The Best Souvenir Shop in Ueno - MAGAZINES

November 06, 2019

Some of the frequently asked question that I have on is, "Stella, I am going to Japan and where should I go to shop?" either for themselves or for people back in the country. We, Indonesian, love giving souvenirs, or in most cases, we just have to bring some to our family and colleagues and friends, and probably neighbour. So, I am sharing one of my favorite shops to buy souvenir and unique items in Tokyo


This time I am bringing you to UENO area. An area filled with tourists, and has tons of affordable items to choose from. This is also an area full of affordable hotels, but located at really good locations as they have JR Line, Shinkansen, and Tokyo Metro Subway line. Ueno is really convenient to stay at and visit to as it's easily accessible from everywhere. There's also a direct train from Narita named KEISEI SKYLINER that brings you from Narita airport to Ueno Station in 45 minutes only!! So, make sure to put this spot on your list to explore next time you're in town

The most popular street in Ueno area is AMEYOKO
It's filled with so many shops, restaurants, street foods, drugstores, and even karaokes. In case you watch NHK Asadora AMACHAN, Ameyoko street also makes appearance on that popular Japanese TV Drama

Now, introducing you to one stop shopping shop located in the heart of Ameyoko. The Shop's name is MAGAZINES. And it's popular among Indonesians too these days

Map is also attached for your reference to find it easier. But you can also google "MAGAZINES UENO" on your google maps

ADDRESS = 4 Chome-8-1 Ueno, Taito City, Tokyo 110-0005, Japan
HOURS = Open 11 AM - Closes 8 PM
Tel = +813-3836-9565

Located only 5 mins walk from Ueno JR station or Ueno Okachimachi Oedo Line Subway, making it really convenient and easy to be found

So what's available at MAGAZINES store??

We all love small souvenirs, and it's best if it's affordable, even better when it's combinable and it's the thing that we can do at MAGAZINES. For just 1200 yen (+/- 150.000), You can choose 3 items of your choices. All comes in high quality and japan inspired design, perfect for souvenirs or your own trip memento

My favorite has to be the unique japan design socks. From the kimono girl to kawaii cat, also some ramen design inspired. Surprise your friends as well with this unique present that's only available in Japan

There are also some fridge magnets and keychains in wide selections

For other stuff, the price depending on the items, and they offer wallet, keychains, tshirts, hats, and many more


One of their most popular choices of their goods include Kimono Outerwear, like the one that I was wearing on this picture! It is only 3000 yen per piece and really elevates the look. There are countless choices of the designs and colors, including for both male and female


Anello bag has gained quite a reputation for being sturdy, fashionable, spacious, and affordable for its quality. In Indonesia itself, the price for Anello bag is doubled up than the one in Japan. Many of you asked where to buy authentic Anello bag, and at MAGAZINES, they offer wide selections of Anello bags and all is authentic. They even have the certification as one of the authorized partners. Not just Anello, but other items are also original and authentic

Which are you eyeing?

There are also other branded bags besides Anello including some limited edition only sold in Japan


Once we go deeper to the store, there are a lot of apparels and accessories collections. Some of them are vintage items (used) in high quality, and some are brand new. Please ask the staff for more informations which is which, though it's also written on the explanation board

Affordable sunglasses, wallets, and bracelets

Unique selected belts and bags


They have more mens apparel on the second floor from Denim, Kimono outerwear, Tshirts, Leather shoes, and so on

Who wants to collect some Marvel and Star Wars limited edition original T-Shirts? Bring your boys here and they will love you forever :D

Shopping can never be better!


There's also SUKAJAN section, which is a popular jacket with unique designs that can be worn by both female and male. The fabric's quality of Sukajan is really good and smooth, and a good investment in case you want to invest for a good unique jacket from Japan

Which one is your favorite?

I paired up Sukajan jacket, Anello red sling bag, Vintage leather boots, and black sunglass. Now I think I fit the store's image really well! :D


Worry not because it's tax free for foreign tourists as long as you purchase more than 5000 yen. The tax in Japan has been raised from 8% to 10% since October 2019 so it's really a nice privilege for tourists to have tax free reduction when shopping. So make sure to bring your passport when shopping in Japan

In case you want to visit the store, I also have additional coupon discount for you! SAVE THE IMAGE, Spread it to your families and friends, as I know we all love discount 

So that's my recommendation for souvenir shop in Tokyo
Hopefully you would visit the store and if you ever visit it, dont forget to tag me on Instagram. Or even better, probably we can bump into each other when we're shopping here together in the future
Talk to you guys again on my next post

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