Happy New Year 2020!!

January 01, 2020

Happy New Year 2020!!!
Cant believe it's already 2020, time flies so fast when you're an adult I think. BUT, 2019 has been the fastest and the most life changing year in my entire life so far. I hope we all would be healthy, content, and become a better person this year too

I always make a once in a year post about my resolution and what I have done, including my New Year 2019 Post. I have a lot of resolutions that I kept private for 2019, and thank God though it wasn't always going on according to the plan, it all finished beautifully!

So what did I do in 2019 that deserves to be mentioned?

  • Got my N3 Certificate! I had finished my 1 year language school finally and passed by JLPT N3 Test in Summer. I never made JLPT as the goal but I just wanted to take it out of curiousity and turned out my 1 year school money didn't go for a waste. Now I can handle daily life conversation pretty okay, I guess lol

  • Received my beginner's certificate for Japanese Tea Ceremony. I have still been doing my Japanese Tea Ceremony and I have passed the beginner's course! 
  • I got ENTERTAINER VISA! It's the visa that I had always wanted to have but it's probably the most difficult to obtain due to many reasons, but I am so lucky that I got it! I got my Visa in 2019 Autumn and that allows me to keep living in here
  • GLOBAL SOCIAL AWARDS in PRAGUE, CZECH! I was flown over to one of my favorite cities in the world, Prague, by the Czech Tourism and Global Social Awards as I was Indonesia's influencer representative for Rising Star Category. I even got the Runner Up position thanks to EVERYONE who supported and voted for me. Thank you, thank YOU!
  • Summer in Jakarta. Finally after a year, I had a summer break and went back to Jakarta for a few months. Jakarta was really different than the last time I remembered. It was crazy to think about as I only left Jakarta for a year but so many changes had happened to this city. It was much more modern, the cashless payment was all over the country even to the traditional market, and basically, it's just becoming more beautiful with the new infrastructures
  • Got My First Birkin. Turned 27, and I had an early birthday present for myself. I got my first Birkin and it just had to be RED of course. I had worked and saved hard to get this one. Unfortunately I can't get it in Paris, so I only could get it from Jakarta's seller. One day, I'll buy it directly there but for now, I am satisfied!
  • Birthday in Bali. I spent 2 weeks all over luxury hotels in Bali from Hoshinoya Bali, Kempinski Apurva, etc. It was really a nice getaway and I miss Bali a lot. There's no place like Bali in Japan, or anywhere else. I am so lucky to be able spending my birthday in this beautiful island
  • Released MAGIC PRESET. After a year of making the presets that is /approved by Stella Lee/, and through all of your supports! Within 3.5 months of the launch, we have 13.7k followers!! WOW!! Though of course not everyone who followed us have purchased from us, as it's only small percentage, but I am so glad that a lot of people have recognized our services and hopefully they will buy in the future. I am SO SO HAPPY to see the feedback, reviews, and the before after transformations. I received a lot of supports as well from my content creator friends who use and recommend Magic Preset. Thank you so much!
  • Still doing Hairbeauron. Yes, my other business, Hairbeauron is still going on thanks to your support. I am happy that it still receives amazing feedback day after day by our customers
  • Expanded my Working Team. It's so crazy to think of how many staffs I had hired for a lot of divisions for my businesses in one year. For Hairbeauron we have these staffs, For Magic Preset, it's different staffs! And I am expanding to youtube as well so I hired a few additional staffs to help me as well. In total I have more than 10 people working under me now and I am so shocked of how far I have gone to this point. I cant even believe that when I receive blessings, I can give it back again by giving job opportunities to other people. These people have helped me a lot the past year and I am so lucky that my teams is pretty good! Hopefully one day I can expand more!
  • Traveled A LOT, all over Japan. Whether it's personal or for work. I am so grateful that I am able to travel a lot. I visited Hokkaido even 3 times this year, from Rusutsu, Sapporo, and Hakodate. I also visited Aomori, Niigata, Sendai, Miyagi, Nikko, Iwate, Akita, Nikko, Shin Fujinomiya, Kyoto, Osaka, Hakone, Kamakura, Enoshima, and maybe other areas that I forget to mention, but I traveled a lot and I am so grateful!

Phew that's a lot. And looking back I was so surprised to see how many things I have done in 2019 and honestly I cant wait for 2020. My resolutions are =
  • To be a better person than me in 2019
  • To multiply my saving lol 
  • To travel more, both Japan and overseas
  • To give back more
  • Continue with my Japanese Tea Ceremony
  • Expand Magic Preset
  • Produce bi weekly content on Youtube in 2020, so that means 104 videos in total!
  • Receive 100.000 subscribes in Youtube by the end of 2020!
  • Get 100.000 Instagram followers by the end of 2020!
Phew that's a lot of resolutions but I am really positive about 2020 and I hope you too! Ok so I am off because I am going to watch VS ARASHI 2020, since it will be their last New Year Special huhuhuhu


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