How to Take Care and Clean Your Women Intimate Area (Vagina)

May 11, 2017

Ever since I was young, I was taught to take care of my Miss V. Sex education at school was never really a lesson and hence I mostly received it through my mom. Luckily my mom is a really open minded person and she thinks its better if her daughter understand the world through her compared to unknown sources. The most important lesson that my mom teaches me is to take care of the hygiene of my private part

Now only with you, I will share the secret of my Miss V! To keep it clean and fresh,  I cleanse the area with Absolute Women Indonesia! It is a renowned private wash products brand that has been around for ages, a good friend of every Indonesian women to protect their private parts from bacteria and fungal infection. I am sure you all know this brand even though you might never talk about it with your friends, because our culture is still pretty conservative when talking about what happens below there. But this is a knowledge that every women should learn about! 

Absolute Women Indonesia comes with a few variants and the one that I am going to talk today is the series of Absolute Absolute Women Hypoallergenic! It comes in 2 variants, which is Naturally Soothing (Green) and Youth Revitalize (Pink)

Naturally Soothing type comes with Aloe Vera extract to take care of any irritation, while Youth Revitalize's benefit is to maintain the texture and elasticity through Collagen ingredient. Both contains Hypoallergenic and is dermatologically tested which make the products are safe to be used daily. Remember that some elders or big sisters told you that you cant use Vagina Cleanser products daily? With Absolute Women Hypoallergenic you CAN! 


Another thing to highlight is it contains Biolacto Active that keeps your natural ph value of 3,5 to balance out good bacteria on Miss V! It fits with women's vaginal acidity for a balanced moisture and restore the best of your natural state! Rest assured as after all Absolute Women Hypoallergenic is your best friend in this matter!

So how to use it?

  1.  Pour a little bit of the product on your hand (around 1,5-2ml) on your palm, and mix it with some water until it gets a little bit foamy
  2. Wash your outer vagina with it and leave it for a few moments (I usually leave it around 2 mins)
  3. Rinse it with water and don't forget to wipe it clean and dry! 
  4. Recommended to use it 2 times a day, and even more when you're on period

Basically I recommend to buy two types. I use the pink one mostly for daily use but I keep the green one in case I have irritation down there (mostly can be cause through tight fabric). I put it on my toilet storage and the bottle is petite and cute enough! 

Absolute Women Hypoallergenic comes in two sizes, 60ml and 150ml. I love how they come in travel size as it becomes really handy if I need to bring it for overnight trip!
And if you use it two times a day, for the regular sized 150 ml bottle, your Miss V can be taken care for around 40-50 days! With the price of Rp 46.000 per bottle, making it not only affordable for everyone, but also easy to be your private stable in your life!


I would like to also raise awareness through this post that it is so important to keep your private part clean to prevent any infection and even worse, Cervical Cancer (Kanker Serviks). Cervical Cancer is No 1 Women's Death Cause in Indonesia. Any yeast infection or Vaginal Discharge(Keputihan) can lead to this deathly disease. One of the key points to prevent that is to maintain the hygiene 

Worry no more if you wonder whether the product works for you, because Absolute Women Hypoallergenic is the only product available that contains this Hypoallergenic Formula (Anti-Allergy) that can be used even on the most sensitive skin. Every women can use this no matter who you are! Let us all protect each other !!! 

If you're interested to purchase one, you can get it at your nearest drugstore or through online sites such as HERE
And you can also join their Quiz Confidence Absolute Share! For more information you can follow their social medias below =

You can also visit Absolute Women Indonesia Microsite to get more informations about the product! I hope we all can stay clean and fresh down there, and good luck to everyone!

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  1. I have tried this product as well. feeling so clean and fresh down there. :)

  2. you have no more worth at all