Q-Pot Cafe in Harajuku Review

June 30, 2014

I finally have holiday after a long time war against my thesis woohoo~
So okay time to dig out some old pictures from my last trip to Japan and bring you to the magical cafe that is on Harajuku. Q-Pot Cafe is a lolita cafe specialised in cakes and cupcakes! It is one of the most interesting cafes you can find in Tokyo so it's definitely a hard to miss!

You can come down from Harajuku station but I recommend you to stop at Omotesando Station instead because it's closer. Only 5 minutes within walking distance following GPS and you'll be seeing this lovely antique cafe

I came to the Cafe with Tina, my French friend who's staying in Tokyo. I often hang out with her whenever I come to Tokyo. I really want to try Q-Pot Cafe because I read it on internet that they have interesting cupcake!

These are the menus. They serve Cup cakes, Cakes, and Macaroon! You can click on it for fuller size

I came during spring so there was a spring set menu including mont blanc + macaroon + chocolate for 2000 yen. Also there is cafe latte for every cake set and you might want to add 100 yen for additional cafe latte art

Let's go go go~~!!!

On the cashier table, you can spot some cakes that's ready to be served to your table. I decided to take some pictures of it and to be honest the price is okay but unfortunately if you're eating on the cafe, you have to order a cake set, means a cake + a drink at least

If you'd like to only savour the cake, might as well to bring it to your home to save money!

But anyway, look at all the beautiful cakes!!!!!

Even looking at the pictures now makes me drooling. Dang...
The price is expensive because well.. this is quite fancy cafe, and it's a thematic restaurant so of course they charge you higher than usual
But usually cakes in Japan is only around 300 yen so don't worry about it!

The cafe was quite spacious compared to most of cafes in Tokyo, bringing me to lolita world and to be honest, reminding me of Alice in Wonderland Tea Time Party. The decoration is cute, unique, yet colourful with all those pastel colours

Look at the cup lights!! SO CUTE!!!

Every spot is an art for this cafe.. 

With Tina.. Unfortunately I didn't put make up or circle lens or curl my hair because I was staying over at my friends hotel. My university friends came from Indonesia to have 1 week trip so I stayed with them unexpectedly, resulting me to not be well-dressed when meeting Tina the day after. I apologise T_T

Macaroon Cake decoration on the table! 
You'll die cos of the obesity in Japan cos everything is so delicious but I wonder why japanese girls are still sooooo dlimmmm

I ordered this cupcake necklace set for 1350 Yen + additional 100 yen to get my cafe latte art
The interesting part about this cupcake is they make it as the cupcake seems to be a part of jewellery with the plate's design! If you order macaron, they'll make it as macaron-ring!

To be honest, was quite upset about the design of the latte art because it's too normal looking. Nothing special

I thought the cupcake would be just another cupcake but Mother of God, the cupcake is THE BEST I HAVE EVER HAD [omg my tummy growls as I type this]!!!!
The sweetness is perfect, the cream is light and the cake is FREAKING SOFT like angel has made it. The taste is absolutely fantastic and inside of the cupcake they put fresh strawberry jam to add more taste. It's not overly sweet like most cakes in Indonesia

High quality cupcake I must say..
After eating this cake, I can't never eat a cupcake the same way again... 

I can cry cos it's just SOOOOOOO GOOOODD \(ToT)/

My necklace cupcake set. Might not be that appetizing but the taste is ROCKIN the HEAVEN!

Next is this Spring Set! Strawberry Mont Blanc and Macaroon with White Chocolate. Last spring they seem to have the same menu. I must say that this is sooooo pretty, Tina and I couldn't stop taking pictures of it because omg look at it right!!

The montblanc is fantastic! It's freaking soft and what I love about Japanese Cream is it's totally not sickening and overly sweet. The sweetness is just in perfect balance, instead it will make you craving for more of it because it's just too good to be true. The ingredients and the techniques are different and I truly recommend you to try cakes in Japan one day when you visit!
They have the best cakes in the world!!

Superb I must say!!


The price is ridiculously expensive for me, around 1500 yen for a cupcake + a latte. But that was one of the best cakes I have ever had in my whole life. Maybe even the top 3! [and 3 of them were eaten in Japan]

Worth it?


*cries in happiness*

*looks at my bank account*

*cries again*

Besides selling cakes, they also have a lot of unique souvenirs to be sold! Here are some of it!

