Dinner Menu at MOS Cafe Jakarta

June 12, 2017

With Fasting Season in this month, I would say dining out is the best option for those of you whom are working outside. Because the traffic will become bad and it might be wiser to just stay in city and recharge yourself with a good meal before heading back home. One of the dining places that I recommend is my favorite MOS Cafe at Plaza Senayan. I have reviewed about the place before HERE and featured my favorite foods. Last week I came back to the restaurant with my brother for an early dinner, savouring the regular menu and the newly launched dinner menu as on the picture above!

The dinner menu consists of an appetizer, salad, soup, dessert, and a selected main dish! Price for each set depends on the main dish that you picked. Below are the price :
  • Set A : Rice Bowl (Veggies and Fried Chicken marinated with Sweet Vinegar) : Rp 95.000
  • Set B : Pasta (Basil & Tomato) : Rp 125.000
  • Set C : Sliders (3 Mini Burgers - Fish, Chicken, Beef) : Rp 125.000
  • Set D : Steak (Australian Striploin 200g) : Rp 175.000
Considering that it's located at Plaza Senayan and offers a nice dining area, I think the price is pretty affordable! On the picture above I was eating the Pasta and the spices were blended together perfectly. However my favorite was the Trio Burger set!

 The burger set comes with french fries and for me this is definitely A Steal! You can try 3 different burgers with different bun. As for the fish it comes with basil bun and tartar sauce, the chicken teriyaki with black charcoal bun, and beef cheese with tomato sauce with original bun. This is the perfect dish to try different kinds of MOS burger without overeating as the size is just perfect!

And because it is smaller than the original bun, it's easier to cut! I honestly cant pick my favorite because everything tastes so goood!!

But if you want to try something else besides the dinner set or happen to be in the cafe during the day instead, I recommend these 2 burgers! Famous for its black charcoal bun, MOS Cafe offers Black Charcoal Chicken Burger. The outside skin is very crunchy and has pretty thick batter to keep the chicken overly cooked, which works as the inside is still very juicy! The burger comes with tartar sauce and mini salad and fries to accompany the burger. And I LOVE THE LOTUS FRIES SO MUCH. I hardly see any lotus chips in Jakarta and I think putting some veggies fries is a really creative idea

Nevertheless if you're a fan of tomato, MOS Cafe also offers Tomato Beef Burger. The bun is specially made and a little bit reddish because it consists of tomate paste. Inside, they come with average tomatoes but what makes it special they add nicely sliced cherry tomatoes on top that makes it pretty. The whole presentation is really appetizing and the taste is not overpowering. The sweetness and sourness of tomatoes and juiciness of the beef patty is in perfect harmony

Unlike the Charcoal Chicken that comes with tartar sauce, the Tomato Beef Burger set comes with homemade tomato sauce! 

It was a really satisfying dining moment at MOS Cafe like usual and I will definitely be back! Either for work or for personal. What I wish is they would open a few branches at other malls and probably nearby my place because I bet with the price and quality they offer, it's definitely a worthy visit!

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  1. read its articles make me hungry. please help

  2. thanks for the information, some day i will try make it

  3. The menu what you eat is very expensive i thing. Very delicious and lovely place.