Etude House Oh My God Dry! Shampoo Review

February 28, 2014

I had been wanting to try Etude House Oh My God Dry Shampoo for a while ever since I saw this in Korea. Finally I could get myself one bottle of this
There are times I don't wash my hair for 2-3 days because I am afraid my hair color would fade, so I feel this Dry Shampoo would help me!

This Dry Shampoo came with pretty pink packaging that is really "Etude House" and the cute Pop Art Inspired Comic as the cover really caught my interest when it's placed in the store.

The usage of this dry shampoo is very easy. Simply divide your hair and spray the dry shampoo on each section from around 30-45cm. I'm used to do it from the bottom section and work my own to the top. The spray itself is very pleasant in fragrant, combining fruity floral scent that really gives nice aroma to my hair. Especially after haven't washed for 2-3 days, your hair would be a little smelly right lol

The fragrant of this dry shampoo is quite strong and enough to disinfect all the bad smells from your hair HAHAHAHA

This is how it looks like when the shampoo is sprayed to the back of my hand
It has powdery wax texture that is so gentle and smooth
It dries transparant and for the result ?  It does its job pretty well
My greasy hair becomes less oily, also it gives more volume to thin hair that's caused by the oil

Unfortunately the result doesn't last that long, maybe only around 3 hours or so. Hence for me it's only a last minute emergency that you shouldn't relay too often
Also it makes your hair kinda hard, like after you spray hair spray. Therefore do not touch your hair too much when you're using the spray otherwise the hair texture that you've created will be lost

 Cute packaging
 Produces sweet floral fruity fragrant
 Gives more volume
 Make hair less oily and less greasy

 Doesn't last long
 Hair becomes a little hard 

For me, I don't really use it too much because it's really a emergency or last option to do. It's much much better to wash your hair *obviously* LOL
So for right now, I only use it as my hair fragrant spray because the smell is soooooo good wtf

But during an emergency time, maybe it's good to have something like this at your home hehe

Have you ever tried Dry Shampoo as well? 
The products are sponsored by Rie Butik as a review purpose

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