How to Heal Your Scar

May 06, 2017

Ever remember when we were young and fell down through running or riding bicycle? Well yes it was painful, but let's look at it at other perspective. Do you take it for granted that the scar healed pretty fast and it might not leave any scar unless it's deep?


Now give me back my childhood skin!

As we age, our skin cant regenerate as fast as we used to hence we need a scar repair cream. Through our life, the most common ways we get scars are through scratch, burn, acne scar, surgery, and smallpox. I have one smallpox scar near my nose which might not be obvious but I'm pretty self-conscious about a burnt scar on my left hand that's caused by my curling iron (irony of beauty blogger). Shortly explained, I wasn't cautious when curling my hair. It was around 1 year ago and never healed because I didnt put any scar cream, blaming my ego that my skin could regenerate new skin tissue like before

At that time, I should have done Laderma Scar Repair Cream. A local beauty brand that's formulated by scar repair specialist in Europe to heal scar through natural ingredients. It consists of fresh Aloe Vera, Vit. C, Vit.E, and Jojoba Oil! I will break down each ingredient's benefit so we all can learn together!

Aruba Aloe Vera has anti inflammation benefit that will reduce irritation and get rid of old dead skin cells while protecting new skin. It is known to increase collagen that's famous for healing skin. Laderma uses 100% Aruba Aloe Vera from the Caribbean that is famous for its superiority regarding active concentrated extract of the Aloe Vera all over the world

Jojoba Oil is beneficial for cooling, moisturizing, and repairing skin cells

Vitamin C and E is needed as it is high anti oxidant that helps protecting and repairing skin cells as well as increasing collagen

The best thing about Laderma is it is fragrance free and silicone free that's often encountered at scar healing products.

So how does this product work?

You just need to apply Laderma cream regularly 3 times a day on your scar. When I applied it on my scar, it feels moisturizing which I really feel it helps a lot on my scar as usually scar will make the skin area dry. However it doesn't have tingling or burning effect!

It will protect the skin from irritation and itchiness that might cause keloid. After using it regularly, it helps in repairing and fading the look of the scar. However for older scar, it might take some time to see the result 

The cream doesn't have any scent on it and pretty rich but not sticky. It doesn't stain on my clothes either. I have been using Laderma for a week on my upper arm scar and it kinda fades a little. I can see the difference through my naked eye but it's not good enough for before and after picture, after all it's only been a week. It now stays still on my table next to my bed so I never forget to use it everyday. I am sure after a month it will show a better and more significant result as nothing good comes fast, especially regarding skin!

Laderma is available at Modern Outlet, Apotek, and Drugstore in Indonesia for just Rp 100.000 per box (8ml). The price is really affordable and since it's easily available all over Indonesia, I think you wont have difficulty to purchase one for yourself!

For more information, you can visit Laderma Website below, and their facebook and instagram as well

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