City Tour, and a relaxing stay at a nice Riad

Because I stayed in a riad nearby in Medina, I didn't get the hotel staff to pick me up though they have the arrangement. Upon checking in, we were served with our welcome Morrocan Mint Tea and some cookies while overlooking the pool area

Each room in the Riad has a different concept, and most of the time, there weren't plenty of rooms available. Riad Be Marrakech only has 8 rooms, it is because Riad is, in fact, a traditional Moroccan house but it's now renovated to be a tourist accommodation for those who want to experience the real Morocco. The room's price is more or less the same unless the bigger one that can cater for more people. I had to pay around 100 EURO for one night and the room is really pretty

As for the bathroom, it is not that impressive but the water works fine so it's okay

And of course, when staying in an amazing hotel room, I cant not take pictures!

My room is located on the second floor and there are some lounge as well there where you can relax

However, the main focus is, of course, the ground floor that has a mini pool there. And it's not my camera or distortion but the pool itself is not in a perfect square
Nevertheless, it's still breathtakingly beautiful and so instagenic!

On the third floor, there are some rooftop areas as well where you can enjoy dinner or take a nap in the hook, but I decided to have my dinner somewhere else

The room comes with breakfast service and it's all healthy + freshly made. I really love the muffin and the greek yogurt and I think after hopping to a few riads in Marrakech, they serve one of the best breakfasts in town!

I took dozens of pictures with the breakfast because it's definitely so pretty and the hotel itself is amazing!

  I truly enjoyed my stay in Morocco and if though I only had around a week to explore Sahara and Marrakech, it's definitely a stellar trip that Stella Lee would love to come back again in the future! And next time, I will visit more riads too :) 

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