Neo Gal - The New Gyaru

November 26, 2013

So apparently, after I came to Japan many many times, I just realized that Gyaru Fashion is dying
Whenever I said to my Japanese friends how I like Gyaru Fashion and Make Up such as Sakurina Agejo Make up, they said it was old school
The current gal is different, and gal is evolving

Though there are of course some gals who are still into D.I.A Style, or Liz Lisa style, or what, but like or not, it's becoming less and less common to spot them in Shibuya

I am missing this look.. Look at the awesome lashes, pale pink lips, big puffy blonde hair

Maybe this was what happened to Tokyo back then in 2000 when Ganguro was dying and evolved to Gyaru?
Popteen and some magazines in Japan have taken this issue and called the current new gal as NEO GAL 

From what I can tell is, NEO GAL is much much simpler and more into Street Style. I feel that they're mixing with Harajuku Style that's becoming more and more popular in the recent few years
The style is much simpler and easier to put, and also more wearable for everyday life

Right now after I have been trying to go for Neo Gal too, my make up becoming faster and faster haha

And here's the difference between the Gyaru and Neo Gal according to what I feel, and it's more about the Beauty Area, because I am more interested to see about the beauty revolution 8D


old gyaru make up

Back then, Gyaru has super thick false eyelashes. Top and Bottom Fake Eyelashes are a must. In fact, some even can stack around 3 lashes to get big dolly eyes look, and not to forget lining the eyes very sharply

The eyebrow is also thin and arch to give sexy look, also most of the time they go for nude lips

new gyaru make up

The current make up trend they go for natural straight brow and quite thick to give youthful feeling. Forget about the heavy lashes, now they only go for a single upper lashes, and recently they're into brown feathery lashes. For bottom, they mostly only put mascara or super natural bottom lashes

It's all about giving soft and clean make up

aegyo sal

Thanks to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, tear bag make up also becomes a hit and they begin drawing their eye bag to give softer and kinder impression

neo gal make up

Also the current make up tends to be more daring expressing their make up through coloured lips compared to gyaru a few years ago. It's all thanks to the simpler eye make up, they can give more attention to their lips as it will balance out the whole look. They put more color on their lips and it gives fresher look in my opinion

 photo 22_zps1263cbad.png photo 22_zps1263cbad.png photo 22_zps1263cbad.png photo 22_zps1263cbad.png photo 22_zps1263cbad.png


Blonde was the hottest and most common hair shade to see back then. Also long and thick curly hair with a lot of back comb on the crown to get the hair as big as possible. As if the biggest the hair, the more attractive it was

neo gal hair style

Right now, brown natural hair is often to be seen in Shibuya. And just natural wave or straight hair that looks healthy and shiny. It's all about looking effortlessly pretty and have healthy hair that everyone envy

 Or if they wanna go crazy, they go for ombre hair color or highlights with fun and bright color such as green/purple/pink. Some even go to dye their whole hair for crazier look. It has harajuku touch now

 photo 22_zps1263cbad.png photo 22_zps1263cbad.png photo 22_zps1263cbad.png photo 22_zps1263cbad.png photo 22_zps1263cbad.png


Back then gyaru's nails are sharp, so many rhinestones and decos, very very long. Until you will wonder how they wipe their stuff using those nails. It was considered very elegant and cool to have super awesome nails like that

Recently gel nails are very popular, and more people go for safe nail length. It makes every day life much easier

Conclusion is, you will spot this current style more in Japan =

Soft and natural curl, check. Brown healthy hair, check
Light eye make up, check. Tear bag make up, check

I would say that the current make up style is not bad, but I am sure will be missing the old gyaru make up. 

It's not that I am saying there is no more super crazy gyaru look that everyone will turn around in Japan, no.. It's just, it's getting lesser to spot them.. Or, at least thats what I experience when I am in Japan hehe

The newest make up trend is getting lighter and lighter, and it's very easy to follow now. I think Beauty World is such a fun field because it keeps evolving. And there will always be a change wherever it is. I dont know if it's a good change or a bad change, but one thing to be sure

I am happy I can do my make up less than 30 minutes now lol

What do you think about the change in gyaru make up now?

Do you agree with this post or not? 

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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