Japan Highlight : NHK Kawaii International Dokusha Model

June 01, 2013

During my visit to Japan, I was kindly invited by Kishibe-san, the producer of NHK Kawaii International, to come to see their shooting! 

It happened after I came back from Menard Trip to Tokyo.. I extended my stay in Tokyo for 4 days to be able to adjust the schedule just to come to the shooting.. And Jakarta was having big flood at that time, so Shintaro-nii suggested me to stay back in Tokyo instead as it's safer.. He's afraid that I might not be able to come home from airport..

During those days, all the things I did were just visiting friends and wandering around in Shibuya-Harajuku.. I believe it's boring to just post of my pic with my friends going around. 
Instead I created Japan Highlight! Important event that happened after the main trip..

This is Kishibe-san.. She's the producer behind Tokyo Kawaii TV as well! If you're a fanatic japan lover, you must have heard of this TV Show before! It talks about all the kawaii stuffs in Japan!
Some of my friends have appeared on the Show as well.. It's really popular!

They are also behind Kawaii.i Official Facebook Fan page, so please support them HERE

Moving on~~!!!

The NHK Kawaii International is different than Tokyo Kawaii TV. Basically everyone can watch the show online, and for the schedule, you can see their facebook to know the next episode!

The time I came, they have fantastic guests! There were dokumo models, that represent each style of Japanese fashion! These models are very popular and have expanded their career to another level. Basically, they're very inspirative!

From left to right = Hime Gyaru, Akihabara Style, Gyaru Kei, Melody Yoko [MC], Misha [MC], Fairy Kei, Punk, Gothic

On that time, there were 2 overseas group that's on skype as well to be interviewed by the MC's.. There were Gyaru Circle in France and Lolita Community in NYC..
Kishibe-san asked me before too whether I had group that shared the same fashion style, cos she would love to interview me as well. Unfortunately I am not belong in any gyaru circle so yeah XD

But at least I got a chance to visit the studio and watch it!
I am the only one who came to the studio for watching haha.. The others were staffs.. And I was the only Indonesian, with broken Japanese.. T_T

But the staffs welcomed me kindly and everything were done smoothly. I was amazed how cute the interior was, and how professional the lighting and camera and MC's and staffs. Basically, everything is PERFECT!!

Yes I am on the same room as those awesome models hahaha!! ^.^

When I mentioned on twitter, some asked why I wasn't on the program as well lol
Well, not my time yet la.. I am not as successful as them, yet.. 
And would be my honor to appear on Kawaii International, but it's all depends on the staff hehe 8D

I didn't bring my DSLR on that day, so HD Pictures came from Mariko-san, the director of the Show haha.. 
Got perfect lighting and very good.. I was thinking to sell mine to get the same camera as her >_<

Anyway, I had chance to take pictures with some of the models!!!

And duuuhhh... I look freaking fat and ugly next to them. Seriously!! I am not kidding or trying to be humble!
All by themselves, they dont use stylist o__o

And her hair, make up, fashion, nail, etc, ALL ARE PERFECT... And yes, it is done by themselves!!
That's what Dokumo Models are.. Therefore they're respected by many girls and a lot of young girls aspire to be like them as well

*point myself* After that I also want to!
Seriously, that's why I wanna go diet la, a little.. to be like them T___T <3

Got to take pic with Re:No from Aldious the most.. She's model for punk and appears a lot on KERA Magazine. She now becomes a vocalist for Aldious, a band with all the members are women..  You can watch her PV HERE ^.^ 

Her face is soooo smallllll and her skin is very flawlessss... Hair is very smoootthhh... Tall.. skinny... Cool personality. Omg *__* 
And SHE HUGGED ME FIRST OK *screams fangirl, pulls hair* SO I HUGGED HER BACK HO HO HO

I didnt know her before but when I first saw her I couldnt stop looking at her because she's so beautiful T////T

I am a fan now <3 


She just released another single named White Crow.. She looks beautiful on the PV. I got the CD+DVD from her and her manager. She's so nice! T___T)/

She even signed it personally for me~~!!! Omg omg!! 
Though she doesnt really know how to spell my name so I had to write it for her before hahaha

Please support her band! \(^_^\)

Next one is Himena Osaki from Ageha Magazine!! She's what you call a hime gyaru, and also a gal-mama because she just had a baby!! 

Steffie, my friend, is a big fan of her so I Lined her that I was meeting Himena and she screamed of jealousy haha!! 

