Oku Japanese Restaurant and Kempinski Spa

June 13, 2016

I cant get enough of Japan, you guys must have known that. Japanese food is my comfort food and finding a great restaurant in Jakarta comparable to Japan's that can match up to my standard as I have tasted heavens many times, is a bit difficult. So this restaurant is Stella Lee's approved if I must say, and if you guys believe on my taste skill lol

I was invited to Oku Restaurant for opening but I couldnt come as I was busy and was in Japan. But when I came back to Jakarta and sorted out my schedule, I booked an appointment for lunch with my mom. Located at Lower Ground of Kempinski Hotel, OKU is the newest restaurant to join the luxurious dining experience in the metropolitan city

When I first came in, I approved the interior design that corporates wood elements. It really reminds me of Japan! The restaurant is in fact pretty spacious and cozy with all the big windows that lets the sun hits the room

They also provide private room with sound-proof facilities to assist your meeting or gathering

Moving on to the meal,
Some of the foods I tried were =

Starting it with Ajitama!
Which is an organic egg smoked on rice straw with onion flower and Shigureni Beef

Their recommended coctails 
Left is Summer Breeze, that is a blend of pineapple juice, orange juice, coconut cream and gomme. The right side is Watermelon and Mint Cooler, which is a mix of watermelon, gomme, mint, and citrus

Oku Karage that is loved by everyone! It is as you hear, a karage (fried chicken) but Oku made a twist for having it combined with black skin that comes from garlic that's been processed over than a month. Once you bite it, there's some juices that burst inside your mouth, leaving it with strong fragrand and flavor. LOVE IT!

Karage and Sushi to accompany your izakaya-dining~

My Favorite Karasumi Pasta, an Angel Heart Pasta with Uni and Black Caviar!!

And my favorite food from Japan is Uni (Sea Urchin), So I got myself Uni that's mixed with Ikura and fresh Egg with wasabi on top

Unagi along the way, I have never seen Unagi this pretty before, It's decorated with fresh edible flowers and you can eat it along with its cracker. Very crunchy and aromatic!!

For the main course, we had Salmon Teriyaki and Truffle Gyu Don 
The Truffle Gyu Don comes with runny onsen tamago, foodgasm!

Mostly the foods are appettizers and the concept is izakaya dining. Which means it's meant to be shared with your friends, so you can try many different items from having small plates on each order

None of the foods are below average. They all meet my expectation!

I also tried 2 of their desserts. The first one is Yuki which is a yuzu-chocolate mousse with sponge cake and crunchy chocolate praline, and they also put some gold flakes to add elegance and luxury

The last one is lychee pannacota with rose meringe that hasn't been added into the menu list yet

I pick the last one as my favorite because I like something sweeter!

From the presentation, the flavor, the freshness of ingredients, and the creativity. It's a top notch!
I have high expectation in terms of Japanese food and I hardly want to eat Japanese food in here (because I get mad and start comparing most of the time lol) but I cant say anything bad

I was informed that most of the ingredients are freshly imported from Japan (that explains the quality!), and I tell you, not all Japan imported products are that great. They also have their own standard and I must say the standard is high so it's not just simply labelled as "imported from Japan" but they also provide the quality and international standard

The chef's also from Japan and used to live in Australia. I heard that he's so creative that he kept making new menus every time, so worry not for getting bored of visiting the restaurant because they will always have new foods for you

Once we finished the meal, mom and I moved the spa. I tried the Cleopatra Romance Package, a 3 hours treatment that includes foot reflexiology, body scrub, body mask, bubble bath, and body massage. It is a total bliss to escape from the hectic Jakarta

Ever since I came back, I had endless works to do both online and offline and finding a peace in the heart of Jakarta is surely a taste of heaven. We got couple room and the interios is majestic!

Comes with a big bath up

I had my bubble bath <3

The therapist is very professional, kind, and knows how to massage well. I even dozed off during the treatment because it's just so relaxing ^.^

Our short stay at Kempinski was amazing. We managed to escape from the busy city life to a pleasure for both body and mind. We'd definitely come back!!

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