Happy New Year 2019!

January 03, 2019


Seriously, I can't believe that 2018 has passed this past. I have mentioned it countless times on the internet, to friends, or to anyone, that 2018 is probably the fastest passed year in my whole life. I am not sure if it's because of the age, or if it's because 2018 has been too fun 

As always I like to make my yearly summary as a new year post of what I had done in the previous year, so let's start!

  • Made so many new influencer friends thanks to FAM TRIPS. I went to 1 FAM Trip in Bali where I made friends with Foodirectory, Foodioz, and Sihan! It was a week full of laughter, tons of foods, instagenic places, and basically, everyone is just so chill and nice! I also had another 1 Fam Trip to Kansai where I made friends with AnakJajan, who turned out to be the best travel buddy I have ever made, and this year alone I met up with them too much and traveled so much. On that amazing trip which turned out to be the best Japanese FAM Trip in my life, I made friends with Kimdao! And though she's not living in Japan but she visited Japan so often and we hang out a lot! On the last FAM Trip to Kansai, I made friends with Genki and Arisa
  • Moved to Japan! And that's probably my number 1 topic of the year. I finally left my comfort zone and moved to Japan. With that > 100kg's of stuff, don't expect that I will come back to Indonesia for good anytime soon. I wrote a separate blog post about it
  • Started studying Japanese at language school. I have always wanted to study abroad, and always wanna master Japanese due to my love for Japan. It took me a while to finally realize this dream because it needs courage, money, time, and a lot of problems lol But after all, I'm here!
  • Met and made a lot of new friends in Tokyo! I was always an indoor person and didn't wanna hang out or made new friends simply because I was in my comfort zone in Jakarta. Moving to Japan means I have to start finding friends again from zero, and it wasn't easy, but I managed to finally have a lot of friends in Tokyo that I can call 'friends'. Though I am still looking to expand more connections in here, but I am happy that I really started to be friends with new people again!
  • Started new businesses! I started accepting Travel Photography Work for travelers in Tokyo through #StellaLeePhotoworks, and it's one of the best and most fun jobs I have ever had because not only it allows me to meet people, but also I love taking pictures. I have also started 2 online business which is HairBeauronID and TitipTella
  • Become a much more positive, confident, independent, and of course stronger woman. I am so proud of becoming a better version of myself and in fact, tons of my closest friends have mentioned that the change is blatantly obvious. Not just that, people can tell that I am much much happier ever since I moved. It's not because Japan is amazing, but simply because going out of my comfort zone, challenging myself, and trying a lot of new things simply give me another purpose in life
  • Watched L'Arc~en~Ciel concert again, and in TOKYO! Finally after 7 years, I watched it again. The last time was January 2012, and it's December 2018. And best, with my Indo girls
  • One of my best friends in Japan has passed away. It crushed me, and it was really unexpected. I learned so much through this experience, and though she's not the first friend of mine that has passed away, hers hit me the most. I gave another deep thought regarding life, purpose, and everything. My whole year that's full of happiness and dreams were turned back again to the reality because of this accident, and I realized that happiness shall be treasured because after all it will never last. And because I know it's limited, I realized that it makes me appreciate a single bless in my life no matter how small it is
And in 2018 I have so many FIRST THINGS that I cant share one by one. Be it the first time living alone abroad, the first time studying abroad, the first time having international class, the first time use washing machine, the first time cleaning my own apartment and my own toilet, the first time of this and that. I think I have completely transformed into Stella Lee version 20.19 in a really good way, and I am so proud of what 2018 has taught me and all the experiences

It wasn't always easy, I had my depression moments as well back then, and I also had social media anxiety that was super hard during April. But I managed to pull myself up and looked at it at a bright side

It's been such a roller coaster journey but I really enjoy the whole experience and I cant wait to find what 2019 has for me! 

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  1. I'm glad that you had a enriching 2018 and have grown into a more independent and confident person. I actually watched a Kimdao vlog on Christmas which you were in, which really surprised me because I didn't know you two were friends. Good luck for 2019. I'm sure it will be a good year.