Tokyo Disneysea Ultimate Guide Itinerary

December 16, 2018

As far as I can remember, besides Shibuya and Shinjuku, my other top priority when I first visited Japan a few years ago was the Tokyo Disney Resort! I love theme parks and for me who grew up with Disney movies, it's like a holy place! Ever since then, I have come around 10 times (Disneyland and DisneySea all included). The last time I visited was on last October, during the 35th Christmas Celebration. My best friend from Indonesia had her first trip to Japan and what's better to spend the weekend than to hop into a train and visit DisneySea? It was a perfect sunny day, and because I had school I could only visit either during Saturday or Sunday. Which means I have to prepare a lot of tips and tricks that I had learned over the past few years, to give her the best time!

She mentioned that I had to do this guidepost because it would help a lot of people who will be coming to DisneySea and want to have the best of the best. So here's my ultimate guide :

1. Check the Weather and Crowd Calendar
I like to have the weather to be sunny or cloudy, and not rainy. I know when it's rainy, most of the people would cancel their plan to the theme park as well and it'll be less crowded, however, some of the outdoor rides might be closed. And I don't want to keep holding an umbrella or get my shoes wet because of the rain. Hence, I would rather have my sun (except summer!). To check the weather, just go to AccuWeather !

Also, I like to check my Disney Crowd Calendar. It shows how many people are going to be in the park, and the number is going to fluctuate. But at least you got an idea. Best is to check the maximum 1 week away from your preferred date. I screenshotted this on 2nd December and it says on Christmas it's not that crowded, but believe me, it might reach 100 as we get closer to Christmas

Best way to avoid crowd is to visit AFTER school or long holiday. I love the second week of January! Hardly need to queue and there is hardly a chance to rain

2. PRIORITIZE The Top 3 Rides

For me, prioritize the top 3 rides! You can check on DisneySea Attraction Rides which one you want to have. But for a thriller seeker like me, and according to my unbiased thrilling seeking-side as well. There are 3 Must Rides that YOU HAVE TO RIDE

It's Indiana Jones, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Tower of Terror. I would rate any of them 9 out of 10. So my trick is to maximize the fast pass. Unfortunately, you can only get one fast past every 2 hours or so. So my best itinerary is this = 

- Come early to the park
- Run to Journey to the Center of the Earth (run to the mountain area), and get your FAST PASS
- Run to Indiana Jones, and get into the line of SINGLE RIDER
- Depending on the timing, the next time I can get a fast pass is 10.45 on that ticket, but my ride is at 11.25 - 12.25. So after finished with Indiana Jones, I walked back to Tower of Terror to get my FAST PASS of that

The best thing about FAST PASS is you don't have to wait as long as the normal queue. You just have to be present at the time printed in the ticket, and usually, you only have to wait for around 20-30 mins instead of 1-2 hours. That's why coming EARLY is much preferred because FAST PASS can be run out later on the day. For Toy Story Mania, the fast pass is usually finished 30-60 mins after the park's opened but it's more like a shooting game for kids. I don't really recommend it especially usually the queue can be up to 3 hours, but if that's your priority, get it! However, those 3 rides are the must-ride attractions in the park

As for Indiana Jones, yes there's single rider line! So if you don't mind not sitting next to your buddies, you can cut the queue and walk past by everyone. Single rider means they're going to fill the leftover seat in the ride with single rider seat. Back then my brother and I did it twice in a row when in fact some people waiting at the normal line hasn't even got close to the end of the queue

3. Enjoying the Scenery and Ambient

By noon, you're supposed to have finished the top 3 rides, and you SHOULD just enjoy and chill around the park. And maybe queue at some rides that you pass as you're walking around. managed to ride into Aladdin's Carousel, Sinbad's Story Book Rides, etc. I took a lot of pictures at each area, and I also queued for Venetian Gondola! It's available during the hours when there's no parade because they're going to bring you into the DisneySea Lake. And if there's one show that you have to watch, it's Mermaid Lagoon's Theater!  The show is fantastic and no matter how many times I have watched it, it always manages to keep me entertained. Unfortunately, no picture or video is allowed in the theater so I can't put it here. You won't be able to get all the rides in one day so just put top 3 rides in your schedule, and simply enjoy how beautiful DisneySea is

4. Snack-ing Around

Food at theme parks is usually overpriced and taste bad, but for me, DisneySea offers pretty good food with not-too expensive price! I love snacking on their flavored popcorn, and it's only 350yen per box. Good to share with friends! And they sell the flavor that matches the area. Such as salt flavor in Mermaid Lagoon area, curry flavor in Arabian Coast, Caramel in American Harbor, etc. Also their ice cream is also available from 300-500 yen. Another one is the turkey leg for 750yen that's sold near Mysterious Island

For lunch and dinner, expect to pay around 1200-2500 yen per person averagely. You can get a sandwich, or pasta, or even Japanese food in the park! And since there's no vending machine around the area, make sure to bring your drinking bottle so you can refill it at certain spots where they offer free drinking water

5. Fantasmic Parade

I have watched the day and night parades, many times, including the seasonal parade. But nothing beats FANTASMIC Parade. It's a world-class performance and worth to queue for. Apparently, there's never the best spot to watch it but watching a performance in Japan means you have to queue and you're not allowed to stand up if you're in the front line

I once was sitting at the center of the stage, at the frontest line but I hardly can see because it's covered by the fence. Next was standing near the fence at a faraway bridge but it's not facing my direction so I couldn't see the show clearly. Last I was sitting on the 3-4th row of the right side of the stage and turns out it's better. The best view is probably from the Miracosta Hotel, but you have to be the guests to be able to see it from your room. Spare 1 hour at least in advance to secure your seat, and I swear it's worth it! For the time of the parade, make sure to check the website because the time is changed depending on the sunset of the day

6. Night Lights

There's a good reason why Tokyo Disney Resort also offers after 6pm / Night Passport. Because the night illumination, lights, and ambient are amazingly beautiful and can transport you to dreamy places. My favorite is the American Harbor where Toy Story Mania area is located. The lights are no joke and it's fantastic to visit even when you're not riding the ride

As I was there during Christmas celebration, the American Waterfront also put really huge Christmas Tree that's decorated beautifully with tons of lights! 

And so that's all my Tokyo Disneysea Ultimate Guide Itinerary. I hope it would be helpful for any of you who want to visit Tokyo Disneysea next time. Make sure to bookmark / save this post for your future reference and if the whole plan fails, remember, you're in Disneysea and all is well, just smile and enjoy your time! Good luck

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