Rachel K CC Cream and Skin Lab Red Serum Review

March 07, 2014

My cousin recommends me her friend's online shop, Ruie, and when I looked for the site, it has Rachel K CC Cream products which I have been looking for a while!

I saw my blogger friend, Bebe, supported this CC Cream and I was impressed by how good it looks on her. But maybe because she has good skin to begin with LOL But anyway, I am easily attracted to new products so here we go!
Along with the CC Creams, I got myself a Red Serum as well! 

This CC Cream comes in 2 colours, Original [Black] and Neutral [Pink]
As for the other things, it's basically all the same
They claim that they have 10 good things in 1 Cream which are =

Epidermal Growth Factor, SPF 35 PA ++, Moisturizing, Whitening, Nourishing, Anti Wrinkle, Collagen Enriched, Non-Comedogenic, Smudge Proof, Waterproof

Both CC Creams contains 40gr products and it's made in Korea

Now let's take a look at the Original first

The packaging is much more classy in my opinion by having the combination of black and gold

About the Neutral CC Cream, it comes in pink packaging combined with gold accent. The color is very eye catching and bright

The only difference between these two are their undertones
While the original slightly tends to be more pinkish, the neutral is more into yellowish

From the swatch above you can tell that it blends nicely on my skin and in fact although I am yellow skin, the original still blends nicely on me. Sure it has a little bit difference in color but usually most of cc creams are not this natural in result

The texture of this CC Cream is a little bit thick and doesn't spread easily, so I have to either use more products for entire face compared to other cc creams or mix it with some moisturiser

Now let's see it on my face! 

This CC Cream surely gives moisturizing effect to my dry skin and blends PERFECTLY on it. It looks like I wear NOTHING when I am using this CC Cream

It has light to medium coverage. A little bit of concealer is needed if you have more acne scars 

It gives natural dewy finish that makes my face looks healthy, and also I swear they kinda have this smoothening effect on my skin which makes my skin looks so smooth as if it's photoshopped
Moreover, it does its job very nicely to even out my skin color. I have some redness and some acne scars but this CC Cream works very well in covering it
And they also have brightening effect which I like! My face becomes less dull!

My face is also quite dry and somehow most of creams make my skin much drier but Rachel K CC Cream has moisturizing effect that locks the water on my skin. But about the oil control, I must say I am impressed because although I can see some oil on my nose but it's lesser than usual.

For the longevity of this CC Cream, I feel it's just so-so because well, it's Indonesia, what do you expect lol
But by setting it with powder of course does help you

Anyway if you've seen this pic before, on this pic I was using Rachel K CC Cream !! Seriously, my face looks so good on it hahaha
So natural like korean ulzzang right lol

I must say that this CC Cream is too good to be true! I'm in LOVE!

For me personally, there's no significant difference between the original and the neutral one. You can hardly see the difference between original and neutral on my skin but if you see it closely, you will see that the neutral is more yellow and original is more pinkish. But that's all

After reviewing this I googled other bloggers review about this CC Cream and it's like, a lot of people swear by it, but a lot of people say that it's overrated 
For me personally, I like this so much among my other BB & CC Creams in my collection. Now the pink / neutral CC Cream has become the top of my list for my daily make up

 Good oil control
 Gives healthy & natural flawless finish
 Blends into natural skin tone
 Comes in two tones, pink and yellow
 Brightening effect
 Evens out skin tone and redness
 Has smoothening effect

 A little difficult to blend; thick texture
 Needs more product to cover entire face compared to other CC Creams

Now let's move on to Skin & Lab Red Serum
Skin & Lab is a brand from Korea and this is my first time trying their product. I am so interested with this serum because it says that it has wine as their ingredient! 

This Red Serum is said to revitalise your skin and improve your skin in terms of dehydrating and signs of aging. It comes in bright red glass packaging along with its tool to drop the serum [I dont know what it's called lol]
Well anyway, it is very easy to pinch the tool to take out the serum. And the bottle is so fancy and luxurious to be stored along with your other skin care items

It contains 40 ml, and depending on your usage but at the very least it could last you for 3 months if you use it on daily basis

Although it is mentioned to apply 3-4 drops on face, I feel the serum is highly concentrated and I really feel 1-2 drops are more than enough as I can already feel the serum is absorbed and giving nice feeling on my skin

The texture is like thick water and transparent with a strong scent of wine that somehow might be unpleasant for some. But eventually I like it! I never have serum or any skin care that smells like wine so I am pretty sure that they put a lot of wine extracts as their main ingredient. But in fact I was wrong!
The ingredients are Pomegranate, Cloudberry, Lycium, Acai Berry, Blueberry, and Raspberry 

