26 Years Old + 3 Months Living in Japan Update

September 13, 2018

I havent updated much ever since I moved to Tokyo 3 months ago. But anyway, I have just turned 26. It's beyond my imagination to reach this certain age because I always feel that I am forever stuck in early 20's. It feels like it's just yesterday I had my 20th year old birthday, but now I have for real reached adulthood, an age where I can no longer have youth discount lol

It's not like I am unhappy with this age, in fact, I feel really content and grateful for this day to come. I had been feeling really depressed for the last 3 birthdays that I had. Ever since I hit my 23rd birthday, for around 1-2 months around September I would ALWAYS have anxiety. I am not sure that if even my closest friends realize about it, but if you dig my old blog posts, you would know that I thought too much to the point I might turn paranoid lol I was just, unhappy... For no good reason

So many people had asked me how is it to move to Japan which I can only answer

'it is normal. But normal is good. Normal is something that I crave to have. And in fact, a normal life is something that is not normal in this era, to the point everyone trying to be normal and lead a normal life but it's never normal'

And that's how I realize my english has turned a little bit better because I can use so many 'normal' words in a sentence without sounding dumb

What's my daily schedule looks like?
It's never the same on each day but my school is from Monday to Friday, from 9.30 to 13.30
And after that usually, I would meet some friends or clients, do some beauty treatments like going to Hair Salon, do a little bit of photo spot hunting in Tokyo, go to supermarket to buy groceries and cook meals, have meals at home while watching Netflix and Doraemon, review lessons and do homework, clean houses and do laundry, do some work for @titiptella and @hairbeauronid, and that's all

I never knew that doing repetitive boring lifestyle for some people can be this peaceful for me
I had been living a roller coaster life (and honestly it's so fun, my job is too fun) for YEARS, and having a little bit of normality into my life is not bad at all

I have time to pursue study and though it's not always rainbow filtered, I have finally had an international class that I had always dreamed of. An experience that I can share with people whenever I meet them. And my Japanese skill is getting better! I was in fact pretty much could survive for basic daily life in Japan with my broken Japanese even before I started studying, but now as I am studying, I realize that there are so many things that I should and could study more

Time flies so fast and my summer term will be finished in 2 weeks. I don't know if I have changed or not but in fact there are so many interesting stories and experiences for the last 3 months to the point I could probably make a book or two out of it. So far it's been great, but I am sorry my life is too normal. I knew some people would expect me to visit kawaii cafes or have fun every day, but I am just an average student here haha

So what did I do for my birthday?
I was simply going to school, and in fact I had a work event at Omotesando Hills. So my schedule was finished around 7.30pm and I just headed for a good meal near Ginza area with my bestie Anggy. Anggy flew to Japan for a week during my birthday to spend it with me. So thoughtful!

Though I was expecting a lonely birthday (which in fact I am pretty content with myself so doing it alone is fine), but a simple dinner on my birthday is always appreciated
In fact the night before, we went to the nearest konbini from my apartment and got a 200 yen cheesecake, candle, and lighter, to just have a little ceremony between us. I asked her to sing happy birthday to me so I could record it on Instagram story and we were laughing about how vain and fake we were

But we've been together for around 13 years, which means half of my life's well spent with her presence. So this 'fake friendship goal' persona on instagram is in fact for real, a genuine friendship :">
In fact the best birthday present that she gave me to me was she was cleaning my apartment when I was at school HAHA. Not everyday that you got to have your apartment cleaned by your friend right

So I brought her to Ginza to enjoy a good dinner at a local restaurant. We had 8-courses meal but we ordered more because we were so hungry. Someone went to school and work, and the other cleaned the house. We deserved a good meal lol

And in fact, we kinda got a karma
Both of us never liked tuna and when the tuna moriawase came to our table, we were sighing and said 'I really like salmon compared to Tuna. I never understand the charm of it'
And we took a bite of it
We blinked
And we cursed

'this is freaking good'

The tuna melted in our mouth and the hint of freshly grated wasabi really enhanced the flavor. We all agreed it was probably the best tuna we have ever had in our entire life despite both of us visiting Japan too many times. So I shamelessly asked the chef whether we could order just another plate of tuna and we happily savored additional plate! :D

I have so many things to be grateful about but I really wanna say even without all the blessings that I have on my birthday, I am genuinely happy from the bottom of my heart, and content, to the point I dont need people or things to make me happy

I am happy in Japan
And I am facing my 26th year old positively :) 

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