Dariya Palty Cinnamon Churros Hair Dye Review

February 18, 2014

After my another attempt to get natural brown, I get another hair dye again but this time it's from Palty. The brand that I have used a lot in the past! But I've never tried their bubble foam. I read a lot of reviews on the internet and it says how bad it is. BUT, I believe in myself more.. which will turn out very very wrong later LOL

Please read this post T___T

Again, this brown color is sooooo tempting and I really want a light brown like this. It's sweet yet it's dolly enough! 

I expect to get the 3rd color, and I FORGOT to see the bottom small part where the blonde hair will turn silver ;A; That's my fault. But we will come back to that thing later ok! 

Here are the stuffs inside the Palty Bubble Foam Hair Dye. They have the bowl and spatula to mix , gloves, conditioner, and hair dye + developer, including manual use in a lot of languages, including english! 

I need to use about 1.5 boxes for my medium length color. It contains less product than other hair dye products so make sure  to stock more if you have longer hair than mine

Mix the color and the conditioner inside the cup

And mix it until it reaches the line! it turns into bouncy white foam and kinda sticky & heavy the more you mix it. 

But the texture is very watery. Though it makes the application on hair a lot easier, it might drip on your shoulder 

The colour, turns out to be ashy blue grey on me and i was freaking shocked!!! T____T

This is the before and after = 

Dont mind the pink. I used MANIC PANIC for pink highlight and it turned out well
For the palty instead, it's more blue - purple - grey - ash, mixed into one..
The color changes depending on the lighting, and though the box says it would turn into ashy brown and the worst would be silver, I freaking had no idea how it could go to blue-purple like this

My hair also becomes tangled and very dry after the usage, I had to put conditioner twice so I can comb it through.. Also the result is uneven due to its bad texture

With my clip on extension that I dyed altogether..

In fact, when I went out for Wakuwaku Japan Concert, many people said they liked me with this colour, but for the first time in my life I feel not confident. And yes, when you're not confident with yourself, then you will look uglier as well

The day after, I went to salon to fix my hair and costed me over than 1 million T__T
My stylist said that the blue-purple is so strong and he had to lighten it once to remove the blue, and dye it twice.. I will show you later my current hair! 

But for now, here's my conclusion

 The colour lasts long on hair

 The colour result is uneven
 Messy application
 Contains less product than most of the foam hair dye
 The colour doesn't turn out like what I expected
 Pricey [due to the difficulty finding it outside Japan]

Product is sponsored by PerfectBeautyShop as a review purpose

For now I kinda have trauma dyeing hair by myself, I guess I will stick with salon lol
After all, i think the good part of this hair dye is it stays on your hair very long time. I have washed it 5 times on the first day to get rid of it, but it still looks same. And after all the efforts made to get rid of it, my stylist also agreed that Palty has strong pigmentation

Maybe this is just not for me, but people who have darker hair than me should be having no problem

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. Hi Stella! mind if you tell me where you bought manic panic from? I live in Indo too so just wondering which online shop have those ready stock? Thanks!

    Well actually indeed it looks good on you :)

  2. It still came out great though! and still suits you very much so dont worry girl! :)

  3. My friend visited USA for holiday on new year so I got her to get it for me :D

  4. Definitely stick to the salon! Drug store products and dyes are the worst for your hair.

  5. It looked really horrible. But in your lates pic in instagram you look verry pretty. Thank god you fix your hair....

  6. Too bad it wasn't top notch quality result, I also use Palty ^^ But not this colour.

    恵美より ♥


  7. Emmy Vierrania Nur'aennyMay 1, 2014 at 2:29 AM

    pretty is expensive right??
    I have problem about acne...
    that is make me soooo angry..
    can you tell me how to clean my face from acne??

  8. Emmy Vierrania Nur'aennyMay 1, 2014 at 2:35 AM

    ohya..thanks udah ada translatenya :-D

  9. amazing product .... i wish i can have it !!

    i'm not from indonesia ....

    so that's what preventing me ....
    how lucky you are ??!! ^^

  10. I believe in myself more.. which will turn out very very wrong later LOL

    -I LOL'd xD

  11. Baru denger merk yg satu ini. Pingin ikutan ah giveawaynya hehehe
    Tq for sharing...
    Btw keren jg postingnya jd bilingual hahahaha

  12. cici kulitanya bagus >w< jadi kepengen ikutan giveawaynya XD


  13. Oh, the result is so unexpected! Actually, I'd be happy to get that color if it was even. I would try semi permanent dyes (there are also ranges of natural colors with the brands) on blond hair to get light brown and minimize the damage.

  14. pengen nyobain deh.. kalo beli semua mmg mahal yah, worth it ga?
    my face is oily, ada acne scar and pori2 besar...
    should i buy them?