My New Phone : OPPO Find Way Review

June 22, 2013

Hi hi!! Now I am back in blogging cos I have holiday now oh yeah~ Did anyone miss me? ^.^

So why I blogged about my newest phone at first is because a lot of people ask me to do full blog post for my new phone after I share it on my facebook & Twitter. The response is very huge and I was surprised that a few of my readers have told me that they bought it after saw my short review o.o

Okay first of all.. You guys knew that I have Samsung Galaxy S3 right? But then, when I was in Japan for NHK, I dropped my phone..

The screen broke . . . And I was left dumb-founded

my 750USD Phone get's broken like that and I was very very sad T_____T

I still can use it, but the screen is completely hideous.. 
Like it could break into pieces anytime.. 

 photo 12_zpsa1b67bb4.png

I wanna get new phone, but Iphone 5 is so expensive, like 10 million rupiah [1100USD] here.. And the camera is just average..  photo 6_zps880db718.png
I dont know about you, but I care mostly about camera for my phone. But I dont want to buy expensive phone anymore cos still feel heart broken because of my Samsung

Then I heard about this phone from some of my friends. OPPO, it has been in TV Commercials these days.. They focus on their OPPO Find5, But I am more interested with OPPO Find Way! 

Simple because it has sleek design, very pretty indeed! Also it's very light, and the best thing is it's back camera is 8MP, and front camera is 5MP!! 

Can you believe it! It's like the best front camera in the whole world at the present!!  photo 18_zps6a561248.png

And the price is like half of my Samsung Galaxy S3, while it's not that different I think?
I only care about stuffs that i use la, I dont really care about the spec haha. As long as camera is good, can do instagram and play games, then it's ok for me LOL

They kinda like I-phone but oh well, a lot of smartphones nowadays are like this. I dont really know about spec or design or what cos i am not a gadget freak so I will review the camera ability only I am sorry LOL

So its front camera is like magic, it has Beauty Feature [so you dont need to edit your pic through Camera360 or what] that instantly smoothens your skin, brightens them up, as well as make your face skinnier!!!

For back camera, you get more options~

But obviously I care the most for the front one haha.. And they provide the same one!  photo 9_zps7055d5e3.png

You can also adjust the contrast to make your face brighter instantly!

And the best they have tap shutter too, so you can activate it and just touch the phone screen to take pic! That's brilliant! Cos I don't have to press the side of my phone or tap camera shutter to take pictures [of course you can do that with this phone, but sometimes it's difficult for camwhore]! I just need to press any area on screen to take pic! 

Now that's what I want from a phone!!!  photo 7_zpsb3b360eb.png

That's like the best phone for every women.. We all need it LOL to cheat facebook profile pic LOL
I dont really use Camera360 or what, cos they make the whole pics blur, and small, and complexion is pretty much washed out. I like bright and sharp pics, but I also want my face to be clear haha. Did I ask too much?  photo 1_zpscccab512.png

So here's the comparison pictures, between my Samsung Galaxy S3, OPPO Front Camera, & OPPO Front Camera with Beauty Plus

All the pictures result are not enhanced with any photo editor or such, it's all fresh result~

Can tell the difference or no!!

 photo 23_zpsff500481.png photo 23_zpsff500481.png photo 23_zpsff500481.png photo 23_zpsff500481.png photo 23_zpsff500481.png photo 23_zpsff500481.png

Also my S3 cannot take pics when it's dark, but OPPO's sensor is very nice so they still allow me to take pictures under low light! 

I am very satisfied with it  photo 5_zps059e499d.png

That above pictures are taken inside my room with dark lighting, so this is what it looks like with good lighting inside a mall [using its front camera]

I will now use OPPO more than Samsung I think haha.. I dont have big heart to throw my S3 away cos it's freakin expensive. And no one really wants to buy broken screen phone la haha. So I'll still use it along with my OPPO

Probably just to listen to some music and play games? While with OPPO, I can camwhore camwhore and camwhore and such haha.. But then, anything that Samsung can do, OPPO also can LOL

Price for OPPO Find Way is Rp 3.299.000 [ around 350USD] so it's pretty affordable in my opinion! photo 20_zps5d2368e3.png

I heard that it's so popular so it's sold out anywhere. But make sure to get this phone if you intend to change into new one, or just want additional phone to camwhore haha!   photo 19_zpsea30aab8.png

Dunno why my blog is so random, cos I talk about technology now. But then, it's about my life, a part of it, and also this is technology to make you a little prettier. Well, at least in the picture  photo 13_zps0e34a866.png

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  1. waaww best camera I think more than IPhone :O

  2. and i used to think that iphone's camera is great XD

  3. Wow, the front camera quality difference is insane! So good!

  4. wow wtf I WANT THIS NAU.
    Where to get in philippines. UGH

    You're so pretty btw!
    Makes me wanna use my falsies again when doing make up ahaha <3

  5. Qonita Bella AzzahraJune 28, 2013 at 2:14 PM

    Harganya berapaan ?

  6. true! some friends of mine who tried it have sworn by it!

  7. haha try ebay~~~!!!!
    no it's just make up, lighting, and good camera xD in real life i look ugly laaaa

  8. hmm.. im not very sure. But you can go to and try to contact them, they might ship it?

  9. hello Stella, just want to know where do you bought that oppo ? by ebay or directly at the store ?