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March 18, 2014

Before my trip to Japan, I met my friends who are coming down from Singapore and decided to spend Saturday with them! 
And of course, OOTD and more pics!

Many people might have known that I like black clothes, rock style in particular. But I always tone it down for a little casual hang out

And here's the FOTD!

What's on my Face : 

Tsukika Powder Foundation
Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil in 02
Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Quad in 01
Sephora Contouring Powder
Kiss Me Heroine Make Eye Liner in Black
Pixielash Top & Bottom Lashes
Etude House Rosy Tint Lips in 04 Sweet Poison 

So Raistlin is cosplayer from singapore who's invited to Toys & Game Fair in Indonesia. Along with his kinda-manager-elizabet lol who happens to be Kaila's friend too ^^
We met from AFA Indonesia but when I visited AFA Singapore, they were the one who offered their hospitality! Very very nice people!
And Raistlin is Sochii's friend too, world is so small, or maybe should I say, Japanese Community is so small lol

Raistlin was busy doing his own make up wtf
I guess he's the only guy that I know who put on make up longer than mine.. 
He even LINEd me before saying "hey, can I get your lashes?"

I was like "wtf!"

But hey, that's what cosplayer for you lol

Since the girls are ready, so we camwhored!! Hehehe
SUPER ENVY with Liz's skin, her skin is damn perfect and smooth! 

I had flu on that day so my skin becomes very very dryyy , but even on my good condition, her skin would be much better than mine

We took many pics but I wont upload everything lol

Trying to act "sexy girl on a bed" but #MAJORFAIL


Raistlin finished his make up and so could camwhore together hahaha

I brought them for Padang lunch at Kemang and after that we visited Pad28 Cafe at Senopati for dessert! We were talking about a lot of things and it's very nice to catch them as it's been almost 5 months since the last time I saw them. Time sure flies so fast!

Got hot chocolate because I craved for something warm for my sore throat, and also dorayaki with chocolate filling!
Out of my expectation, the hot chocolate was drawn very cute and we even stared at it for like 3 minutes before I decided to stir it! 

At first I was like "let's try!" and nom nom nom, so nice!! 
I am someone who always has cold drink almost everytime, so hot beverages when I was flu was very warming and gentle on my body! 

My hair has faded lighter too. I like my current hair color but I wish it to be lighter again!
I think it's time to stick with chocolate color too for my hair.. 

After that I had appointment to get Menard Facial cos they just released their special mask from Japan!
Do you guys remember when I visited Menard Resort in Mie before and had awesome mask?
Now they're available in Indonesia and you can receive the same treatment and products at Menard Counter in here! I went to the Central Park counter as they had their facial booth there!

Before going to Japan, I want to have good skin! After all, will take many pics right hehe
And also cos I have TV Appearance the day after at Kata Dokter!

I decided to get Clean Pack to get rids of all the dirts that I have bcos of living in Jakarta. So much pollution yucks!! It also helps making my skin plumper, smoother, and moisturized! So much love!

I wanna come again!

And last job before flying was to appear as special guest for Kata Dokter at Jak TV. It's my first LIVE Talk show and I had so much fun with it!
Hope to get more offers next time! ^^

Okay back packing now!
Flying today and I hardly have any sleep
I will sleep on the plane..

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. So hardworking you!! I haven't even taken the photos out of my camera LOL

    Have a fun trip to Japan :D Can't wait to see you again ^^

  2. Wah jadii mulus banget teelll!! Gue kemaren juga coba yang item itu sampe disangka udah pake bedak padahal gak pake apa-apa.. hahahha.. A very happy day indeed !!

  3. hahhaa iya nihh *usep2 muka* emang kulit cakep kan klo pake menard. thats why i support this brand a lot hehehe
    gimana set skincarenya, cakep gak di kamu =D

  4. You know how i try my best to be so hardworking la LOL

    ur skin is more awesome so stfu XDD *pinch ur cheek*

  5. Tel aku ga nonton acaranya huaaa. Dah ada blm di youtube?

  6. love this hair color on you!! it match your face perfectly :D
    love that jumper btw, your face look so smooth as well ceeee~ :')

    cheer, michelle

  7. I SUPER LOVE your red tartan pants! Looks good on you!

  8. I love your OOTD especially those pants! & that hot choc looks so good ~ hmm nom nom


  9. i love your top stella! It looks so edgy! as always look like you had lovely times with ur friends! And congrats for the tv talk show! Thats so cool! :)

  10. your skin is flawless!! makin sini makin bagus stel. Update blog skin care routine dooong :3 tapi sayaaang liat rambutnya :( kering banget ya kayanya? tapi suka banget sama warnanya. Coba go darker


    CHECK OUT!!-> Adventure of P-chan!

  12. awesome tuto!I don't really use contouring much but I wanna try after this!

  13. 0_0 oooo i was graduated from yakobus high school too! well apparently im your senior hahaha

  14. Hm.. gimana kalau kasih terus info opportunity ke Jepang, biar reader juga berkesempatan untuk feel the Japan ^_^

  15. Please please pleaaasseee... *Adding sugar on top*

  16. the balm ya... hrgnya brp ya... kl di mall gt?(﹡ˆ﹀ˆ﹡)♡

  17. Hmm, I like natural looks but this contouring tutorial is probably the most natural-est I've found! I never gained too much interest in contouring but I may actually try this (and those products), hehe.

  18. U Cant SinulinggaMay 6, 2014 at 1:22 PM


  19. this is great tutorial! i cant help not to laugh to read the title! ur so cute! ;)

  20. omg my honour to be your fav T.T

    my face is square too if you see it closely.. im applying it on the side of my jaw to create more oval face shape. good luck to you!

  21. Dear, your blog is fabulous! I like your photos & your style!

    Everything is perfect!

    would you like to follow each other?

    will be happy to see you in my blog!

  22. Take pictures of the Brilliant Star event that is coming up!! >.<

  23. Would you mind putting the pictures up again? :) I remember I really liked the color of your hair here and I wanted to show it to my hairdresser but the pictures aren't working anymore somehow ><