Plastic Surgery Without Surgery Make Up Tutorial

February 26, 2014

Or... How to Lose 5 kg's With Make Up? LOL

People often say to me that my face has changed for the past year
And okay, the secret lies on my improvement skill on contouring and highlight!

I have found holy grail products to help me achieving perfect look as well. So might as well, share it on my blog? 

And here's the before and after surgery! Which is done by make up hehehe
In case anyone still has no idea how to do it, or is interested in this tutorial, please read this post!

Here I made you the diagram of where to put the highlighting and contouring
Which I will explain further

Yellow Line = Highlighting
Red Line = Contouring

Why I feel highlighting and contouring is crucial for me is because after I put on foundation on my entire face, the whole face color becomes even hence will look flat. There's no dimention at all!
If you only go for everyday look, then it might look fine. But as for me who likes taking picture, esp using flash, it's a big NO NO!

So by giving highlighting and contouring, your face will look more proportional and 3 Dimentional, giving 3 colors on your face!
Your normal skin tone, light skin on highlight area, and dark skin on contour area

Basically highlighting and contouring also have different shapes depends on your face shape
I show you the basic one using matte contouring powder and shimmery highlighting powder

See how flat my nose looks? T___T

Using a small blending brush, I brush it on the side of my nose in circular motion

And next with big angled brush for precise application, I contour the side of my face to give smaller face illusion and brush it on my jawline as well for V-Shape face

I don't contour the hallow of my cheekbones because it's so prominent already
[Sometimes I even put highlighter on it to make it look plumper, I swear T_T)

And using highlighter powder, I brush it along the area where the yellow lines are

The center of my face which includes forehead, nose bridge, and chin. It instantly makes my face more proportional
Also I like to swipe the highlighter in triangle shape on my cheek for that youthful and plump cheek!

I used to swipe it on my cheekbones but it's too strong for me now, so I changed it to my cheek instead
Anyway, you notice how my face glows healthily on the picture? That's why I like using shimmery highlighter on my face now!

Now, let's see the before and after again!!

Can tell my face looks much much slimmer and my face looks healthier and proportional?
Thanks to contouring, I look like I lost 5 kg's as well! WTF LOL

I love make up too much hahaha

Products used are The Balm Bahama Mama Contouring Powder and The Balm Mary Lou Luminizer
I swear these products are THE BEST in its kind!!

I am always in love with how their products are so subtle and matches my skin well!!
I know the price is a little bit expensive, but no other contouring and highlighter can beat these babies so far in my opinion!
I tried Sochii's Bahama Mama in Singapore once and instantly in love! Much better than my Diamond Nose!
Also the moment I swiped Mary Lou on my cheek, it has super awesome glow already! My face and eyes become sparkling as if in love LOL

I dont think I will ever use other contouring and highlighter for a while!
And they're finally available in Indonesia too huhuhu!! So happy!

Well, if you're doing this surgery without surgery make up look, do let me know as well!

And last but not least, for nose, it only works for front picture, not side picture HAHAHA LOL
Cannot make the nose bridge taller from side view

They should make some make up tools to fix this issue . . .

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. uda lama pengen coba countouring n highlighting tp ga perna tercapai krn ga tau jg caranya, gonna try it soon! hehe
    btw ur skin looks great! aku sempet liat review ttg menard n annagaspi skin care, jd tertarik banget tp bingung mau coba yg mana... can u help recommend which should i try?

    my skin : super oily, big pores, acne n acne scar, n ga keliatan bersih deh mukanya

    thank u!

  2. good luck!

    hmmm... ya beda2 sih.. aku sii cocok 2-2nyaa.. cuman sebelum pake menard aku jerawatan parah, kulit kusam. jadi berasa banget bedanya.. kalau pas anna gaspi kulitnya udah okean makin oke hehe..
    beda2 sih kulit orang juga XD

  3. I'm still new to countouring/highlighting.. looking forward to try this! thank you so much for this (very) helpful tutorial, Stella ^^

  4. kayanya mau coba anna gaspi deh, smoga cocok nih..

    really2 enjoying your reviews!

  5. iyaaa smoga cocok yaaa.. mamaku sii suka banget ama anna gaspi hehe
    makasihhh *3*

  6. hi stella! do you have any other products that is a bit cheaper or let's say average for contouring and highlighting? and also will not contribute oiliness. Thanks!

  7. Cantik banget Stella ^_^
    Mirip IU disini ^_^

  8. hhmm... for cheap contouring powder, i never find good one because usually it's tooooo reddish for my liking :(
    For highlighting, canmake is quite good!

