February 24, 2014

Hello! Yes my hair on this shot was still purple-blue-pink-grey[I dont know why either] lol because of the last hair dye I posted!
It wasn't that bad so I decided to rock it on WAKUWAKU JAPAN Opening Event
I was invited to watch the concert that's held at JCC. They featured flumpool, JKT48, Afgan, and BCL

So here's my report = 

The opening event was on 15th February 2014
I came there on time at 5 p.m but in fact the concert started at 8 LOL
So I decided to camwhore for a while and exchanging greetings with fellow business people

I met a lot of other bloggers as well such as Clara Devi, Sasyachi, Hans, and so on. And of course our beloved Elle & Jess hehe!  I didn't take pics at all with the bloggers because well, to be honest I was not confident with my hair on that day T____T I felt ugly...
I haven't felt like that for the past few years lol So please bear with my solo shot haha

Anyway, WAKUWAKU JAPAN is a TV Channel that you can get through Indovision or Okevision, showing Japanese Shows in Indonesia language for 24 hours, 365 days !
Some shows that they will show are the infamous NHK Morning Drama - Amachan, Q10 Drama that starred Maeda Atsuko and Takeru Sato, AKB48 Ne-Mousu TV, and some culinary & travel documentaries! 

The only Japanese artist for the concert is Flumpool whose under Amuse, and to be honest I didn't know them before. But after watched their performance, they're so good and the vocalist is so cute!!

Elle, Jess and I giggled like crazy fan girls pointing at them. And we were in awe when looking at their perfect skin on the screen -___-

Like, how come a guy can have much more beautiful skin than us? It's unfair haha!

Jess and I also screamed his name in the end of their performance, and everyone around us were like troubled by it haha. But it's so fun!! And they deserve our scream! Flumpool, you guys rock!

You can watch their performance of this concert as well as their Asia Tour on WAKUWAKU JAPAN TV

Opening and closing were done by no other than JKT48! They sang many famous songs such as River, Flying Get and Koi Suru Fortune Cookie
I am a fan of AKB48 so I know the songs in Japanese only haha.. But JKT48 girls are so energetic and the show was super fun thanks to them! 

All in all, it was a fun concert by WAKUWAKU JAPAN

And so the day after, I went to salon to change my hair to dark brown because I have job as main host for WAKUWAKU JAPAN Ultraman Live Stage as their last event. It was held at Balai Sarbini on 22th February 2014

I had rehearsal for a few days before the event, from day to night. Though it's tiring and I thought it would be a boring event, turned out it was a fantastic show!! 
I couldn't stop smiling on the date, and also felt so grateful for the opportunity. The audiences were all also awesome and staffs and I couldn't stop grinning to see the response. It was totally a great event, and might I say one of the best and interesting job I have so far! 

My cute outfit provided by the team!

Reika and Kaname must be happy if they know I kinda cosplay again for this event haha

Jess also came to give me support! T___T
In fact Elle also wanted to come but she planned to go out later than Jess and it was flooding already so she couldn't come

But I am so happy to receive tremendous support from my friends

I have been driving in Jakarta for almost a year, and now I really know the pain of going at any place in Jakarta because of the traffic jam, the bikes, the rain, and so on. It could take your time at least 3-4 hours for return drive. Hence explains why I am so lazy to go out now
So I really appreciate anyone who's willing to drive away from their home just to see me. Especially not to mention that Elle & Jess are freakin busy. But they are the kind of people who will always make time for their friends. 

Although they're somehow always come up late LOL *gets slapped*

But thank you so much for coming ^.^ And of course for those kind of friends, I am willing to spend my hours of time driving to see them as well! Do your friends support you too? :D

And that's all the wrap for WAKUWAKU JAPAN Event!!

 photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png \(T________T)/  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

I am so happy to know that I am a part of this project, and really want to support more shows to appear on our TV! 
I wish they would sub more shows such as Arashi shows as well LOL So people will know about them more! Or about other stuffs!

So make sure to watch WAKUWAKU JAPAN! ^.^

Now excuse me as I have abandoned my final thesis for 2 weeks *gasps*
I really need to catch on my study more.. 

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. YOU ROCK!! (y) (y) and Dark brown hair looks very good on you

  2. The outfit looks really good on you!!

    Ganbatte for your thesis!! (I also have one OTL)

  3. wonderful outfit

  4. Oh, I think that your purple hair was really great, you totally rock this look! =)

  5. Omg..your purple hair! Look good though stell :))

  6. Are you wearing hair extensions with the awesome purple/pink/grey/blue hair? :o