Julie Hewett Noir Collection Lipstick and Lip Liner in Oona Noir Review and Swatch

June 17, 2014

Introducing you Julie Hewett Noir Collection Lipstick and Lip Liner, brought to you by Luxola Indonesia. I love collecting and trying out new lip products so what's exciting about my job is to finding out new brands that I have never tried before and shared it with you!

Luxola Indonesia offered me Julie Hewett which was a brand that I have never heard before. As I googled about it, turned out Julie Hewett is a luxury collection that's made by professional make up artist from Los Angeles that has been around for 20 years! Wow, I missed it?! 

A little bit introduction about Julie Hewett before we start : 
Julie Hewett is one of the foremost beauty makeup artists actively working in Hollywood today. When she was working on the set of Pearl Harbor, she decided she needed to create her own line of long-lasting technicolor reds. The Noir Collection was the answer to the call for good, old-fashioned red lipstick made with today's updated, more natural ingredients. Julie's philosophy has always been to work from the lips up. She was Inspired by her love of 1940's French black and white films, where the eyelid was clean and the lips were a strong sensual focal point. Throughout history red lipstick has been an absolute beauty staple, like the "little black dress". Embracing the divine, Julie has created these classic film noir colors which are ageless and timeless. For every woman who never thought they could wear red lipstick, this is their line. Julie Hewett takes the intimidation out of wearing red. From sheer to matte with matching lip liners you'll be confident and feel beautiful.

The lipstick comes in a black simple box, professional cosmetic image is very strong whenever I see this type of packaging. It looks simple yet classy and sleek

They have a few colours to choose from but I picked Oona Noir which is a cherry red that looks amazing on every skin tone
One of the best thing about Julie Hewett Lipstick is they are Paraben Free. And if you're aware of cosmetic ingredients, you might have heard about Paraben before. It is often used in cosmetics but some might think that it can cause breast cancer and fertility issue. Hence luxury brands often make their cosmetics paraben free to make sure the safety of the customers. Josie Maran Cosmetics is one of the pioneer or Paraben-Free Cosmetics, and Julie Hewett Cosmetics also put paraben free for their make up line. So rest assured!

Besides Paraben Free, they are also Gluten Free and doesn't test on animals

Inside of the box, there's amazing black and white illustration which is pretty fun to see, considering the outer packaging is somehow normal and average-looking to make it more professional like!

And here how the lipstick looks like. To be honest I find the lipstick gold packaging look less fancy than most of luxury brands. Sure the gold is meant to make the packaging looks glamorous but it lacks of decoration and the design is to be honest quite bland for my preference. I don't see any interesting accent that makes people will remember this lipstick as Julie Hewett as well

However when I saw the colour, it is a beautiful dark red cherry lipstick. It looks a bit purple-ish and darker in real life and it doesn't have strong lipstick fragrant like most of the lipstick, so kudos for the scent! 

  We'll be back to the lipstick later, now here's the lip liner with the same colour as well
 The lip liner mentions that the product is made in germany, also it features the colour of the lip liner on the bottom area of the pencil packaging which I love. But the packaging reminds me somehow like MAC because of its professional packaging look

By having these two products altogether makes me feel the packaging needs a little improvement because it doesn't feel like one whole collection due to the design differences. However, let's take a look at the swatch : 

Here's how to product looks like without and with flash
As you can see that the lip liner provides matte and smooth yet precise line of red, and the lipstick tends to be more shiny and watery. I describe the colour as a mix of rosy red and cherry tomatoes colour which makes it look effortlessly sexy but not overpowering and dramatic like the classic red

Although the lipstick on the tube looks dark, but it gives better result when it's applied because of the sheer result that makes it not purple-ish but instead a nice red colour. It is not too dark or bright so it's a perfect colour for everyone. The colour is buildable easily which means you can layer it many times to reach the opacity that you like. 

The best thing about this lipstick for me is its longevity. I wore it for 8 hours straight without touch up and it leaves a nice red stain as if it's truly my natural lip colour. Of course if you want to look perfect, a touch up every 3-4 hours or after you drink/eat is necessary. However, it's very rare to find lipstick that last that long

The lip liner doesn't last as long as the lipstick though. It's only 3-4 hours staying on my lips before it disappears. The texture of the lip liner is somehow drying while on the other hand the lipstick itself is moisturising and glides easily on the lips. These products are not heavy at all on lips, neither sticky. The formula is amazing and high quality

Here's the lip comparison for the lipstick, lip liner, and altogether :

I love how the colour looks bolder and stronger when I use lip liner and lipstick at the same time. It also gives sexier look and brighter colour.. While if I use the lip liner only, it's only a light red stain on lips. And wearing the lipstick alone makes it more cherry red like, and wearing it altogether giving a classic red lips

Which look is your favourite? ^.^

I would recommend this colour for everyone above 20's. This lip colour looks mature yet sexy but fresh and wearable for any occasion. I would recommend red lipstick for any of you who find difficulty finding red lipstick for working as this looks great! ^.^
My mom skin is a lot darker than me and she loves this too!

However for student, I don't think red lipstick is something that you should wear everyday but it might work for party or special occasion! :D

My conclusion about this lipstick is, the result is fantastic and it has high quality formula. However I find the packaging needs improvement as it doesn't represent how great the lipstick is 

The products are sponsored by Luxola Indonesia as a review purpose
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