7 Easy Diet Tips to Do

March 04, 2014

I love eating, I really really do

Although I don't want super skinny body like below 40kg's right now, because my face sunken in like a skull and I felt it's not pretty, I still want to be skinny enough!

So I have 7 easy diet tips that I do to surpress the hunger of eating foods which I have done most of the time as much as possible. These diet tips are done by other people [celebs & models] and I combined everything that works the best for me! 

1. Drink ALL the water
Because brain sometimes cannot differentiate between hunger and thirst, and we quickly assume that we are hungry when we're thirsty. Kinda stupid isnt it LOL So make sure to gulp down all that water, which has no calorie, before you start eating! Maybe around 2 glasses of water first to fill up your tummy. That way, you will eat less

2. Use opposite hand to eat
Like I said, brain is a lil bit stupid lol this is also the case, that when tummy is full, brain hasn't received the message. That way, you usually eat more than what you should eat. Especially when you're hungry and you eat rapidly, you tend to eat more. To slow you down, use opposite hand to eat so you can eat slower. You can also do this by chewing your food 10 times before gulping it. The trick is, to make you eat slower and slower so you can feel full faster

3. Eat more foods that contains a lot of fibers and water
Foods that contains more fibers and waters usually make you full faster than those that are not. That's why people often say that you should eat fruits and veggies when you're in diet. Because it makes you full faster! Although I do not recommend to eat only fruits and veggies because it's so difficult and you will get mentality problem [stress, anxiety, etc] so just make sure that you have proper food balance. By combining fruits, veggies, meats, and fish, you will have better food intake which will lead to healthier lifestyle and better body

4. Eat low calories food first
With the same theory as mentioned above, do eat something that contains less calories first, and finish off by eating high calories. Stuffs like meats, rice, pasta, noodle, cakes, should be eaten last. Eat salad and fruits first to fill up your tummy, and when you feel it's enough, end the meal by ordering foods that you like. That way you'll still be able to eat foods that you like, but still maintain the calories intake lesser

5. Be picky of how the meals are cooked
You can get pork, chicken, beef, fish, potatoes, or whatever you want, but do be picky of how they're cooked! Pick the type of meal that contains less oil. Avoid deep fry foods, and prefer something that's grilled or boiled instead as it doesn't need much oil when it's cooked
Eat a lot but be smart on what you eat!

6. Consume only mineral water and green tea
Mineral water contains zero calorie and it helps your metabolism and achieves good skin. What to not love? Green tea helps detoxifies your body and helps reduces fat from inside. Make sure to only drink those two while you're on diet. AVOID by all means soda, alcohol, smoothies, coffee, and so on as it will help you gain calories and make your tummy fat. 

7. Motivation is The Key
Diet is a mental war and you really need to have big motivation to against all these things. Make sure you remind yourself with your motivation to keep yourself going! Maybe you wanna be a model or a fashion blogger. Maybe you want to have a boyfriend. Maybe you want to revenge your ex by showing the new and beautiful you. Maybe you want to fit to the clothes that you like. Maybe you want to be as pretty as your idol. Maybe you want to be praised beautiful during school reunion. There are dozens of reasons that can be your own motivation. 

I promise these all tips do the 10% work, the 90% left is all your own effort. When you have enough motivation, you will follow these tips diligently
So all I can say is good luck!

I also gained weight easily so I know your pain T_T
Let's be pretty together! 

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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