So I told Himena, my friend loved her and showed her Steffie's picture.. I am a good friend hahaha.. 
Last time I knew that Ayaka was a friend of Kanno Yui, I also told her that Cominica really liked Kanno and tried my best to make Kanno noticed Comi, but in the end I couldnt meet Kanno because she's so busy :(

At least I could make Steffie happy ^^
As for models, I really like Sakurina from Ageha! 

But I wont freak out if I meet with her tho haha, unlike my friends. Because I am crazy over L'Arc, Arashi, and GACKT more lol

Himena is very petite and cute in real life!! Her make up is PERFECT O-O
Not to mention her hair omg omg, never I saw hime gyaru so close before, and the first hime gyaru that I took picture with is Himena Osaki mwahahaha 8D

I dont know why my gyaru make up looks so lame next to her 8D;;;
And my hair, and such 8D;;;
I still have so many things to improve!
After saw these models I am more inspired to be a better woman! lol

Himena is very humble person in real. I told her that she's very famous in Europe [because some gyaru friends of mine love her a lot] and she's like "ehh,, eh... why am I famous?" *in Japanese* ^.^
Her manager is also very nice one!

I also took picture with Yun~! The gyaru model for Egg Magazine!! ^.^

Seriously I have never seen someone as skinny as her before o.o

As I watched the shooting, Yun is very fun to watch haha.. She's quite funny ^.^ Though I do not really understand half of the interview cos my japanese is still bad XD


Her hair curl is freaking perfect.. I dont know how she did it.. my curl was loss already but she managed to keep it perfect. Please, tell me your secret, Dokusha Models T___T



But then I asked her personally haha.. How the hell she manages 'toilet stuff' with it?
She laughed and answered in japanese 'just do it slowly.. takes a long time yes hahaha!'


*rolls on floor*

Also I took pic with Hikari Shina or Pikarin too! :D She's from Popteen but because she loves Anime, she came dressing up in Akiba style. Recently she becomes a singer too! ^.^
Her voice is freaking cute in high-pitch anime girl o_o
And she's very petite and skinny as well!! I thought she's 12 at first LOL; 

Her skin is too perfect to be true T________________T
She takes care of herself very nice.. She even got that skinny body from her 1000 calories diet.. And her eyes are so big. Omg what lenses she used i also wanttttt *___*

Her heels are tall ok, not because I am short!! *trying to defend myself*

Also managed to take pic with one of the MC's.. She's Misha and she's fashion blogger as well as stylist. Kishibe-san told me that when Lady Gaga came to Japan, she's the one who escorted and styled lady Gaga during her stay.. Amazing or not

I wonder when Tsubasa can come to Indo and I do the make up .. But it's very wtf la haha. instead she will slap me and do make over for me instead cos I look very wtf XD;

So ok, basically I just watch how the shooting went on, and talked to Kishibe-san and Mariko-san about their project and how i loved japan, and such.. Listening to the stories of these dokusha models are also very inspiring ^_^
That's why I kinda insisted to lose weight after came back from Japan.. It's because of them!!! LOL

After the shooting finished, Kishibe-san had to go for another meeting.. But Mariko-san kindly brought me for dinner near Shibuya area...

Last time in Menard Aoyama Resort I couldnt drink Umeshu cos i was sick.. So I ordered it now!!!
Turned out my tolerance to alcohol is still very bad, so I was kinda drunk -_-;

That's Mariko-san. She's camera shy >_<
She's picking foods for us ^.^v

Some foods that we had that night = 


Yes i was the one who ordered it cos i was curious o_o
Shintaro-nii kept insisting that I should go eating horse sashimi with him cos it's so delicious o__o
i couldnt believe I tried this as well in Japan.. Stomach, how are you?

It's delicious though!! Kinda chewy but it's good!!

Got some desserts as well yeah!! ^.^)v

Thank you NHK Kawaii Staff for inviting me on that day and experienced wonderful time!!
It was such a good memory to be able to meet everyone there!

If you love Japanese fashion, dont forget to support their facebook HERE and visit their website HERE!!

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  1. Elizabeth MuhalevaJune 1, 2013 at 2:41 PM

    These models are so beautiful! Like wow!!
    I so envy youuu 8D
    And I must lose weight as well xDD

  2. omg Envy!
    Hehe Stella you are so cute!

