Review : Holika Holika Blackhead Sponge Scrub Oil

June 25, 2013


Hello! I am here with another product to review again! This time it's to combat your blackheads! We all hate it, dont we!  photo 3_zps1cb1205a.png It never goes no matter how much we try to get rid of it. But you know, that squeezing it is a big NO NO? 

Since if you squeeze it, it will make the pores bigger, so the dirts can come again easier and becomes blackheads!

That's why all the beauticians are making blackhead oils recently. This one is from Holika Holika, my favorite brand from Korea  photo 17_zps5e02f649.png

It comes in a small plastic bottle that has transparent packaging to show the yellow oil inside. The combination of yellow and black is quite eccentric, and although the packaging isn't as magical as usual, but since the packaging is very simple yet sleek, I can put it inside my bathroom nicely! Also the packaging doesn't get dirty easily so all is good  photo 5_zps059e499d.png

It contains 50ml oil, and for nose, 1 pump is usually enough! It has a relaxing light massage oil scent, which I am not sure what it is made from, since all the ingredients are written in Korean. But it's very pleasant. Although the smell disappears very quickly after I put it on my nose  photo 14_zps9256a16c.png

The texture is not as thick as oil, because it spreads easily on skin and doesn't feel sticky. It is in fact moisturising enough to be used by those with dry skin
Moreover, those with sensitive skin might want to try this as well, since the exfoliator beads from this oil is very very fine. When you rub the oil on your face, the tiny beads will do the job for you to exfoliate the dead skins and remove your blackheads

I recommend to let it absorbed on your skin for about 3-5 minutes, before massage it gently with circular motion. After that rinse off, and even better if you put some mud mask to close up the pores again  photo 14_zps9256a16c.png

Anyway, I apologize if it's a bit gross for you  photo 3_zps1cb1205a.png But I tried to not exfoliate my nose for weeks so the blackheads show up better on picture so the comparison will be better

Left = Before using Holika Holika Blackhead Sponge Scrub Oil
Right = After using Holika Holika Blackhead Sponge Scrub Oil

Left = Before using Holika Holika Blackhead Sponge Scrub Oil
Right = After using Holika Holika Blackhead Sponge Scrub Oil

You can tell that the skin surface becomes smoother and the blackheads are removed nicely!
Yes not completely, because that was just one pic. But i have been using it for 2 months, and I use it everytime I feel my nose is itchy bcos of all the blackheads. I will keep using this regularly in the future because I think this product is quite nice, and doesn't cause irritation or redness!  photo 7_zpsb3b360eb.png

Simple & Clean Packaging
Can be used by all skin type, oily, dry or even sensitive
Soften the skin surface
Remove blackheads without pain
Comes with tiny beads to exfoliate dead skin cells


I would say that it's a great product to help you treating blackheads! No more painful squeeze to remove blackheads so it's good! And it will also help you to close the pores slowly because the blackheads are removed gently without damaging or opening your skin & pores

 But blackheads is very difficult to get rid off completely  photo 12_zpsa1b67bb4.png So the best thing we can do, is to keep maintaining and cleaning the area whenever it comes back

Good luck for us, being pretty requires effort  photo 13_zps0e34a866.png
The products are sponsored by Rie Butik as a review purpose

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. nice review.. really2 need this product for my blackhead :(
    anw Stel, i think riebutik doesn't use that url again.. hahaha

  2. Nice review stella, I think Im gonna try this..thanks..! =D

  3. hello stella. =)

    i can see that it lessen your open pores, great products for you.

    have you tried the etude house green tea nose patch?

    it actually does help too!its not messy, it just comes in an easy strip! =) i find it amazing, i tried it on my bfs blackheads and it did work well. =)


  4. woww I think thats a huge progress in just one time usage! lol! Nice review!

    I also blogged about my life in South Korea, beauty & fashion related on my blog :

    kindly check them out!

  5. Elizabeth MuhalevaJune 26, 2013 at 4:10 PM

    Thank you for review!
    Now it is my must-have thing!

  6. I own it and it does really minimize my pores than erase them :P but I am still satisfied, it works really nicely with my Clinique Pore Serum :)

  7. Yeay! Glad that I am not the only one who likes it :D

  8. haha yes you should find it! ebay might have~

  9. No I havent, i dont really like nose patch cos it makes my nose becomes dry and red T___T
    does it happen to you?

  10. thanks for reminding me XDD i linked wrong~

  11. ohh is that so, maybe, there is something in the patch that causes your nose to become dry and red. =( well as i assess my skin i currently don't have blackheads, if i may have them they are not that visible so i havent tried any patch or blackhead removers / scrubs. i see more on my bfs i feel like plucking them all its very visible so one day i patched his nosed and stripped it all off! hehehe

  12. OMG it looks amazing, gonna buy it! :)

  13. hahaha.. ur welcome.. just curios about the new link u know :P

  14. Bagusan mana stel d bandingkan ama Holika pore cleansing oil?

  15. waw kaya ajaib gitu ka langsung agak ilang komedo nya..