Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu

October 08, 2019

Most of the time when Indonesians visiting Tokyo, one of their main itineraries revolve around shopping. There is one fashion outlet that's popular among Indonesian but I am going to review the NEWEST and the BIGGEST fashion outlet in Japan, which is Mitsui Outlet Park that's located near Kisarazu, Chiba! 

Mitsui Outlet Park is a newly built fashion outlet that is easily accessed from anywhere near Tokyo or even from the airport

This is the screenshot for the direct bus from major station terminals to Mitsui Outlet Park. More details can be found on MITSUI WEBSITE

I chose to come from Tokyo Station for two reasons. It's closer to my home, and second, on the weekday they have the discount package for one way bus ticket and shopping voucher
This pass gives you one way bus ticket worth 1250 yen, and shopping voucher 3000 yen, with just 3500 yen! So you save 750 yen for buying this pass! It can also be used at restaurants to cover your lunch and dinner

Heading to the Tokyo Bus station and embarking on my 45 mins journey to the outlet! 


First thing first, visiting the Information Center to exchange my pass to the shopping voucher. Once I got my shopping voucher ready, now it's time to shop!

Mitsui Outlet Park is the biggest fashion outlet in Japan and it brings so many brands including international and Japanese luxury brands into one shopping district. Here are some of the stores 

For more shopping experience on my vlog including the prices of the products and the inside store, you can watch my youtube video below = 

Finished shopping at a few brands and I am happy for sure!


The best thing about Mitsui Outlet Park is we can combine receipts to receive the tax refund. Minimum purchase to be eligible for tax free is 5000 yen. BUT, lets say that you shop at 2 stores like me and both of the receipts are below than 5000 yen, you can combine it and bring it to the Tax Free Counter to proceed the tax refund. This is something that's really nice because I dont have to force myself to shop at one shop to reach the 5000 yen

Bring your passport, receipt, and the goods purchased to the counter, and get your tax refund. The process is really easy and fast


There are some facilities in this Outlet Park that makes it really stand out among the rest such as the existence of Prayer Room, Diaper Changing Room, Nursing Room, Disable Friendly Restroom, and so on

There's also a service lounge for library, cafe, and locker place. And it's all complimentary for guests!

You can borrow the wheelchair and coin locker for free!


There are many restaurant spots in this Outlet Park including Food Court place. I chose to have my lunch at Obon de Gohan that serves Japanese Food

I chose pork and tofu stew set for 1200 yen! 

And that's all my shopping experience at Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu. It's really convenient for a day trip from Tokyo and really friendly towards mothers, elders, children, family, and so on. With the easy tax refund procedure too helps giving plus point to this outlet park

You can also scan this QR Code to receive coupon discounts !

I will definitely come back to this place and recommend this to my friends. For more informations about this outlet park, you can visit 

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