  3. You always type my name wrong XDD it's "Steffi" without e at the end!

    But thanks again for doing this for me ;^; <3

  4. Pramudita AndaristiJune 1, 2013 at 11:57 PM

    Stella, confidence is beauty! From that picture I think you are just as beautiful as those models. So jut be confident and don't feel so self-conscious! I know as women we tend to always compare ourselves with others but just know that you are beautiful Stella! Btw I am glad you had fun there! I wanna go to Japan too

  5. So many beautiful people in one post! Everyone looks so skinny, I'm jealous! *diets some more* Every time I see pictures of Pikarin, she looks skinnier and younger. Magic, I swear!

    Thanks for sharing your experience! It must've been really fun. :)

  6. it's really lovelyy, you all like a doll oh maiiii CUTE!!! <3 <3

  7. yes, they're really a big motivation lol

  8. omg lol im sorry.. i'm too used to it

  9. lol that's just cos ive photoshopped and put only best pics of mine haha

  10. yes pikarin is very very cute in real life, and very skinny!!!! o___o

  11. OMG stella, you met Pikarin... I love her, she's so cute!! You're so lucky! :)


  12. Oh it's so cool to see these pictures your point of view. I never forget this night with Kawaii Internationnal. My Best memories forever ! [I'm Nicole from the french circle]

  13. horse?! kuda ci?? daging kuda?! o_o

    btw you're really pretty ><

  14. AH THAT WAS YOU! Hahahaha xDD; (this is the lolita/hime from NYC~)

    We were watching the set the whole time before recording, when you went to take that picture I was wondering 'who was that?' I thought you were just a part of set crew dressed cute xDDD; Now I know...

    *sigh* you were so lucky to meet everyone :< Even if I had the chance to I'd be too insecure because I'd probably tower over everyone. But maybe one day... ; ; I really want to meet Himena and Ayano and other himegals... and also people like Sakurina too. BLOO

    but gurl plaesss... you're not big at all... I may or may not look it but I know I'm at least twice your size. I'd probably look like I'm about to eat them if I stood next to them = w= sigh

  15. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMGGGG!!! YOU TOUCHED YUN (fan girl moment) OMG OMG OMG THAT'S SO COOL SERIOUSLY!! <3 I'm sooooo jelly, but in a good way hehe you're a really good gal and deserved to be there! :333 Loved!

  16. Haha yes she's so cuteeee!!! *_* her skin is also super flawless!!

  17. Oh Hi Nicole!!! Nice to know you! I only know Natalie hehe ^.^
    Do you have fb??

  18. iya daging kuda mentah haha XDDD

  19. Hi Amber!! Nice to know you!!
    I dunno anyone from Lolita Circle so it's such a great thing to know you! >w<)/ do you have fb?

    Hahaha YOU WATCHED??? LOL I didnt know that you could see me! XD
    I watched how panic you guys were when the webcam died, etc etc XDDD it's so fun to watch you guys because all of you are so pretty and the clothes are freakin adorableee!!

    Yes I was very very insecure because everyone were so pretty on the stage. No wonder they're models that can inspire Kawaii world ^^;

    I think I am normal haha, but if you compare me with them, I look wtf T_T; i don't want to take pic with them anymore XDDD;; lol jkjk

  20. Nice to meet you. We are 3 friends [No very a circle huhu] Natalie, Me and Céline.

    My facebook : https://www.facebook.com/?q=#/astralys.ginger

  21. hahaha!! you like Yun??? ^.^
    she's so entertaining and kind!! but girl, ive never seen thigh as skinny as hers!!! o___o;; she's tbh, like skeleton, so skinny!!! ><;;; but pretty!! her hair is just perfect!!

  22. I mean you no disrespect, but you are seriously crazy if you think you are fat or "should" go on a diet...You look skinnier than all the models except the tall one, Yun. Asian obsession with diet is mentally unhealthy when you are already skinny...

    You are so fortunate to meet so many awesome models! If anything to take away from this experience, the fact that they do their own makeup and hair makes them much more respectable. I would strive for that, not to be skinny.


  23. Reaaaaaaaallyyyyyyyyyy!?? You're so lucky!!!!

    I just discovered your blog from this post and I'm freaking out!!

    Re:no is my favourite model, and I'm really happy now knowing that somebody met her and considers she's a nice person!

    Thanks for sharing this experience with us, I follow your blog from now on!

    Have a nice weekend~~