Diver City Odaiba

October 16, 2019

I had blogged before about things to do in Odaiba, and it revolved around visiting Gundam in front of Diver City Tokyo BUT I never made a full blog post about the mall itself. Diver City Tokyo in Odaiba is a one stop shopping mall that I visit the most in Odaiba, and for a good reason. It's filled with many amazing shops and restaurants that always make me want to come back

We know that Diver City is popular for Gundam Statue but for you Gundam Lovers, they have a Gundam Cafe right within walking distance from the statue itself where you can buy merchandises, souvenirs, as well as trying some thematic foods


Heaven for most of guys I know.. How about you?

They also sell a lot of cute foods and beverages however it's not a cafe with sofa and chair as they only have standing table. I ordered myself a Gundam Cafe Latte and it tastes nice!


Behold! If you say "but I am a woman and I want to find kawaii stuff", they have the Hello Kitty Japan store including the cafe section!! The foods and drinks here are so kawaii that will make any woman squeal happily

Do you want to eat Hello Kitty or Gudetama custard's flavored cake?

Donuts, Bubble tea, Ice Cream, Manju. All the foods are so instagrammable!
You can also bring back the Sanrio themed mug if you order the ice cream set!


You can also shop at the store where they sell thousands of official Sanrio Characters merchandises, not only Hello Kitty and the price is definitely such a steal


Diver City is so big and you can easily spend one day in here. So after you finished eating, why not go shopping as well? If you love unique Japanese brands, they carry a lot of fashionable local brands such as Ingni, Cecil Mcbee, and others 

And if you want luxury brands, on the third floor is where all the luxury brands located.


They have a few cosmetic stores as well such as Matsumoto Kiyoshi, The Body Shop, Narcis, and so on. As a woman, this is also such a tempting place because I could spend hours just swatching the make up products and would love to bring back home everything!


If you never shop in Japan, let me inform you one thing. Tax free is usually only eligible if you shop at least 5000 yen in one shop. However, Diver City allows you to combine multiple receipts if your shopping doesn't exceed 5000 yen in a single receipt, and you can bring the combined bills to the tax free counter to collect your tax refund!

I shop at 2 different cosmetic stores and when combined, it's become 5000 yen, so I'm eligible for the tax free!

They also have the Tax Free Guide printed and handed everywhere in the mall

Simply head to the Tax Free Counter and show the receipts, passport, and the purchased products. And with that, you're good to go! It's simple, fast, and efficient, even if you speak no Japanese at all

And when it's night, go out once more before leaving the mall to see the Gundam as it lits up at night, and at certain time, it also can move! How cool is that! (*_*)


Diver City is easily accessible from all areas in Tokyo even from both Narita and Haneda airports. The closest stations are Daiba or Tokyo Teleport Station. Even from Haneda, you can reach it in 15 mins by Limousine Bus Service! I started my trip from Shibuya and there's also a direct train to there. For more info about how to reach the mall, you can visit HERE
I also made a youtube video to show you my one day experience in this mall that you can watch below

You can also scan this QR Code to receive coupon discounts !

And that concludes my trip to Diver City. Make sure to bookmark this place on your next visit to Japan as you wont regret it. If you want to know more about this mall, you can visit DIVER CITY WEBSITE. 

Talk to you guys again on my next blog post!

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  1. Odaiba city is a dream for gundam and fashion lovers as well, great and inspiring post always!


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  3. stop destroying others dreams with your lies