Stila Contouring Trio Haul + Pic

January 10, 2011



For people who followed me in twitter must have known that I bought Stila Contouring Trio not a long time ago. I bought it since I ran out of my last bronzer which I bought from Japan [dunno what brand it was wtf]. And I need something to contour my nose since I dont do plastic surgery la -_-

and this stila contouring trio is perfect for it! Bought it from UK since I found its hard to find it here, and no stila branch in Indonesia, boo ): its quite expensive since the shipping to here is expensive enough T_T But I believe its worthed it since it will last for years! [considering that I wont be using it everyday, and it will just need a little amount for all over face]

Im quite dissapointed with the packaging itself. Stila's packaging never impressed me since I love cute packaging like what mostly asian brands have. And I think this product has been discontinued since I found its quite hard to be found all over internet. Lucky me to get my hand on this *wink

basically this includes 3 powder which are light [for highlight in day], flash [for highlight in night], and dark [as a bronzer] or whatsover, never good in explaining. I only use light and dark though since im afraid the flash would be too dark on my skin. I just got one time to use it, which was on my mom's bday party. But I was in a rush so I couldnt take the swatch T___T

But I'm gonna show you the picture later!

and it includes mirror too! the packaging itself yet isnt that big so you can use it for travelling!

zoom closer


completed with the guide look to achieve best results

yes! it can be used as eyeshadows also!

and i dont need sculpted cheek bones since I already have it -__-; which mom hates so much



the FOTD =

my face looks so oily wtf.. havent found a face primer yet for me and i forgot to blot it with my blotting tissue im sorry -__-

but you can see that I look like have better nose la LOL unphotoshopped!


Products I was using that night =


Natasha Skincare Toner

Natasha Skincare Night Cream

Kose Moisture Mild Lotion

Revlon Colorstay Foundation in 200 Medium Beige

The Body Shop Stick Concealer in Medium

Stila Contouring Trio in Light and Dark [for nose]

Viva Eyebrow Pencil


Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher 02

Etude Beam Highlighter

Stila Contouring Trio in Dark [as a bronzer, unnoticeable tho -_-; ]


Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

MAC Khol Pencil Eyeliner in Black

VOV Black Eyeshadow

Canmake Four Shining Eyes in 04


NYX Round Lipstick in Strawberry Milk mix with Revlon Lipstick in Mocha Polka



okai, so I know thats not the best make up since I did it in rush wtf, but since I have no swatch so the FOTD will do. I gotta sleep now since tomorrow im gonna have dimsum buffet at sands restaurant with my friends -w- yeaayyy

stay tuned, and have fun folks

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