What I Do in Holiday

November 05, 2013

Today is a one day holiday, but some companies have made their holiday from yesterday too to make it a long weekend
And who doesn't love holiday?

this picture has no connection with this blogpost but well, just to brighten up the post.. umm.. no?lol

Back then when I was younger I prefer to go out at malls, watch movies, visit restaurants, and so on. But as I grew older [oh my..] I feel that home is the best to relax and soothe your soul, charging it so it can produce great activities afterward

I personally feel there's nothing wrong by having one day 'me time' at home and mind your own business! 

I always have it like at least once every 2 weeks but with my traveling schedule, it was impossible. So glad I can do it again now! 

So what I do on holiday [precisely yesterday] are = 

1. Clean the room! 

Throw out all the trashes, rearrange clothes so its neater, wash make up brushes, brush wig collections, clean out the false eyelashes, and so on.
This is my chance to have time to rearrange things leisurely. When I am in rush, usually I just shove everything to the cupboards..

Some areas inside my wardrobe.. Usually it's all folded wtf lol now at least it's stacked and divided properly HAHAHA

And sorry that it doesnt look that good on pictures cos most of my clothes are black and white >_<
A lot of people ask me to have more OOTD so I think I will try to do that whenever I am outside 

2. Remove all the dirts and dead skin cells

After cleaned up the rooms and such, obviously there's nothing greater than the feeling of cleaning your whole body. And I take that chance to pamper my self nicely!

For face, I had special and more care obviously. I used Holika Holika Blackhead Scrub Oil which I have reviewed before. I used it to make smooth surface on my face and to remove all the dirts and such, while massaging my face

My Cure Natural Aqua Gel was out of stock, so I used this instead. I wanna repurchase Cure cos its soooooo good! 

3. Shower TIME!! 

After my face, my hair needs attention and love too, so I jumped into my shower and washed my hair, then I put this Makarizo Hot Ice Mineral Oil that I got from Harumi TipsCantik. I am loving this product cos this made my hair silky smooth.. 

I always wash my hair first then move to my body care. How about you ? ^.^

Then I used my Coconut Body Series from The Body Shop. Using their Shower Gel to cleanse my body thoroughly. I love the smell. Shower is not only for cleansing your body but also relaxing your mind, with the right scent, it can help energize and boost your mood ^.^

So rinse everything and do skincare and such afterwards! 

4. Healthy Dinner~

I am currently into healthy foods. Not only because I want to lose a few kilos [as I did gain weight after Japan trip] but also I love the fresh texture and feeling given through veggies. My current favorite dinner is Sliced Cabbages and Cherry Tomatoes, with some jap sauce that I bought in Japan

It's filling and fresh ^.^ 
When you wanna do non-strict diet, my tips is to eat whatever you want during lunch, but get something healthy and light during dinner because we dont do much stuffs at night

5. Bed Time~! 

I am mostly lazying around on bed, though I dont sleep yet haha..
So, I LOVE MASKS, it's my must-to-do thing every week as it's like a vitamin boost for my skin

I love trying different mask and this week's mask is Innisfree Seven Herbs Mask!  

Leaving it for 15-30 minutes

And the rest of it, I played bubble game on my phone, or read mangas, watched J-Doramas, or just chatted with my friends through laptop hehe..

in fact, thats what I mostly do in holiday, I dont really go out. In fact, I am quite an indoor person ^^;
Also because of the super-bad-traffic-jam, I am too lazy to go out if it's not really important

But well, I will try to go out more instead so I can post outfit fashion posts and such hehehe

How about you guys? What do you do in holiday? ;)  

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  1. awww niceee.. i dont have bath up so.. XD lucky you!

  2. I dont know, but it's my habit haha.. at least once a week, for vitamin XD

    ahhh no no nowhere near successful yet but im glad people still enjoy it
    Good luck!! drop me the link ok =3

  3. lol I consider it to be doing quite well! I hope to have mine at your level one of these days. Oh here's mine: thelovelyify.blogspot.com

    I'm doing a lot of cute giveaways each month till the year is over to help out with that actually haha so hopefully it works a little bit. Thanks for checking it out ^ ^

  4. Aww really? Wow that's surprising. I hope you come across something though! At least your blog is successful, right? ^ ^ Mine still needs more work lol -.-

    Yeah I'll start this week going at it again. *crosses fingers*