Spring in Tokyo

March 23, 2014

A little update from Tokyo!

And of course Spring in Tokyo won't be a good spring without sakura! 
Last time I came to Japan a little bit too late cos sakura has gone already, but this time I will be spending around 3 weeks here to catch the most beautiful flowers in my heart, Sakura, or cherry blossom

I managed to catch one tree in Shinjuku Park but the other trees are still dead, so I am waiting for all of them to fully bloom to enjoy sakura to the fullest. But anyway, let me tell you a little bit update of what I have been doing in Tokyo!

As I have mentioned earlier on my FB Fan Page & Instagram, I was chosen as Indonesia Representative for Cool Japan & Google Japan Project to attend their launch event in Japan for 100 Tokyo, a website that puts a lot of information about Tokyo which is useful whenever you want to come there. Or maybe just open the website only to get inspiration to work hard and have a holiday in tokyo? lol

Anyway, I was there with other bloggers from other countries and I am the only Indonesian so I am a little sad, but spring in Tokyo can seriously turn anything into pink and any other pastel color because of its super magic power!

So this tour is joined by many influencers from all over Asia such as Malaysia (Cheesie), Singapore (Xiaxue & QiuQiu), Philippines (Tricia, Laureen, Camille), Taiwan (AiAi), and China (LaLa). Okay not to forget that you also have Indonesia participant, me *ahem*

Although seriously, everyone has so many followers on instagram so I feel a little bit, not confident?
As I am not someone who's very active or put hard effort in other social medias, focusing only in blogging, now it becomes my motivation to be more active in other platforms as well ^^

We basically visited many places in Tokyo and just simply had fun lol
And it's also my first time trying kimono! So happy! 
Everyone's kimono has flower patterns on it to celebrate spring! 

Even the banana also joins the festive by wrapping itself into a super cute pastel chocolate
Choco Banana can never be this cute in other countries!

And as if it's not enough, here you go, sakura...

I just basically bear all the coldness and wind to take many pictures as memory!
Super super super happy!!!!!!

And this sakura infection kinda infects me, I am someone who always buys things in black, but now I bought so many stuffs in pastel and pink -___-

I shopped a lot in Shibuya 109 and Harajuku and here are a few stuffs that i have got so far : 

Super super like the baby pink bag from Shibuya109! I got the additional ribbon to make the bag more cute! as for the white bag, I still haven't got the good accessories so will look for it XD

Purchased my very first coat from 109 too! 
I was torn apart between beige or pink but in the end I chose pink instead! 

I usually only had super ugly thick coat for winter, or very thin coat for style only.. So this one is warmness + kawaii in one coat. Pricey but I will use it for the next 2 weeks so okay...

Pink boots too wtf

But still got elegant black shoes HAHAHA

I also purchased other foods, socks and such, but too lazy to take all the pics now, so maybe later? T__T 

Anyway I am staying in Shinagawa Prince Hotel
It's a good hotel with good location too. It has direct access to Narita Airport and only 2 mins walk distance from the station itself

And oh, when I want to go back from Shibuya station to hotel, I saw this!!!


(   ; A; )

But it started from 2nd April only and I am leaving on 3rd April... 
I dont know if I can come to enjoy Disney Sea again but I really really realllyyyy want to go again!!

Time to re-arrange my schedule! 

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. cc stella,buka order barang dari jepang dong :( pengen contact lens nya

  2. I stayed in Shingawa Prince hotel too! So jealous, I wish I were in Japan right now~~


  3. The 100 Tokyo event seems really cool. I love how they got bloggers to promote Tokyo. I like the pink coat and boots that you got.

  4. Aahhh...pengen juga kejepang...><
    Ihhh pisang coklatnya enak kayaknya haahaha:3:3
    Ka Kaila juga baru upload foto purikura bareng kamu kan:3

    Adventure of P-chan!

  5. Waaawww Sakura, hope you have a greatt dayyy.... aka full of shopping, love your elegant black shoes!!

  6. thanks! just bought another shoes from esperanza ;__; so expensive here..

  7. ayo nabung nabung :3
    iya tadi abis ketemu dia XD

  8. check the web out!
    hehe yes it's all pink *_*

  9. oh wow! how did u know about the hotel ^^
    come next year to catch sakura!

  10. Kiya kiya kiyaaa!!! Teelll bahagia banget bisa ngerasain 4 musim di jepangg.. Super jealous!! But enjoy your time there, it is a super happy place!! X)

  11. Ah, thats really really nice. One day I still want to go to Japan during spring, but because of my college I can only go during winter. Besides you bought some really cute clothes!


  12. Awww I love your shoes <3


  13. i also skipped 3 weeks school LOL

  14. hehehe... yahhh dari google japannya stauku yang milih sih XDD aku juga gtau kriterianya
    Makasih yaaa =D

  15. iyaaaaa seneng bangettt.. gak nyangka bisa beginiiii :")

  16. Ci stella kalau boleh tau tasnya dari brand apaa X'D pengen beliii X'D
    Thankiess :3

  17. hi stella! aku boleh tau gak ya kira kira kalo aku ke jepang 14 april atau pertengahan april, sakura nya masih ada atau ngga? aku nanya travel dan smuanya pada ga ngejamin msh ada.. apa iya? thank you so much!!

  18. you are so lucky going there on sakura time! ^.^


  19. hi icha, kalau mau liat sakura itu lebih baik spend 2 weeks dari minggu terakhir maret - minggu awal april ^^

  20. waduhhhh brand apa yahhh... nanti coba dicek XD;;

  21. I love your cross t shirt .. where did you bought it ??

  22. Aaaaa~ you look so adorable! x3
    woahh~ you seems met a lot of new cool friends there hehehe :D

    cheer, michelle


  23. wow stela ... I enjoy reading your blog .. i will go to south korea this autumn ..do you think autumn is a rainy season ?

  24. Im going to Japan this mid April! do you have any recommendation on where cud i found a good cosmetic store?

  25. My idol Tricia <3
    Aaah..I want to meet her so bad!
    Btw, sepatu itemnya cakep banget <3

  26. Marcela Marusera MaślankaMarch 29, 2014 at 8:08 AM

    Sakura look so pretty! And you bought many pretty things :)

  27. UAAAA Cherry Blossoms! There's also Cherry Blossoms in Korea aswell, but I don't think it's as pink as Japanese's sakura! >_< I'm happy for you too!!


  28. Sakura season is beautiful, isn't it? Such lovely photos, thanks for sharing. ^^


  29. ahh I can't stop saying "envy youuu" stelll >___< you're so blessed indeed!
    kok bisa terpilih jd representative stel? asik bener T3T
    Ganbatte jg buat skripsimu yaahh ;D