Hotel Imagine Kyoto Review

April 25, 2019

I can't wait to tell you the detail until the end of this post so I am going to tell you now. This is probably the best hotel to stay for any Indonesian group of travelers when you're in Kyoto. Hotel Imagine Kyoto has just recently opened in April 2019, and located conveniently 5 mins walking distance from Kyoto Station. Not only it's instagenic and received 5 stars on Tripadvisor, but the reasonable price and other benefits are also waiting for you. Now let me talk about this hotel in detail

The entrance to the hotel. This is so beautiful and even more in real life. A lot of passersby stop by and talk about how beautiful it is

After walking through the gate, you'll be presented to the boutique hotel itself and I love every single detail of the light installation already even from the outside


Upon entrance, you'll be presented with chic and cozy lobby that serves as a shared lounge and kitchen. The whole place is modern with a touch of japanese and gives homey feeling

Hotel Imagine Kyoto provides amazing electronics and small details that will definitely catch the eyes of people who know the real deal. One of the main points in their shared kitchen is they offer BALMUDA kitchen appliances such as the toaster that will promise to make 100 yen convenience store bread into a 1000 yen toasted bread. It's high quality appliances that you can try freely during your stay


There are many types of the room but they all provide the same kind of amazing light installations, fluffy futon, and spacious bedroom with Japanese contemporary design. In Japan, the hotel usually caters for up to 2 persons in 1 room and they will definitely charge an additional person when more people staying together in one room. Sometimes this rule makes it cheaper to rent an additional room in Japan. Therefore, for big groups, I usually recommend to rent an apartment in Japan but with the number of rules and laws in Japan, renting an apartment in Japan isn't as easy as it used to be. Besides, I hate finding the apartment because it's usually hidden, and there's no staff waiting for you

Hotel Imagine Kyoto allows the big group to stay in one room because they have gotten special permission for the hotel business that allows many customers in one room. Hence when you're coming with a group of friends, the price will definitely be cheaper once you split them 

Usually the bedroom will provide 1 big futon or 2 twin futon, but additional futons are provided inside the cupboard neatly

Next to the bedroom, one of the most important key points of this hotel is they have USB plug for phone charger. This is definitely essential for tourists who forget or dont know which adapter to bring! And since the charger port is located next to the bed, we can use it while laying down on the bed as well

Next time I will definitely bring my whole family or my whole girls to this hotel for a getaway!

Their bathroom is also pretty and so instagenic! The bathroom has special buttons that allows you to lighten up or dim down the light to change the mood. Once I took a dip inside the bathroom, I didn't even want to get out!

As for the yukata and amenities, you can ask from the front desk. For the yukata, they lend you for free and you can choose the colors of yukata and obi according to your preferences! You can use it either to take a walk around the hotel, or to sleep


What surprised me was how they're able to provide luxury beauty tools for the customers. You guys must have heard about Hairbeauron right? Hotel Imagine Kyoto provides Hairbeauron Hair Dryer and Styling Tools (Curling Iron and Flat Iron) for you to use it while you're staying in the hotel

In case you forget to bring your styling tools, worry not since you can try the best of the best hair tools as a complimentary in this hotel

They also provide ReFa Rental which is the luxury face and body massager that's a big hit in Japan and worldwide. I know some people are concerned about the hygiene but they make sure to clean it properly, or if you are unsure, you can always wash it with your facial soap before using it on your face. I personally have ReFa Face Massager at home because it definitely helps bloated face and I recommend any of you to try borrowing it when you're here!


If you are unsure about what should you while you're in Kyoto, my recommendations are to rent a Kimono, take pictures, and if you're tired, you can also pamper yourself to the prettiest foot spa ever. These activities can be booked through the hotel itself which will definitely help you save all the hassle since most of the reservations would be done in Japanese. For foreign tourists who don't speak the local language, this kind of service is definitely a blessing

I rented my Kimono near Fushimi Inari station, it's called Kimono Karen (KIMONO KAREN INSTAGRAM) and they have really affordable prices with amazing quality! I had my pink furisode that resembles spring season, and took pictures around with it and received so many compliments of it

Once you're tired, you can simply hop to ARASHIYU FOOT MASSAGE. They have 2 branches located in Arashiyama and Fushimi Inari. I went to the Fushimi Inari branch as it's located close to the hotel, and had the prettiest foot spa ever

All the fresh seasonal flowers are too pretty for my feet, but my heart squealed in glory. This foot spa is popular among locals and the package price has its drink and snack included

Shall you're interested to check out further about this hotel, please visit their website HERE but as of now, they can only be booked through travel agents such as, Rakuten Travel, Expedia, and You can check out their INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK as well

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