Things to Do In Kyoto in 1 Day - Kyoto 1 Day Itinerary

June 09, 2016

For my last vlogging winter in Japan last January, I visited the old town Kyoto and experienced what tourists should do.. Traveling around! Here's my must have to visit if you only have 1 day in Kyoto!


Kiyomizu-Dera is unlike any other temples. It's located uphill and you've to walk pretty far to reach the top, but the scenery is beyond words. It's one of the most popular scenic spots and many historical stories on this temple. It's also pretty wide and you'll find a lot of high school kids touring around the area

Kiyomiz-Dera is also featured on many mangas and animes, and there's this famous Love Stone inside its separated love temple


It's one of the most famous photo spots to prove that you're in Kyoto. Ranked as no 1 must visit place in Kyoto, thousands of tori (red gates) awaits for your visit here. There are stories behind each tori and the tori is in fact donated by people who have had their wishes come true. The walk under the tori will keep you mesmerized because of its neverending red gate. It is believed that Kitsune (Fox) is the God of this temple, so you'll see a lot of fox statues and merchandises

It's only 1 stop away from Kyoto Station as well, making it perfect for a short and quick visit


Arashiyama or Bamboo Forest is recently gaining more popularity among tourists and it comes with a good reason. The serene feeling that you get when walking along the bamboo while listening to the sound of win is enough to keep you reminded that you're after all in traditional old city of Japan, that's full of history

Take a walk peacefully along the streets to really experience what Kyoto's nature offers. Nearby the Arashiyama area, there's also famous bridge but unfortunately as it's dark already by the time I reached the place, I had no time to visit the bridge (blame my late-wakeup)

I also made the video about my journey in Kyoto which you can watched on Youtube! ^^

Hopefully this will inspire you to visit Kyoto again, because what is Japan without visiting this beautiful historical city??

Have you ever visited Kyoto? 
What's your must visit when in Kyoto? 

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