Tea Set products like mugs and tea pots.. 

The plates and meringue~!


This awesomely decorated chocolate OMG OMG OMG

And of course come other biscuits!!

Okay I am soooo hungry so I'll just cook Indomie now (T___T)
Doesn't matter, Indomie is also good and tasty LOL

Also I thought that I would be coming back again to Japan in July for private holiday but oh God, it'll be totally hot so I prefer to be at home and take a rest after a long time thesis progress

So I'll just be here unless there's a job in Japan haha

I already miss Japanese Foods. And cakes...

If you want to visit Q-Pot Cafe, you can stop at Omotesando or Harajuku Station and use GPS to find this address : 

107-0061 東京都港区北青山3-10-2
It's open from 11.30 - 19.30

You can also visit their website HERE

Hope you're hungry enough~

See you guys on my next post!  photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png photo 21_zpsd46e6a3a.png

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  1. michelle sanjayaJune 30, 2014 at 2:25 PM

    the cake looks super adorable~ x3
    the place looks lovely and the pastel chairs are just perf! :')

    cheer, michelle

  2. Hungrryyy!!!Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ Mana aku lagi puasa !!ლ(ಠ益ಠლ
    Ahh...itu imut yahh kafenyaaa...☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ
    Kuenya enak banget tuh kayaknya...imut banget ihhhh(≧◡≦)

    *:・゚✧Adventure of P-Chaaan!!*:・゚✧

  3. The cafe looks so cute! The lamps are so adorable~~ and those cakes~~ <3 I feel hungry just by reading your blog hahaha^^


  4. Ooohhh..hungry..
    Untung liatnya malem..kalo siang jd pngn buka puasa pasti..

  5. Unyu-unyu banget cie kuenya XD kayanya sayang deh kalo dimakan apalagi harganya mahal jadi mending dipandangin ajah ampe puas :-P

  6. Wow, such a cute cafe! I really want to go there. ^__^


  7. Kayanya kalo ke jepang enakan jalan sendiri yah, bisa muter-muter ke tempat-tempat bagus gini. Sedih juga ngikut tour yg kemaren. Tempat bagusnya cuma hotelnya doang. Hahahha..

    But japan definitely has the best food ever! Tiap makan all you can eat gak pengen berenti ampe begah gah gah gara-gara enak bangettt!!

  8. This place looks like heaven *o*
    I want to go there soo much! Woahh and your cupcake looks really yummy too, glad to know that it was indeed delish cause sometimes pretty things doesn't taste good at all xD

  9. Anggita S. P. KuswandiJuly 4, 2014 at 9:02 PM

    As a drugstore product enthusiast I'M TOTALLY DROOLED when reading this! The range of soaps and hair dyes are soooooo diverse * v * I would totally go to Matsumoto Kiyoshi the next time I visit Japan ;3

  10. Go to the shibuya one! It's the biggest branch I have ever encountered so far XD

  11. THIS IS TOO MUCH * v*)/
    I feel I want to buy them all _(:3 All hair product looks nice by the packaging and lashes * w* Thank you for posting this * v*

  12. Maybe i need a bed to spend the night at that store. Sleeping with them. Lol.

  13. OMG THIS IS HEAVEN *__* I can spend 3 hours here alone I think lol. I love japanese drugstore makeup! The closest one available cuman di singapore aja ya yg lumayan lengkap.. but super overpriced there :(

  14. hahaha I always spend an hour a day whenever I am in Japan just to looking around this heaven *____*
    Iya apalagi dolar sg lagi naek bgt, uda gak sip belanja disana... :(

  15. Stella! This is very helpful, soalnya minggu depan aku ke Jepang & kemaren2 ini lagi bingung kalo ke drugstore yg komplit + affordable di mana aja hahaha. Pilihannya either ini atau DonQui ya :D *bisa kalap*

  16. Oohhh, next time you do this- you can also add a light sprinkling of freckles if you like for a cute innocent look! I think it looks amazing without though.

