Tsuruga Jo in Fukushima

January 30, 2019

Upon my visit to Fukushima, the bus tour that I joined put Tsuruga Jo as the destination to be visited. As I did my research, Tsuruga Jo is famous for a good historical and aesthetic reason, but also it's really recommended in many tourist spots as number 1 place you have to visit in Aizu Wakamatsu. I would like to know about the symbol of of SAMURAI CITY in Aizu, and with its renowned title as the impregnable fortress, hence I took a visit to see the beauty with my own eyes

First thing first, the closest station would be Aizu Wakamatsu Station, and this is the itinerary

Tokyo Station to Koriyama Station with Tohoku Shinkansen (1 hour 20 mins, 8200 yen)
Koriyama Station to Aizu Wakamatsu Station with JR Ban Etsu-Nishi (1 hour 10 mins, 1140 yen)

The trains above are covered by JR Pass and JR Tohoku Pass
If you don't use a pass, one way journey will cost you 9340yen

It's pretty easy to get to Tsuruga Jo once you reach Aizu Wakamatsu. You can go by taxi (2.5km, 10 mins, 1000-1500 yen one way) or you can go by public bus (20 mins, 230 yen)

The main point of Tsuruga Jo is their red coloured tiles, and during winter it's usually covered with thick snow hence making the castle look so beautiful with all the white shades

The entrance fee for the castle is 410 yen but there's Rinkaku Japanese Tea House, and you can visit it altogether with 510 yen entrance fee. I didn't go to Rinkaku because of the tight schedule though

The castle inside is turned into a museum that tells the history of the castle, the war, the people involved, and such. It's all in Japanese but they have proper english translations for foreigners. Unfortunately, like any other museums, the museum can't be photographed

However, walk to the top of the castle to enjoy the view of Aizu Wakamatsu! It's all covered in thick white snow, and looks so beautiful

My visit was short because I was going to Ouchi Juku after that, but it's more than enough to see the beauty of Tsuruga Castle from Fukushima, and I am happy to have visited this place

Hopefully you guys could visit this castle too one day and see the same view like I did
Talk to you guys again on my next post!

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