Etude House Cleansing Dream Moisture Oil Review

January 27, 2011

okay so today I will be reviewing my most essential skin care daily routine! Etude House Cleansing Dream Moisture Oil!

this cleansing oil is 150ml, and Ive been using it for 3 months on daily basis, yet its still quite a lot! I only need one pump to clean my entire face. There are many who know not that cleansing oil is necessary for people who puts make up since facial wash is not able to clean your make up entirely, which it will lead to clog pores and zits [and thats what I was back then, no wonder my skin was terrible wtf -_- ]

so if you use make up on daily basis, you need to use cleansing oil first before washing your face with facial foam. The steps are easy.

First, you only need one or two pump depends on your make up thickness, as for me, for everyday I only use one pump, and when I put a lot of products for party, two pumps is necessary

Second, dab it on your face and massage it thoroughly and gently. And it doesnt take much time, 30-60 seconds is enough!

Rinse it off with water

And last but not least, you wash your face with your facial foam!

my opinion about this product is, its amazing! it leaves my skin moist and soft, yet it has no bad smell so you'll feel fresh after wards. and my skin is improving ! in a good way of course.

It removes foundation, powder, blush on,� and eyeshadows perfectly! sadly for eyeliner and mascara, it needs special treatments so youve gotta remove them by eye make up remover. but overall, its ok!

and I do believe people will trust this product once they've seen the result, havent they? so I took pictures in progress!

ermmm.. okay, I was practicing smokey eyes on the back of my hand lor

and its easier to see the result if it has eyeshadows on, not foundation, right?

its only about one drop of cleansing oil, believe me! its not even one pump

see the oil? and its not oil technically, more like water!

so i just spread the oil, and then wipe it gently about a few times only <3

and rinse it off with water!


Amazing not?

tempted to buy yet? lemme know if you do! hahaha :D

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