L’Archristmas 2018 in Tokyo Dome

December 20, 2018

It's my second concert that I had ever attended in Japan, but it's my first L'Arc~en~Ciel Concert in Japan (the first one is in Jakarta 2012), and my first time to enjoy a concert in Tokyo Dome! Many of you know that I am a big fan of Laruku, and from a few months back I had seen the announcement of the concert for Christmas. Apparently, I just moved to Japan and I still had to do so many things and entering the Japanese fan club so a ticket ballot wasn't my priority back then. Hence when my friend Dea asked me if I wanted to ballot together for foreigners fans share, I just let her handled it. We tried our luck for 2 days concert but we only managed to get one of it, which is the first day, 19th December 2018

I arrived there around 5 pm because I had school before, but the gate was in fact already opened ever since 4pm though the concert was started at 6pm. My school was located at Iidabashi and Tokyo Dome is just 10 mins walk from my school, which is pretty convenient! That's the first time I have ever felt lucky to have my school located at that place lol

We weren't given the setlist but after the concert, the fan has made the setlist and it's passed around. Dea gave me this to share back. All the credit goes to the owner, @larcmeigenbot

Since it's Christmas, the stage theme is about Frozen Kingdom with a Christmas tree in the center of the stage. They dressed up as if it's in winter and Hyde danced a lot in that thick fur coat, to the point I was wondering how come the makeup was still intact, and the foundation was really flawless, and the eyeshadow is really sparkly

Was the foundation MUFE and was the eyeshadow from STILA?

And I am serious, the makeup was perfect! 
I was so inspired by him to the point I texted my hair stylist to book an appointment to get me rocking back platinum blonde!

picture was taken after the concert's finished

After the first 3/4 songs (I forget the exact time), HYDE suddenly had a cross drawn under his eyes and also did crossing symbol as if a Catholic's praying  lol

Of course like any other Japanese concert, we weren't allowed to take pictures inside the concert
But I couldn't help but calling HYDE beautiful more than 10 times in those 2.5 hours. He sported crochet braid long blonde platinum hair and wore Eskimo-inspired fur coat, hat, and clothing which I jokingly told Anggy that it will spark cultural appropriation debate on the internet if he's from America

On another note, though I have been studying for 6 months but it seems my Japanese is still mada mada dane, since I could only understand 50% of the whole MC part

However, HYDE mentioned that Christmas is in fact not Japanese culture. But that's the beauty of Japan since they like to take a little bit of good or interesting thing from this and that culture, and especially since Christmas is so pretty with all the kira kira lights. In a way, I really think this whole concert really represents that. It's a mixture of Frozen Stage, Eskimo Couture, African's Crochet Braid, Japanese Makeup, Christian symbols, American Christmas Lights, and Japanese songs that are sometimes filled with English words

But all in all, it's Japan, and it's Laruku lol 

It was my first time to watch a concert at that scale, with 50.000 thousand people, with that kind of lighting play and sound system. But as expected of a rock concert, it's just a boring center stage and one mini stage with a path to walk for them in the center. I heard from my friends that idols or Johnnys concert are more spectacular in Japan because usually they would fly and you would feel close to them. I would love to watch other concerts next time in Japan!

With Anggy and Dea who flew to Japan just to watch this concert. The last time we watched Laruku was in 2012, and in fact we bonded because of our love and passion towards Japanese music. How far has it been to reach this? We fulfilled our childhood dream of watching Laruku in Tokyo

Though it's not as good as watching them in your own country, but it's still a really great experience

Thanks L'Arc~en~Ciel for the Christmas concert, and hope to watch them again next time!

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