Sightseeing Spots in Oirase Aomori in Winter

January 10, 2019

It's not my first winter in Japan but it's definitely my first winter ever since I moved to Japan. And finally, I have around 2 weeks winter break from my school to explore Japan. This time I explored Oirase area in Aomori Prefecture because I stayed at a hotel nearby. The hotel is Oirase Keiryu Hotel and they have a free guided shuttle bus service to explore Oirase area for hotel guests which I happily signed up for!

The guided bus run a few times a day and it lasted approx 1 hour. It might be difficult to reach these spots unless you're going with the private car, so be sure take advantage of this guided bus tour when you're staying at the same hotel


The first stop is Samidare no Nagare which is the famous stream in Oirase. The stream is not totally frozen but the whole area is filled with thick deep powdery snow even on top of the rock which makes it look so magical! 


Makadoiwa is a rock formation in Oirase area that turns to a frozen waterfall during winter. You can see ice stalagmite which is a process of tons of snows and water that's frozen over time. There's also a guided tour at night to this spot


Kumoi Falls is the most famous fall and the tallest as well in Oirase which is popular among tourists. Most popular season is probably Autumn, followed with summer, but come during winter and you'll see a frozen waterfall that will leave you speechless

The Oirase Stream area has a lot of sightseeing spots and this guided tour is so helpful for us tourists who don't bring our own private vehicle. Though at each spot they only give us 5-10 mins max to take pictures, I think it's enough to see a little bit of what Oirase offers. I will definitely want to come back again at different seasons to see a different face of Oirase

Till then, Oirase!

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