  17. thanks for the suggestion! I wanted to make it but I don't know how lol

  18. So talented *o* it turns out pretty mystic..
    I thought you bought a pair of crazy lens just for this photoshoot, but in the end it's just a photoshop xD nice editing stel...
    Also, how come you can edit an indoor picture to a bright picture?! :O

  19. I couldn't find what I want for the lens that I need, so photoshop is the magic XD
    I use Levels and curves on photoshop

  20. Kerenn stel haha XD itu wig apa? brightlele jg?
    itu eyebrow nya km photoshop kah?

  21. I just want to ask about the lens you wore, its perfect!! But it's photoshoped... -.-

  22. I would love to try this out, especially as I have dry skin! I love the real art packaging too :).

  23. omg~!!! that sure a lot of product with different packaging... such a competitive business :)
    it sure a heaven for beauty enthusiastic ^^
    nice post ~! thank you for showing us the amazing drugstore (y)


  24. Whoah. I actually thought you were aiming for White Witch from Narnia. Very interesting look. It sucks to have styes. Just remove your eye makeup before going to sleep. Styes/infections tend to come back. Anyway, I sent you an email, I hope you got it, or just check your spam folder if it did not get through the inbox. lol. I am a new fan. Just added you on my bloglovin. <3

  25. aku mau ikutan kak >.< belajar makeup untuk cosplay ^^)/ wish me luck~

  26. Coooolll~!!! *o*b
    atlantis banget auranya, jadi lah angel yg di A*XE xD kkk~ (sensor gk guna)
    suka banget sama circle lensnya ><

  27. Nice reccomendation but its expensive also I think.

    I'll try the other cleanser then. but thank you.
    You're good :) Good luck for ur thesis actually.

  28. I like angel also and you look like an angel.
    I love your make up but ITS don't like your wig. Its not suitable fot you I think. sorry :(

    But you're still beautiful :)

  29. keren abis eye makeup nya, terus kirain beneran pake circle lens! xD



  30. Hallo dear, can you help me to give recommendation for best bb or cc cream, that can work with sensitive-acne prone skin. I really need that to cover my acne but I dont want to make it worse. Thankyou so much :) nice blog anyway :)

  31. JennifermarcellinaJuly 14, 2014 at 3:24 PM

    Ikutannn ^^

  32. I always love your honest reviews cause they are really honest!! Hahaha most people only promote the good sides of the products while hiding the bad sides, sometime it makes us disappointed when discovering the bad sides T_T

  33. Thank you! But recently I have been very picky about reviewing products [due to my thesis, I had no time] so I mostly accept good products
    I think it's time to review more products again in general, as many as I can :)
    Very thankful for your support, love <3

  34. First of all, congrats Tel yeay :D Finally you will graduate soon :D
    Suka banget sm softlensnya Tel *.*
    And wow you make a big decision yaa.. maybe we can talk more when we meet up :*

  35. We should we should!
    And see, you're one of these people who are like "you've been away during thesis so let's meet up" hehehehe.. *digetok*
    Anyway anyhow, we'll see each other tomorrow! Let's catch up ce!!

  36. Congrats Stella! I feel you about thesis, aku lagi ngejar tentang penelitian dan semoga September ini aku bisa ngikut wisuda >w< after graduation maybe I will move to bigger city, tinggal di kota kecil rasanya gimanaaa gitu hehehehe dan semoga keterima kerja di salah satu stasiun TV, thats my dream since I was young :D

  37. Congratulations on graduating, Stella!! It's awesome you have so much courage to work towards what you want in life! Ganbatte! See you in a month's time hee hee

  38. Yes I'll see you in a month again and catch up with everything! Miss you and frank! ^.^

  39. Wahhh ayooo smoga lulus *pasti lulus* :D
    I hope you could make it come true. It's awesome to be living your dream :) You'll burst into happiness and puke rainbow later lol
    Nanti kalo kerja di TV undang2 aku ya *plak* XD

  40. congratulation for your graduating, Stella. I will graduate soon too, and I will say honestly that reading such thing like this is sooo inspiring. I feel like "Fire Up". will graduate soon, and will doing many things that awaits. anyway, good luck for you^^

  41. Working in Japan is also my dream, but right now I have another dream to pursue in here ^.^ So I'll see what I can do here first, spreading make up and japanese culture here :D
    Thank you for the encouragement! I promise to provide more posts in the future ;)

  42. congrats for ur graduation.
    Actually I will graduate also next october.

    I wish I get the chances like you. many company offered u many job but you're right to do what you love.

    wish you luck then.

