Ellips Dry Shampoo Review

November 29, 2018

How many of you have ever used Dry Shampoo ever since it's launched in the beauty market? The revolutionary product that helps women has caught my attention ever since and I regularly use it when I don't feel like washing my hair since constant washing is not healthy for both of our hair and the scalp. Besides using dry shampoo regularly, there's also a trick for using baby powder to make it puff, but nothing beats the convenience of dry shampoo thanks to its non-blotchy result, and easy to be used with just one spray away

Ellips as one of the most trusted hair brands in Indonesia has recently joined the hype by launching its dry shampoo series and I am lucky enough to try the products!

They sent me 2 variants which are FRUITY (purple) and BREEZE (green). They come in 2 sizes, and the mini size comes really handy especially for traveling or just a hero inside your bag that will make your hair amazing again when you need them at the end of the day. Meanwhile, you can keep the big size at your home! 

I love using Dry Shampoo because it's a quick rescue to the oily hair as it absorbs excess oil from the scalp. Ellips Dry Shampoo also gives your hair fascinating scent as if you just washed your hair

So, how to use this Ellips Dry Shampoo?

Simply spray it onto your scalp around 30 cm from your hair, and massage it thoroughly. After that, brush it out like normal, and voila!!
All you need is 1 minute! Perfect for busy women!

I've been loving my Ellips Dry Shampoo and the travel size has been my perfect daily companion ever since, and I am sure going to stock a few of them when I am back in Jakarta next time!
And bless you who are living in Jakarta because you can easily get it from your nearest supermarket or drugstore for an affordable price
Wish you all stay gorgeous and talk to you again next time! 

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