Thesis Ramble

March 11, 2014

Haven't talked and rambled about my life for a while so here you go...

Some people might assume me as a multi tasking person because usually I handle a lot of stuffs altogether and manage to still look calm
Whenever I go out with my friends they still are in doubt that I am writing my final thesis for graduation

And to be honest, it is stuck . . . 

And usually when I am in panic bcos I cannot do something, I tend to laze around and kinda run away LOL Hence I go out with my friends more often at the moment

But okay, back to reality
I am, doing my final thesis. At the moment. And it's killing me

It will end until June 2014 and it will decide whether I graduate from my uni or no

Some of you might have noticed that although I don't strike to be the best in school, I don't want to have bad grades

My school has started from around mid February and although it's only been less than a month I really keen for a personal trip on my own
I know I have been to Japan many many times and should be said that I am sooooo lucky. But the real fun is only on my first time

Maybe because it is my first time to Japan
Maybe because it is one whole month
Maybe because I paid it on my own
Maybe because it is HOLIDAY

Yes, the rest of it, whenever I come to Japan, it's not for private holiday and I cannot visit what I want to visit, or eat where I want to eat

I don't like tour and I don't like someone to decide something for me when I am clear about my direction, so yes, I want to have another personal trip on my own

Therefore I am working more and more again to start earning money
And in fact I kinda want to save money to buy my own place as well so it's kinda big pressure for me
Cannot say the real reason yet but well, when everything's settled, I will blog about it

But property in Jakarta is getting freaking ridiculous. The price is non sense, and it's very imbalance with the basic salary given here
Since my graduation is near, and that means I will get into society this year, I also have started to think about my future career. Maybe a few of you have known my resolution that I do not want to work as an office worker. I want to be an entrepreneur or work on my own

The reasons are =

1. Salary is too low in Indonesia. It hardly can cover my food and travel expense to office, let alone to buy other things or trips. I do not want to rely on my mom too much, instead I am catching up with time to make her happy as fast as possible so yes. I cannot wait for a pay rise from company cos by the time my salary is high, my mom will be so old already wtf

2. I cannot focus on blogging anymore. It will be very difficult to maintain and I love blogging and things that I have been doing so far. I love social media and I love working online. So I wanna do something on my own regarding this stuff. I cannot dye my hair blonde anymore either lol

3. I want to have holiday and work hard whenever I want. LOL
My mom always told me to not become under someone else permanently cos I rebel A LOT lol and my mom has never been an office worker, as well as majority of my family members. So the thought of being in office kinda scares me. I grew up seeing how my auntie can have holiday whenever she wants, or how my mom still gets busy on sunday but she can laze around on monday. My view regarding job might be a little twisted compared to normal person bcos of this

But not working doesn't mean I shouldn't earn money
I promised my mom that even though I don't work like other people, but the very very least that I can do is to have salary at least on the same level with people who work on the office

Not earning money at all is a big NO NO. Let alone still asks your parents to pay for your living and fun things while you do nothing at all

I personally feel that when you graduate, it's the time to become independent
And it's even better if you can even help to pay food expenses or other basic things in your family when you're still living with them

Whether you work at office or on your own, as long as it's money that you earn by yourself, it's all good!

I have a few plans and I just hope that everything works lol
I am quite pessimistic person so I always think about the worst scenario hahaha

The worst case when I fail at everything, I already ask my colleague's to get me into their companies LOL Or maybe work under my mom hahaha! 

Because of all these bizarre things, I really want to have a holiday. I really want to go back to Japan for my bday in September just to have fun and leisurely going out.. 
After all I have been working and studying so I guess it's ok ? Hehehe

And also I wanna watch Inazuma Rock Fest in Saga Prefecture. It's usually held for T.M.Revolution's bday and his bday is only a week away from mine so I thought why not go for it altogether?

Still saving money for it... T___T

I hope I can go!! 
Because I dont think I will go to anywhere before my graduation

So if I go in september, it will be to celebrate my graduation, celebrate my birthday, and watch TM Revolution concert lol I hope this year he invites the Gazette as well hahaha. But I dont have anyone whom I should celebrate my birthday with in Japan so it's still kinda pathetic hahaha!!!

Is there anyone who wanna go to Japan with me in September, maybe? So I don't have to celebrate it alone XD

Anyway I write this post without thinking much about the content haha. I just wanna talk to you guys because I am so frustated with my thesis in fact lol You can tell that from February my posts has been lesser and lesser omg

Such a bad blogger I am!! 

So, how's your life going on??

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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