  43. Congrats stell :3
    Sayang bgt dilepasin job offer yg di jpg T___T
    Anyway aku setuju kalo bloggers di Indo belum bs terlalu bnyk dpt kerjaan kyk blogger di sg macem xiaxue or qiuqiue D:

  44. Congratss Ci Stella!
    salut bgt sama pilihannya jd full time blogger.
    Wish you tons of luck!

  45. cngrats Stee ....^^....i'm so happy from all of my heart 4 u ^^LOL

    1st of all , i really wanna thank u so much 4 ur allusion about Palestine
    and Israel, ^^ ....well, i'm Palestinian fugitive ....and you know ...
    [so if you meet me in the future, I might tell you in person instead :D]>>>> in fact .... i'll so glad to meet you .... cuz when 1st time i saw your blog , it gave me an inspiration ,,,, so thank u
    from all of my heart ^^ ...

    [I hope you guys support me ^.^]>>>>> i'm suppppper support u soooo bad .... ♥♥☺

    so i'm really wishing u so good luck ...

    and don't never ever give up .... ♥

    c ya in ur nxt BLOG ^^ LOL

  46. Woah we will graduate at the same time :D
    Everyone has different peak life, maybe you'll be chased by companies later :) age doesn't matter love <3

  47. hahaha iya nih padahal kan demen jepang yaaa.. cuman i want to make this work happen here first :)

  48. Hello! Oh wow you're Palestinian living in.. where now? o.o

    Thank you for supporting me, it means a lot T_T *hugs*

  49. Congrats Stella!
    Today, I just finished with my defense :D
    thank god, I will be graduating this coming nov.

    Wish you all the best Stella :)

    p.s- for the past few months, everyday I keep checking for your new post even though I know that you were busy with your thesis. For somehow, reading you posts makes me forget my thesis for a while lol
    *supervisor chasing* XDDDD

  50. Same with me then! Good luck to all of us :D Wish you all the best for your adulthood XD

    Awww thank you, it makes my heart so warm TwT #ThisWhatKeepsMeGoing <3
    I promise more posts this month :3

  51. Congratulation! Fight fight fight. I wish your dreams will come true~

  52. i've been eyeing on this naked 3 too...
    i own naked 1 and 2 too,
    And i never disappointed of urban decay's products
    they are so soft, and yet very pigmented..
    that's the main quality i want.... :)
    Thanks for your review stella :)


  53. Great review! I love Naked and all their collection. I wish to collect more palettes in the future. xx

  54. Yay finally graduating soon! Congrats! I just finished my thesis too, now waiting for the thesis defense :D



  55. This stuff has been on my wish list for a long longgg time! I love how UD Naked provides a high quality brush in their palette! Thanks for the review :)



  56. I feel difficult to make-up around my eyes but ITS wanna try.
    The eyeshadow pallete has the calm colour and looks natural for me.
    I wanna try it.
    Thank you!!

  57. I love the brush more than the eyeshadows this time haha.. I think it's a good thing if you think that it comes with 12 eyeshadows and 1 dual ended awesome brushes, good product to spend the money on lol

  58. Thank you for reading!! :) I agree their products are high quality and in fact the eyeshadow price is cheaper than MAC too

  59. "I visit a website, I put everything I want on the cart, and then close the tab after I finish..." <----- just like me LoL
    thank you for share this precious post ;) i hope i can be success to build my own beauty blog XOXO ♥

  60. I super love this post! It motivates me somehow, love you Stella <3


  61. don't forget networking too! networking are the best tools to get work. i always thought that i don't have to connect with people to get a job, but it's 100% wrong. i'm working when i'm in college now because back in the school, i'm lack of social skills & networking. and now.. i can get my job from a friend whom not i expect. btw, i work as teacher on manga school near my uni & it's really great although the pay is not much.

  62. I'm your silent reader too, i love your blog and i really love this post stella....love you... <3

  63. Yes networking is very important and you should build it slowly. One thing that I believe is rare to find is : TRUST
    Make people trust you is very very difficult, hence we always have to be "clean" so the trust won't be gone :) I am very happy for you to change and have job now!
    This comes from a stingy person like me but : "Money will come later when you really enjoy and work hard on your job" :")

    Woahh what manga school. Can I visit one day hehe ^.^

  64. Why everyone is silent here. Is it because I talk too much haha
    Now you make me cry again, stop saying love haha. I don't deserve this much love *gives virtual hug*

