Bali & Kuta + Sigma Make Up Professional Brushes Complete Kit in PINK

March 27, 2010

Hi everyone!! I'd been busy with my national exams recently, but not my national exams are over!!! ♥

Butttt..... I still have my practical exams & School exams more to go! after that, I completely finish all the subjects in my high school!




say goodbye to sociology

say goodbye to economi

say goodbye to mathematic

say goodbye to accountancy

say goodbye to PKN

say goodbye to sport )X

say goodbye to uniform and black hair!!




But i'm not capable to say it yet, because i haven't known whether I will pass it or not. I have a certain that I will pass, but perhaps without great ranks LOL

I will finish all the things by last april.. so after that, May means I'm free to be gyaru!



free to have blonde hair

free to wear heels

free to do manicure

free to put make up

free to use lens

free to sleep

free to anything


because by august or september, my uni will have started already..

I'm thinking to get some part time job for me. perhaps SPG? perhaps Graphic designer or make up artist in a photo studio? perhaps just selling stuffs like I'm used to do? LOL

I still haven't figured it out..

But what's certain is my holiday will be filled by going to Bali with my school mates for our graduation party!

My group consists of 8 persons. 5 boys and 3 girls. we're going to have great time there. but not only that, our other school mates also are going to Bali on the same days with us! add more 8 persons(?)

but, they use other tours. nevertheless, it doesn't mean we can meet! we have made plans to hang out together in our spare time! Especially since we are going to have same flight when we're back to jakarta! FUN OR NOT? :D

Imagine a small plan with 18 school mates! it's so exciting!!! even just imagine it makes me so happy to the max!! <3333 it's like a school tour, isn't it? :D

Bali, here we [ my group = me/stella lee, renier, brenda, bella, marko, ricky cumi, bryan, darius & other group = pais, moulin, reta, rachel, ricky bebek, odil, -and 2 others person who i dont know and not remember?- ]come~~~~!! (:







Brenda, Bella, and I, have planned it excitedly!

we are going to get hair iron, hair curler, make up, great dresses, camwhoring a lot, etc. I will post a lot of photos once i'm back from my holiday!! ^__^

I will be spending nights on Kuta, still haven't known what the name of the hotel is. I'm going to be there from 3rd May 2010 to 7th May 2010. anyone care to meet me? :D



I pay for my own holiday by myself, by my own sweat and hard working T_____T

after this I will be sooooo pooorrrr...!!!! -sobs-

but I fall in love with sigma brushes!! T___T I seriously need those brushes, it's so cute in pink and the packaging, yet the quality shouldn't be asked! GREAT LA!

But going to bali costs me a lot, even though its domestic.. Bali is one of Indonesia's most favorite holiday destination, so it's expensive. even though we have looked for the cheaper one [because of the connection of my mom's friends of course :b ] but still la!

Quote from sigma website =

Our 12 professional quality best seller brushes in pink! Everything you need to apply makeup to eyes and face and the perfect brush roll to hold your collection!

US$ 89.00 (12 brushes + brush roll)

We ship worldwide. Select your country at the billing information page.

I wannaaaa T__________________T

its cheap in fact for 12 brushes, with pink brush roll, and with great quality products as classy as mac!


anyone love to buy me those? perhaps for my graduation present?????? :bbbbb -gets kicked by readers-





oh, last news!

I've got bored with korean stuffs recently, so I'm back to my own music genre. Japanese music &hearts; rock or pop doesn't matter for me now. I love japanese music because it's different and unpredictable!

I listen to Gackt, L'Arc~en~Ciel, LM.C, Vidoll, Hamasaki Ayumi, Alice Nine, Miyavi, SuG, Acid Black Cherry, etc nowadays. it brings my old memories back <3 and it's such a happiness because I still remember mostly all of the lyrics even thought I haven't listened to it more than 1 year &hearts;

very proud of my memory! 8D



good bye for now readers, I want to download a lot of japanese music promotional videos since I haven't downloaded it for more than 1,5 years! Im left behind everythings up to date in their music!


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