How I Get My Pastel Pink Hair

May 05, 2017

I just realized that I haven't updated my blog about my current pink hair o.o
So I have had pink hair for around a month or so. In fact I only ever tried purple hair but since it was sakura season and I was in mood for going pink, I decided I need to do this once in mylifetime lol

I also put on tons of hair extension again. I was in a break to let my head breath for around 1,5 month before that. For those of you who asked, my current hair is in fact around shoulder length and sometimes when you see me with short hair, it's my real hair

However I love long hair so much so most of the time I achieve that long locks through the help of extension :D

Asked for a cotton candy pink freshly done from the salon (some salon asked you to wash it 3-4 times before you get to see the real shades you asked for, but I was like NO, I WANT THIS COLOR NOW LOL) and I can't be happier than this!
I cant seem to find any stylist in Jakarta that can get me this kind of result, a perfect even pastel pink without any brassiness!

Looks good with sakura, no? :D

Unfortunately the pink doesn't last long (obviously) and the pastel shade fades into peachy orange shade in 2 weeks. Before leaving to Japan, I made sure to retouch it into a darker shade of pink so it would last longer, and I got myself pink shampoo to maintain the shades!

After all, I am pretty happy with my current pink hair though it's pretty high maintenance! 
If you want to get this shade, you need to bleach your hair to at least level 10 blonde and put pink dye in the right mixture. I wouldn't recommend you to do that by yourself as this is really tricky and you dont wanna end up with neon pink shade. Dont get me wrong, if neon bold pink hair is what you're after, then it is easier. But pastel hair is really difficult and make sure to visit the right stylist to get it done! I got my hair done by Gomi-san at NALU Salon in Omotesando, Tokyo

However since I might not visit Tokyo anytime soon, when the pink fades and the pink shampoo cant help it anymore, I might fly either to Kuala Lumpur or Tokyo to retouch it at their other branches!

What do you think about my pink hair?
Do you like me with silver, blonde, pink, or other hair colors? :D

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  1. love the pink hair

  2. Your hair is my favorite thing ever, it looks so pretty! ♡

  3. harus yang kulit putih nih kalo mau warna rambut kaya gini hehe,,,

  4. you have no more value and worth anymore