Japan For You From Me

March 14, 2014

I know I have been going to Japan a lotttttt recently, and I feel that I am not grateful toward you guys. I do not bring you guys close enough to Japan through my blog, although my job is supposed to fill you with Japanese Rainbows and Unicorns wtf

Although I come to japan, I only eat and random places, go whenever I wanna go, take pictures whenever I want to. But recently I hardly blog about Japan anymore cos I feel that going to Japan is like going to Bandung. And I was so ungrateful about all the opportunities given to me that not everyone can receive because it's such a disgrace..

That's too.. bad

I apologize

I always said I want my readers to read whatever they want to, but I guess Japan is my guilty pleasure. I really really cannot bear myself in Japan. I become lazier and lazier to take pictures in Japan because I feel it's my home, and I do not feel the urge to share it as much as I did. Losing control as it is, I will repent this time

I am going to Japan for a job with fellow bloggers from other countries, and extend the trip on my own as usual

I know... I have thesis wtf lol

But let me find tell you the excuses for myself! *ahem*

1. I swear to myself I wont go to Japan unless it's for Sakura. But sakura season is sooooo expensive, the most expensive I guess. And I got invited to attend event in Japan during sakura season. And to catch the full bloom sakura, I am extending for a while, staying at Shintaro-nii and Maki's place again! So, die or not I must go. My planet needs me, wtf

2. I freakin freakin miss Japan so bad. And A LOT of friends of mine going to Japan during sakura season. My blogger friends decide to go. My friends have family trips. And my classmates get JENESYS scholarship like me before. It's like everyone's going but I am not T_T This time when they go, I also go! :D omg omg

3. My thesis is about Japanese Event in indonesia HAHAHAHA T___T So I already asked my teacher's permission to go to Japan and they're like

" O___O Stella are you fckin serious?"

I was like "yes sir! I am going soon! Tell me what do I have to do in japan!"

"You go to Japan only for thesis?"

"Yes sir, that's how much I dedicate myself for this thesis *bluff*"



I am researching about Japanese Event in Indonesia, focusing in Cosplay and Harajuku Style, so I will be eerr.. kinda going around to Akihabara and Harajuku, chasing otaku and harajuku kids for interview and research, and I have to make a video about it

( '____________'  ) 

My thesis is so luxury one.. 

I don't think any students of my students can go overseas only for thesis, and if my ticket flight wasn't sponsored I wouldn't go either. It's too ridiculously expensive lol
So here I am, lucky again! 

Thank you God *waves kiss to Heaven*

So that's why, to give back to YOU, I will listen to your request!

What do you want me to blog about Japan?

Maybe it's about a theme park. Maybe it's about an area. Maybe it's about themed restaurant. Maybe it's about zoo. Maybe it's about unique food. Maybe about shopping

Whatever it is, just do let me know! :D
I will try my best to arrange the schedule on my own time for going to the place you want me to do, and take as many pictures as possible for you!! So you can feel like you're in Japan or know about the place you want to go next time you visit Japan

I wanna make the best post special for you guys my lovely readers <3

Anyway, I will be going from next week and will be back around April!
I promise I will update there hehe

And on sunday night I will have Live Show with Lula Kamal and Dr. Boyke for Kata Dokter at JAK-TV
It will be aired live on 8p.m. So make sure to watch it ok! ^_^

Got some other magazines shoot and TV Appearances too but the schedule clashes with my japan trip, this is the only show that I can attend for now

Watch me before I go hehehe

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