My Pictures Got Featured by GENIC JAPAN

January 20, 2019

Being featured by magazines for being a blogger, or interview about make up, or doing make up tutorial and such, is something that I have done in the past. But when my pictures that I carefully curate for my Instagram is asked by Japanese Photography Magazine to be featured on their published magazine, now that needs a commemoration!

GENIC JAPAN Magazine is a magazine that I came across when I purchased camera in a camera shop. It's basically a magazine that features beautiful destinations in the world and the persons behind the camera. They knew me from my instagram account and sent email asking for permission to be posting the pictures on their magazine that will be released on 2018 December since they want to highlight Tokyo Instagram Spot

And without further ado, I fulfilled the request!

They asked for several images but only 3 images managed to be published in the magazine, along with other top international female travel bloggers such as Tara Milk Tea or Polabur

It's definitely an honor for me to be categorized on the same page as them though my pictures are still no way close to their level, this kind of acknowledgment is important to boost my confidence that I am doing it right. And it is also important to me because it's an international magazine and it's for Japan's edition. Thank you Genic Japan for featuring me :D 

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