Shiseido Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover Foundation in 0C20 review

January 24, 2011

Okay so a friend of mine went to singapore last month and since Majolica Majorca doesnt open any branch in Indonesia, I asked her to buy it for me. And i pay la of course lol there's no way that she would buy it for me since its quite expensive haha



Price: Refill/�1,890, Case/�735 (tax included) [the price in Japan, may vary in several countries] [I bought it for about 40USD for a set of it in Singapore]

the casing and the refill are sold separately. And if im not mistaken [pardon my bad memory], I bought a gold casing [since i love it more than the black one] + the refill in OC20 [I get tanner since i take public transportation everyday for uni T__T ] is about $34. a little bit pricey though for a drugstore brand, but its worth every penny! especially because of the casing <3

and this is the Majolica that I own =

see how beautiful and gorgeous the casing is? LUXURY is in your hand!

and yes, the MAJOLICA MAJORCA title and the logo are printed well there! so love love love! <3

you maybe wondering why the sponge is not like the usual powder? yes because it is a TWO WAY CAKE!

Two Way Cake means that you can use it by 2 ways. Wet or dry. By dry, means that you only use it like your usual powder and it will give you light coverage

And by wet, you give a quite amount of water on the sponge, so it will give you a better coverage.

since It works better to cover pore but as I dont have big pores, I find its not that great. although i should say that it covers my imperfections pretty well

and who doesnt like before and after when using the product? i present my unedited photos and i wear no make up nor circle lens. so i look fugly la =__=

as you can see, it covers my redness and oil quite great. Im impressed by how far this product covers my� imperfections. and this product is under a well known brand, SHISEIDO, so the shade is better match for asian skin!

As for me, im happy since I pick a shade which suits my natural skin ^3^




Pros =

  • Cute packaging

  • provides good result

  • Easy to carry [light]

Cons =

  • Quite expensive for a drugstore brand

  • Difficult to get since doesnt open a lot of branches outside Japan

Packaging = 4,5/5

Price = 3,5/5

Coverage = 3,5/5

Oil Control = 4/5

Will buy it again? = not sure, I'm planning to get shu uemura or Kanebo afterwards :b

hope this review helps people who wants to buy this <3


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