Q10 Japanese Drama Review

March 29, 2014

Today I will introduce you another J-Drama that I have watched recently. I know it's an old drama, but the new drama is so difficult to get the subtitle on. Hence explains the lack of Japanese Dramas in the market. But I watched this on WAKUWAKU JAPAN and in indonesian subtitle, so it's all good!

In Indonesia I have begun watching more TV's now thanks to wakuwaku, cos usually TV in Indo only focused on soap operas or bad comedy shows.. I need a well-directed show! lol

So okay, a little summary from me about this drama : 

Fukai Heita (Satou Takeru) is a young guy with a defective heart and he had to undergo surgery because of it. His disease makes him being skeptical about life as he feels he has no future or purpose in his journey. But one day he found a robot and accidentally activated it. Maeda Atsuko who is a robot with barcode Q10 came into life and asked Heita to give her a name. Seeing his Q10 barcode, Heita decided to call her Kyuto, the pronunciation of Q10 in Japanese way

Okay first of all, the reason I watched this is because of Satou Takeru.. I am a fan of him because I think he's a good actor. I have liked him ever since Mei-chan no Shitsuji and please, who doesn't know his perfect role as Himura Kenshin for Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X ? 

As always his acting doesn't disappoint me, he represents a lifeless guy who becomes to understand about life better thanks to Q10 very well. 

I wasn't a fan of Maeda Atsuko because I used to think she kinda destroyed HanaKimi Season 2, but after watching Q10, I feel that she's cute and she has great acting skill! And to be honest at first her voice is annoying but once you get used to it, you cannot not like it lol

She really did well for her acting as robot and she could not blink O_O And all her body movement as well as her expression are so good. I am now a fan!

In the beginning I read Q10 as Kyu Ten. But Japanese always makes the best pun. Kyu To can also mean CUTE as it's the japanese pronunciation of cute. Which is really good considering that it shows how cute the female robot is

The story revolves not only around Q10 and Heita but also regarding school life and other friends and teachers. The moral of each episode about how to handle life, dreams, and friendship are portrayed very well and although the drama seems very normal and boring but each sentence that the characters say is very deep and meaningful

There are many love comedic story about robot in Japanese Drama and I was skeptical about it as I thought it would be the same drama like any other dramas but Q10 proves me that I was wrong. 
This drama is more than that and successfully reserves a place as a heartwarming and light drama that everyone can enjoy and learn about life

The chemistry between Takeru and Acchan is also very good and it's shown clearly in the drama. Also the story of the characters are very relatable to everyone and I am sure you will learn at least one lesson about life from watching this drama

I enjoy watching this drama a lot and I even stopped doing my thesis when watching it as I was too absorbed with it lol J-dramas never disappoint me!

Now I go back to my real life in Japan and going around to search my own life too XD
Have you ever watched this drama? 

What's your recommendation drama for me? ^^

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  1. OMG I Love Japan and everything about it too :) I wil look into this drama it sounds so sweet!
    Following you on Bloglovin and will appreciate it if you
    can follow me back on Blog Lovin as well (GFC not working anymore) <3
    Red Alice

  2. This dorama make me cried in the end. Suka banget apalagi sama Takeru Sato, tapi itu mantan personil AKB48 mirip sama Horita Maki ya?

  3. hahaha masa siii.. cakepan horikita maki menurutku sii XD

  4. yes yes yes yes i had watched this dorama, sukiiiiii~~~~~
    abang Take emang ganteng hehehe

  5. I find this drama quite boring and bland tho since there isn't much character development and I literally tried to skip 2 episodes (but came to watch it again) and I still get the plot, it's like no matter how you skip, the ending is still predictable. The whole drama felt too clichè for me I guess.