Snowshoe Walk in Aomori - What to Wear For Winter in Japan

January 09, 2019

Being an Indonesia, winter, and snow always fascinates me because it's like the scenery of a children's book. I have fulfilled my dream by visiting other countries that offer winter wonderland real life a few time and although I have played ski before, I have never walked on snow. In fact, I didn't even know we could walk on top of the snow, using the special shoes! 

In early January, I had a holiday in Aomori, Tohoku prefecture, it's the north part of Japan and famous for its harsh winter which results in thick snow as far as your eyes can see. When I was staying at Oirase Keiryu Hotel, they have snowshoe walk activity where we can walk around a forest. The activity itself is only 2 hours, but we had to gather 15 mins to listen to the instruction on how to wear the shoes

After around 30 mins bus ride, we arrived at Choshi Big Falls where we would walk to the falls (100m) with the snowshoe. It was around -7C at that time but probably because it's not windy or because Uniqlo Ultra Warm Heattech did wonder!

The snow was falling heavily when we were walking!

For those Indonesians fellow who asks me how I dress up for winter -7C in Aomori. I wear this kind of getup on that day =

Top = Bra - Uniqlo Ultra Warm Heat Tech - Sweater - Puffy Coat
Bottom = Underwear - Uniqlo Ultra Warm Legging - Uniqlo Warm Legging - Skinny Pant
Additional = 2 layers of Uniqlo Heattech Socks, and Uniqlo Heattech Scarf

On the first day, I was wearing 2 layers of Ultra Warm Heat Tech but it was too warm for me so I just decided to wear one!
In fact, I forgot my Uniqlo Heattech Gloves at my hotel room, hence only my hands were freezing at that time. Besides that, I'm fine!
Before winter season came to Tokyo, I had done myself a favor by shopping tons of heattech stuff at Uniqlo and that's the best investment ever. Also, the Scarf is really helpful surprisingly!

It was my first time walking on snow and it's definitely a really good experience! It was so much fun and out of my expectation, it's really easy to walk with the special shoes. The guides were also helpful and assist us nicely so we wouldn't get injured. After 100m, we finally reached the frozen waterfall and took a few pictures to commemorate the day before walking back again to the original spot. It's definitely a different feeling compared to playing ski or snowboard and definitely easier for elders. I would love to bring my parents to try this next time!

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