The serum helps revitalizing my skin and tightens my pores. It also helps even out my skin tone, and gives healthier complexion on my skin tone. My cheek is more rosy than ever!
It is also said to help anti aging but I don't know whether it works or no because urm,, how to check O___O

But I've also stepped into 20-s something which requires ANTI aging T__T

Use anti aging product before you're aging ok! That's why it is ANTI

For me I like this serum but maybe for sensitive skin as this is tooooo concentrated, please refrain from using it too much ><

 Elegant red glass packaging
 Awesome wine-berry fragrant
 Evens out skin tone
 Gives healthier complexion
 Gives rosy cheek
 Anti Aging effect
 Easily absorbed into skin
 Tighten pores

 The smell is too strong, might be unpleasant for some
 A little bit too concentrated; might not work for sensitive skin

I really love these 3 products that my cousin's friend sent to me!
And I ADORE Rachel K CC Cream in Neutral so much! I freaking wanna get another one when im out of stock, right now pakainya sayang sayang T_T #pelit

I asked the owner of Ruie why she only stocked limited selection of products and she said she only wanted to sell products that she truly believes are good. So the owner uses it, likes it, therefore sells it so people can purchase it easily
What a thoughtful owner!

I am now interested in her other recommendations bcos well, these 3 products do amazing on me, how about the others right? hehehe

The products are sponsored by Ruie as a review purpose

You can click the banner above to visit their website. They sell a lot of skin care products that's selecter by the owner directly. All the products are ready stock 

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. wowww~ the cc cream surely seems to be a great product x3
    from what I see, the neutral suits you best eh?? OuO

    cheer, michelle


  2. The CC cream looks like a nice product. I've seen it somewhere else getting mentioned, but I never thought about checking reviews for it. Now, since I read your review I'd love to try it :D Thanks!

  3. I really loved that bottom right photo of you reviewing the Rachel K CC, it's uber cute!! ^^
    It's like something you usually see on a manga page, that's how cute it is.

  4. For me it's one of the best out there! I know one BB Cream that kinda becomes my holy grail but i havent reviewed yet, but maybe ok, thats all XD

  5. Yes since it fits my natural skin tone better, yellow ^^

  6. Oh, now I'm looking forward to the review of the BB cream you mentioned XD

  7. Babe you look awesome the way you are ^^ You should stay at this :)


  8. Stella! Why you do this to me?!o(;△;)o Now I'm super curious about the Rachel KK Original CC Cream!D,: It has many of the properties I've been looking for!x'3 But surely it is very difficult to get (/﹏\) As for the Skin & Lab Red Serum,it's sounds really interesting and the packaging is very elegant but still cute ♡

  9. they look great!\


  10. Hahaha I am so devil to you I guess >8D

    Maybe you can contact the website owner and ask her to ship it to your country? For me it's one of the best!

  11. Nice post! Actually I wonder what eyeliner you recommend for those with oily-lids? I have that lids and most products i've tried don't last for hours.. thankyou :)

  12. Cii pake shade apa di fotonya? Original or neutral? Fix banget ini masuk wishlist. . ./

  13. halo Stella, thanks for tips about diet. aku juga mau tanya, bagaimana perawatan untuk kulit terutama wajah untuk perempuan yang memiliki akitivitas di outdoor, seperti seringnya panas2an dan seringnya bertemu dengan asap kendaraan. karena adanya rasa kurang percaya diri apabila sedang ada dikampus, merasa paling "gelap" hehe. mohon sarannya. arigatou~ <3

  14. Cut Tisya SalsabilaJune 22, 2014 at 3:36 PM

    kaka, camera yg kaka pake waktu tour di japan itu merk apa ya?

  15. waaaa~
    another good tips for meeee...~
    i also in effort to reduce my body weight


  16. stella cakep dgn rambut hitam .. Loph Loph ..

  17. I'm so relieved, these are actually good tips Stella. I have seen a lot of tips on other kbeauty/makeup blogs that are wrong or downright dangerous so the words "diet tips" always worry me when I see them on a blog that's read by many. One thing I found that helps is not to keep bad foods around, and if you absolutely must have it (ie. you want pizza) then you make yourself make the whole thing from scratch--most people won't put the effort in to do it and find something easier and healthier lol.

  18. look cute


  19. haaa i love eating too. I have bookmarked your tips in case i forgot lol XD