  9. thank you stella buat tips nya n ud ngasih tw produk contour/highlight yg km pke.. produk contour/highlight emg wjib bnget klo pngen dpetin kesan wajah tirus.. hehe... klo aq pke sleek face contour kit tp highlight ny tlalu shimmery.. >.< and btw nice review stell... ^^

  10. cantik banget ! btw lipsticknya bagus..pake apa itu ? #salahfokus

  11. sama-samaaa :D semoga bergunaaa

    hehe, tapi ak contour cuman biar wajah kecilan, dan highlight di pipi biar tembem.. pipiku kempot banget abisan, jelek :(

    kalo terlalu shimmery, coba di layer pake loose powder :3

  12. cantik stell XD thanks for sharing!
    udah belajar2 contouring & highlighting sih, tp kyknya produknya kurang tepat krn ga gt keliatan hasilnya >_< ngiler the balm tapi harganya itu.. T-T

  13. kyaaaa bagusnyaaa ciciikkk :*

  14. tapi kan bisa dipake lamaaaaaaaa banget.. ini gara2 nyobain punya temenku di sg langsung WAOW T^T bener2 cakep deh hasilnya huhuhu. gak bakalan nyesel XD

  15. bgs.kreatif bgt...eyebrownya bgs pke apa tuh...

  16. gyaaa.. mauu bahama mamaanyaaa.. hahaha.. Cakeup teelll

  17. Uhhuuukk~ contouringnya bener-bener jadi keliatan lebih tirus kak >...<
    we have a same flat nose ... doh! lupakan =_____=

    cantik kak >.<b
    gak usah melakukan surgery toh make up bisa berkamuflase xD

  18. hahaha iya nihhh ak pesek, jadi makanya mesti diakalin biar cakepan dikitttt >.< lol

  19. Makasi stella ma tipsnya...keliatan loh hasil countoringnya.

  20. contouring always makes such a major difference, I love the way you did it :)

  21. Will do you a eyebrow tutorial thank you!!

  22. Just stumbled upon your blog! Love the layout and banner--super cute! And great posts. I'm still trying to get over my fear of contouring. So far, I mainly just highlight my nose bridge.

    Also, I'm now following you on GFC and Bloglovin. I'd love it if you could follow me back. Anyway, have a great day :)


  23. So true! After adding highlighting and contouring steps to my makeup routine, can't go without it! It's an essential now, especially nose contouring ><
    I'm really interested Balm highlighter! :D Have you tried the Cindy Lou highlighter?

  24. was really interesting! This was the power of a good make up ^^ I never used shadows for my face... I'm curious about how it would look like

  25. thank you!! it works amazing on me cos my face is flat lOL

  26. noseeee nosee!!! D:
    No I havent tried the cindy lou. I want! I bet the balm makes great products :D

  27. you should! it would make you look nice!

  28. whoaaa ternyata contouringnya bikin dimension muykanya nambah ya. kek keangkat gitu ce OAO)

  29. hahahaha.. cakep kannn... smuanya thanks to make up *3*

  30. stell code lipstik shu uemura kamu apa? tahan lama nga?.
    lalu countring bisa dipakai sebagai shading gitu ya? masi ga ngerti beda beda nya

  31. PK002 ya klo gak salah

    sama aja kok

  32. A great tutorial. I'm always a bit shy about contouring, because I'm not experienced in doing it, but seeing your post makes me want to try it more often :D

  33. dulu jg cakep tel, makanya aku pake kata 'makin'.. klo dulu jelek, td aku blgnya "aihh jadi cakep ya tel' gt donk huahahhaa XD XD

  34. contouring can be done by foundation and such too but i think you can start by powder instead. the result is lighter and softer! :D much better for beginner

  35. tetep aku tak bisa mengalahkan kecantikan si cece rini. itu hidung ya tuhannn *3*
    ak mah cakep di poto aja wkkwkw.. *jambak

  36. I will definitively try some powder contouring! You made me really curious about it. Thanks for your help ♥

  37. wow! Its really helpful!

  38. Contouring really helps haha <3 Good tutorial~~


  40. Restu Stefani Valentino ElskenMarch 2, 2014 at 10:47 AM

    Pretty! No doubt having you as my favorite beauty blogger :D I've difficulty for made countouring since my face having short jawline (another name square face) it was made me look like spongebob if my countouring messy --" thank God you made this! Haha xoxo