Enchanteur Extraordinary New Look

September 29, 2018

Do you ever want to look as gorgeous as Parisian women every day?
The secret might be lied on their fragrance, for all we know that Parisian women love to smell good and perfume is probably popularized by them since hundred years ago. For that, a good choice to smell as good is probably Enchanteur!

I was offered to try Enchanteur New Look products that can inspire and nurture your love story, which hopefully yes will affect greatly to your relationship partner! *winkwink
But they all said the smell is one of the best reasons to fall in love with someone

With the recent change of Enchanteur, I am excited to review 3 products out of 7 selections. The new packaging is more modern, elegant, and fresh! It comes with a white base and pink as a pop of color to show feminity. You can also try to visit their WEBSITE first to see the wide selections of Enchanteur products bet you want all of 'em!

Enchanteur products is a range of personal care products with classy floral fragrance formulation that comes with the beautifully packaged product to show a personality of young women. Enchanteur Eau de Toilette and Perfumed Talc comes in 3 variants of it which are ROMANTIC, CHARMING and ALLURING. Charming has a scent of rose, muguet, citrus, and aldehyde, with a hint of cedarwood while Alluring has a mixture of rose, iris, and vanilla. Meanwhile, the one that I am trying is Romantic which has Bulgarian rose, white jasmine, mandarin, violet, and vanilla. While Enchanteur Whitening Perfumed Body Lotion comes in 2 variants of it which are ROMANTIC and CHARMING

I have with me the Eau de Toilette, Body Lotion, and Perfumed Talc.
The Body Lotion that promises to help brighten the skin naturally and protect the skin from UV Rays, and moisturize the skin with Vitamin C and Licorice Extract. While the Perfumed Talc is a body powder that can help absorbing swear fast to protect your skin. For the Eau de Toilette, it's a lightly scented perfume that lasts long and something that I would wear after I use the body lotion and Perfumed Talc. Combining the whole 3 products will give you a long-lasting effect through the day since layering the products is the key to it!

Personally, I like the unique scent and it's really a feminine fragrant that is well made to cater to young people who need not-overpowering scent. I truly like the scent since it's pretty soft and Paris-like!

So what do you think of the new look of Enchanteur and which variant suits you best with your personality? Anyway you can follow the Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram Enchanteur to find update and other useful tips from Enchanteur and now tou can get the new Enchanteur #ExtraordinaryNewLook in TOKOPEDIA and SHOPEE and it's really affordable. Check it out!

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