Oilum Brightening Series Review

July 11, 2017

I have blogged about the miracle collagen soap from Oilum HERE, it was definitely a mind changing on this shower game. I have been using it pretty much everyday since then and it has become a must-have bath products for me. Oilum comes in two different series and I did share about the Hydrating Series before. Today I will be talking about the other type which is Oilum Brightening Series!

For the bar soap, OILUM Collagen Soap Skin Brightening that comes in baby blue shade that has the moisturizing effect thanks to its Collagen ingredient. It produces bubbles easily and glides nicely on my skin with a light scent

What's different compared to their Hydrating Series, Oilum Collagen Body Wash Skin Brightening provides tiny beads on their liquid soap so it can be used as a gentle body scrub. The particles are very fine and can be used on even sensitive skin. However the product works in terms of exfoliating dead skin cells well as I feel my skin is a little bit smoother and brighter after using it. The best thing is it is pretty safe to be used on everyday basis because of its gentle texture

For a finishing, make sure to protect your skin with the body lotion and in here I am using Oilum Collagen Body Lotion Skin Brightening. The lotion is not sticky and contains Lactic Acid that helps brightening the skin. I make sure to apply it after shower to protect my skin as well as giving it a good nutrient

The products are formulated by Dermatologist and is available in Indonesia already! All the products are ranging from 12.000 - 50.000 IDR and can be found at your nearest supermarket and Galenium's official store www.g-store.id

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  1. This seem a good effect into the skin...nice product to avail...

  2. Oilum Collagen Body Wash Skin Brightening is good for our body beauty, and it is also wonderful.

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