  65. Love you back dear <3 Glad can spread around positivity <3

  66. another great post! ' being a student doesnt close your opportunities, your mind is..' that is so true. if all Indonesian student having this kind of thought, this country would be a better place. lol~~
    no pain no gain. the hard-working never lie. hohohoho :D

  67. I am so agree with you, Stella...being a student doesnt mean you cant earn money..start earn money from the lowest level can teach you to be more gratefull...Fighting!!

    from your another silent reader ^^

  68. Yes can't agree more! Fighting for all of us! :D

  69. They just don't know about it yet :) Some people are lost, so we have to help them! :D

  70. This is a good post! I'm entering my senior year in high school & I wanted to get a part-time job but I didn't have any time. My friend was able to get a job for a while & she's really good at saving money but she had to quit. My parents used to give me allowance too, but they stopped. Now I just save whatever money I have left from the money they give me when I go out with friends. Me and my friends are also going to start a shop since we have a lot of clothes & jewelry we haven't worn.
    I like traveling too! I'm saving up for a trip to Korea after I graduate! Have you though of traveling to the US? I live in Hawaii!

  71. Stelll XD i love this post and love the way you explaining. You're so tough and independent! *gives virtual hug*
    Your post motivates me to earn more money harder XDD Hopefully I can visit Japan really soon ^.^

  72. Yes you can start selling your second hand clothes online to buy new clothes too!
    Start digging "xxx wholesale" for whatever you want to sell, tons of them are in google :)

    I haven't ! I would love to! My dream is to visit everything haha. Working on it now! ^.^

  73. hush hush don't get too close *kicks* XDDDD
    ayooo shell.. Bisa ke Jepang kok! Nanti next aku kasih tips travel murah ke Jepang deh XD
    Lama lama ini blog jadi blog gak jelas ya LOL

  74. Good luck for that!! I believe you can do it =D

  75. Ce stella so inspirativee! <3<3 btw, aku alumni yakob juga loh tp junior cici :)

  76. hahaha beda berapa taon sama aku XD

  77. Makasi cc lee.. postingannya menyelamatkan napsu dan pikiran buat q hedon ;A;.. berencana buka online shop tapi takut ga ada yang beliiii ;A;

  78. i love this blog post so much <3 i'm your silent reader too lel~ i started working when i'm still in junior high too as a marching band coach. on high school, i like to take a charge when someone asked me to make over them and made scrapbook or pop up birthday card (i'm glad they didn't complain about the fee lel~) and now as a hospitality college student, i like to work part-time in some hotel's banquet kitchen or some cathering. they pay is not much but the experiences are priceless <3

    thanks so much for making this post, i still can't separate my needs and my wish though X3

  79. jauh dari tempat cc , di clara manga school di BSD (30 min. from UMN lol)

  80. Riany Nur AnnisaJuly 19, 2014 at 4:16 PM

    Thank for posting this .... >_<
    actually I'm you silent reader for a long time... but I can't stop myself to not comment on this post...

    many one just complaining how poor they're, but actually we're same, we have same opportunity no matter how poor or how rich you are... how ugly or how beautiful you are... everyone have same opportunity for a goal... everything only about how hardworking you are... how patient you are...

    In junior high school I being a reseller for outwear, but when I started senior high school I make it by myself... still continue until now (start the college)... but I sell many thing right now, not only outwear...

    my goal is same with you, doing trip alone to japan with my money... still can't achieve that goal...
    but, this far I can buy my own violin and handphone... pretty happy with it...

    just want to know... how long is needed for you to save money for trip to japan?

    by the way you didn't add indomaret cm at your "featured on"

  81. Kalo takut pertama resell dulu aja buat ngetes2 :D

  82. Haha I don't even know how to go to BSD wtf X_X; *buta arah*

  83. Hi.. Haha yes I haven't had time to put on Indomaret CM, in fact many other magz appearances too X__X

    I saved money for around 6 months for Japan Trip, leisurely. However 3 months before the trip I had an important matter so I had to use the money for it. Hence making it for 3 months straight [Oct-Dec 2012] and January I am going to Japan :) It was almost a miracle T_T;
    I spent less than 2000 USD for a month including ticket, thanks to Shintaro-nii for letting me stay with him and also some friends there treat me for food haha XD

    I will make a post about Budget Food in Tokyo later on :)

    Wow so proud of you girl! I believe you can, just a matter of time! If you have enough money to go and want to travel, just let me know via mail. I'll help you to recommend itineraries as well as how to get cheap stuffs there :"D

