How to Get Brighter Skin with L'Oreal White Perfect Clinical

July 07, 2017

After holiday, my skin has been pretty dull and uneven because of pollution and exposure of sunlight. I saw that the radiant glow that I used to have has vanished in a moment. At this moment, I think this is the best moment to try the newest range of skincare from L'Oreal Paris, which is L'Oreal White Perfect Clinical that promises brightening skin in 3 actions. It promises to give result after 7 days even though I have been using it for 10 days, so what's my verdict with the product?

L'Oreal White Perfect Clinical comes in 3 products only. Day Cream, Night Cream, and Essence. It's practically very simple and the routine must be easy to maintain for everyday use! The products come in beautiful silver-blue acrylic bottle

So what does this skincare claim?

✓ Banish black smudges 
 Helps enlighten skin 
✓ Maintain skin youthfulness

I don't really have black smudge but my skin has lost it's radiant glow maybe because of my unhealthy food life during holiday (we are all guilty for it lol), pollution, and sun exposure. And soon I will reach my quarter life hence my youth will be gone sooner than expected!!! Therefore I am in need of something to keep the youthfulness. Some of my friends have started using anti aging too to combat against the aging process haha

So let's take a look of what the products offer

White Perfect Clinical Derm White Essence Skin contains Derm White Technology, which is a combination of 3 active skin lightening ingredients. It comes in an ampoule type of packaging and for me one ampoule is enough for my all over face 

When I first used it, the serum does the magic as my skin feels instantly moisturized as if I just inject a serum booster into my skin. It's absorbed pretty fast and not sticky! The essence can be used both day and night and priced at Rp 214.000

White Perfect Clinical Day Cream SPF 19 PA++ has Pro-Vanish 3, a brightening active ingredient that reduces skin melanin production and SPF 19 PA +++ to protect skin from UVA / UVB rays. The packaging comes in silver metallic shade and has nice contrast with the pink cream inside when it's opened

The day cream comes in pink tint to gives glowy effect after usage as well as the sunblock protection along with it. Like any other sunblock, the cream has pretty thick texture and a little bit difficult to blend because of its SPF. However once it's blended properly, it will give you a nice sheen of dewy finish. It helps to prepare my skin before putting on some make up afterwards! The Day cream is priced at Rp 161.000

White Perfect Clinical Overnight Treatment Night is a night cream to help regenerate skin. The night cream has cooling sensation effect that feels refreshing.  Unlike the day cream, the overnight treatment comes in deep blue shade so it's easier to differentiate which jar is for which routine
I applied it the overnight treatment right away after I took my night shower, along with the essence. The cream has gel-like texture and reminds me of an overnight sleeping mask because of it.  The texture is a little bit heavier and richer than what I expected so a little bit goes along way. The Overnight treatment is priced at Rp 192.000 

Here's my before and after picture using the series in 1 week!
The hair and body are all the same, but I the before and after face on top of the body so you can spot the difference clearer! On the after picture I only put a light eyebrow powder and a pink lip tint, no BB Cream, no powder and no other make up!

Honestly I was a little bit skeptical with the product because I was only using it for around a week or so, but I kept the camera setting and lighting the same, and when I put the pictures side by side like this, I was in awe!
My overall skin tone has become much more even and my dull skin has turned into a healthy shade instead! I am surprised that it really helps improving my skin tone, giving it a brighter radiant tone with just a week! 

Overall I am giving it two thumbs for successfully bringing back my glow to life
However my skin is really dry and this series is still not moisturizing enough on my opinion. So I suggest people with dehydrated skin to combine the products with another lotion and sleeping mask to help moisturized your skin even more instead of using it just as it is

So where can we purchase L'Oreal White Perfect Clinical products? You can easily find them at any L'Oreal Paris at Department Stores, Drug Stores, and Cosmetic Stores. If you want to shop online at E-Commerces, Blibli and Lazada are two of many websites that offer the products! The price is a little bit pricey for a drugstore product, however since the products work well to brighten up skin, I would consider it a try! 

For more informations regarding the skincare, feel free to check it HERE

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