How to Get Hydrated Skin with Collagen Soap

June 15, 2017

Have you ever heard about Collagen?

In Japan, all the women are obsessed with collagen. They try to use a lot of beauty products containing collagen and consume a lot of collagen foods to maintain their beauty. With the crazy wave of collagen, I learned about this powerful protein that is in every human body and holds the whole body together. Collagen can be found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. However through our aging process or with the living condition, our collagen level may drop and cause skin losing its main texture

Therefore reverting back your collagen system from inside and outside is really important. You can consume fish, berries, or chicken stock as they're rich in collagen, but taking care the outside from body care products is also a must

In here I am using Oilum Collagen Soap Skin Moisturizing that is enriched with Olive Oil It comes in bar instead of liquid type. The soap is combined with amazing Collagen and Olive Oil ingredients that are famous for their hydrating effect, it can't go wrong. My body feels much more hydrated after cleansed it with this soap

For those of you who prefer to have liquid type instead of bar soap, worry not as Oilum offers an alternative type. I am more used to liquid body wash so having the alternative is so helpful! Oilum Collagen Body Wash Skin Moisturizing helps to hydrate your skin as well as maintaining its firmness. The packaging is very simple with just a touch of turquoise green color that looks fresh on your bathroom

As for finishing touch, make sure to properly hydrate your body with Oilum Collagen Body Lotion Skin Moisturizing. Though the body soap has provided hydrating effect, there's nothing wrong by giving extra protection to your precious skin especially if you're sleeping with AC that can dry out your skin during the night

All the products provide non-sticky result with light sweet scent that will be loved by many. The products are formulated by dermatologist and is available in Indonesia already! All the products are so affordable ranging from 12.000 - 50.000 IDR that can easily be included in your everyday staple

Shall you're interested to try the collagen series, Oilum can be found at your nearest supermarket and Galenium's official store

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  1. love your photos as always. Never knew this brand before but definitely will try it