Risonare Atami During Early Spring

April 13, 2019

If you've followed me on Instagram you might have seen about this post, and no it's not in Santorini neither it's Positano. It's located just 40 mins away from Tokyo by Shinkansen, it is ATAMI. It is a seaside city of Japan's Izu Peninsula that is located in Shizuoka Prefecture. This is also the place where you can see Kawazu Sakura, or early bloomed cherry blossom, and I stayed at one of the top hotels in Atami, Risonare Atami during early February 

From Tokyo station, it's just 40 mins away to Atami Station. There are free shuttle buses provided by the hotel for the hotel guests but I didn't come during the scheduled bus hence I took taxi to reach the hotel. It's just 15 mins away from the JR Atami Station to Risonare Atami and when I reached the hotel, I was welcomed with shades of blue all over, high ceiling building and wide windows that overlook the beauty of Atami's structure


My room is the View Bath Suite Type that can accommodate up to 4 people. I bet it would be amazing to have a girls trip here! It's 105m2 wide and it comes with a private tatami room!

From the room, I can also see the beauty of Tatami from the top view. The colorful buildings, the mountains, and the sea. Waking up to this view in the morning is bliss. My room also has a bathub that overlooks the city but if you want to see it better without distraction, or you are not able to secure the room, come over to the Hot Spring!


The hot spring is like an infinity pool and this is, in fact, the best spot to see Atami's Firework festival as I heard! I can't wait to be here next time during Firework Festival 


The amazing concept of Risonare Atami allows you to not just enjoy the beauty of the ocean but also the forest! Hidden inside the forest area, lies the tree house that you can book for private use. From 3pm onwards, however, it can be used by all hotel guests hence you can also climb up without charge

I had my afternoon coffee, juice, and snacks in that cute tree house!

What's cute is when we ordered Madeline for dessert, all we had to do was to ring the bell and the staff would use a ropeway to transport the Madeline inside the wooden basket. I felt like inside a children's book being pampered by that little detail that came true in real life

The fun doesnt stop there! You can also watch or make your own fresh juice with the help of the staff through this squeezer. They use real mandarin and they need around 10 pieces of mandarins to get 1 cup of fresh orange juice! And I must say the taste is unbeliaveably delicious when you put the effort making it on your own!

There's also an option of fresh coffee where we grounded the coffee beans by ourselves. The staff attentively taught us the process of how to make tasty coffee


Below the tree house, lies Kusu Kusu Lounge where you can have marshmallow grilling activity during the day

The marshmallow comes with the melted chocolate dipping, and once we're finished with the marshmallow, we're able to make it into warm chocolate milk and make our own decorative latte. It's really a fun activity that's only available during the cold season, warming up my body and heart


There are 2 restaurants in the Risonare Atami but since I only stayed for 1 night, I only had time to try their buffet service which is located at MOGMOG. The restaurant serves buffet style for dinner and breakfast, meanwhile, for lunch, it's an ala carte service

Since it's located near the ocean, no wonder that their freshest and most popular dishes would involve a lot of fishes. One of that is the deep fried fish with fresh tartar sauce that's going to make you asking for a secondplate

There's also Fresh Boiled Shirasu Fish Bowl on the counter. Besides those two, there are tons of amazing food selections to choose from


Since I came during their plum-season, their cozy Sorano Beach Books and Cafe which is a lounge that's situated at the top floor of the hotel is decorated with all the pink shades. The lounge is normally inspired by beach houses, and they also spread real white sand to make it feel more authentic

There's also an outdoor lounge where you can take pictures of Atami's scenery from the top view and the whole city can be seen clearly. During the night when the lights' lit up, it gives a romantic ambiance 


As a part of their facility, Risonare Atami also offers seasonal activities and one of those is Shuttle Bus to Baien garden which is the most popular plum garden in Atami. Unfortunately, I was a little bit too early to catch the full bloom

Experiencing Risonare Atami is not enough for 1 night, and I will truly recommend for at least 2 nights. The hotel is family-friendly and really casual, giving it a warm atmosphere as if you're returning to your own home. For more information, you can visit their website below

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