  84. why everyone is silent here, why o why hahaha
    Yes, nothing is free, start charging, if someone would do it for free, then ask that person instead. Your time, effort and energy are worth more than that :) Even if it's small amount as a token of gratitude

    Wow hospitality! My lil brother studies kitchen stuff too so he will be on the same field with you. One of my best friends as well, she's about to fly to Dubai soon after graduation. I heard at first the payment is not that much but you'll surely gain more as you improve your experience

    Wealth is not only seen by physical money, experience and health are too! ^.^

  85. mau murah sih kira2 itungan kasarnya gini

    Tiket Jepang PP : 5 jt
    Hotel : @250ribu [super irit, hotel kapsul]. Mau irit lagi = numpang rumah orang lol ikut ajang homestay2 backpacker gitu
    Transport : 1000 yen sehari MAX
    Makan : 2000 yen sehari MAX
    Tetek Bengek : 1jt
    Disneyland / Disneysea / jalan jalan : 1 jt

    Jadi kalo misal 7 hari :
    5 jt + [250rb x 7] + [100rb x 7] + [200rb x 7] + 1 jt + 1 jt
    5 jt + 1,75jt + 700rb + 1,4jt + 1 jt + 1 jt
    Rp 10.850.000. Dan ini udah termasuk lumayan irit yang gak perih, masih macem2 gitu :3

    kalo super irit sedih ya makannya jadiin 1000 yen sehari aja. makanin onigiri sama bento ato indomie lol

  86. wa? your brother studies kitchen stuff too? i will be going out for job training next year though. yeah, the payment for a freshly graduate hospitality student isn't that much. but who knows? my senior happens to get a strategic job before graduate with decent payment lel~

    good luck with your journey~ and good luck to your lil brother too~ maybe one day me and your lil brother will meet in the same job place or else XD

  87. Yes but he is SMK not college :)

    Haha maybe yes. We'll never know! :D
    Good luck to your job training! Will be very tiring I'm sure, take care of your health XD

  88. thankies! <3 i hope i can gain lots of experience in there~(also some money too if i can). take care too stella, God bless you! :3

  89. LOL, sedih banget lho makan sehari 1000 yen ;___;

    Thank you stelll <3 <3

  90. gatau ciii haha aku soalnya perna liat cici di yearbook cicinya temen aku hahaha <3

  91. Riany Nur AnnisaJuly 20, 2014 at 3:47 PM

    wow, that was fast if compared with me.. x___x
    I believe you are hardworking person, I really love your blog, not only because its cute, but its content... make me believe that what I did right now is not useless... thanks for it...

    you almost poisoned me to become a blogger too... but have no time right now, so I think its not a good idea... at least for now...

    I use my money for many things too... my family isn't a poor family, but not rich one... I have to buy some book by my own money... pay violin & piano lesson by myself... so I think you'll understand why it took so long for me... :'D

    now, I started the college... I think I'll use a lot of my money that I saved for a long time... a bit heart breaking though... ___<
    and will start counting for a trip... :3 can't do it in near future though, because the college :@
    will need your help a lot when that day came.... :'D

    please keep blogging and inspiring person .... :)
    many readers and silent reader support you from far away...

  92. Waaaa ♥♥♥♥♥

  93. Great motivation.

    I had tried MLM but I failed.
    I love writing like you but I don't how to earn money from blogging like you. Have tips for me?

    Thank you for your posting.

  94. Halo kak stella! Kak aku udh ikt giveaway ini dari seminggu lalu dan setelah ngeliat review kakak tntg Mary Lou aku suka bgt sm hasilnya so i chose Mary Lou for the giveaway, but pas aku check out productnya, betty lou matched my skin tone better kak..may i change the product i want for the giveaway kak? Thankyou very much kak stella:)

  95. There are many sites about it, you can google how to do it :) Mine is mostly from sponsored post, some people rely on affiliate and CPC

  96. Hahaha.. That one was miracle, seriously..
    Haha.. Don't worry, it takes me long long time since the time I started working to my Japan trip. Took me years to finalise small dreams first before the big dream
    Right now you're focusing on other stuffs so it will of course take quite a while
    But well, the success is not counted by how long it is. It doesn't matter if it's 1 month, 3 months, or 1 year, as long as the goal is reached! Slowly but surely, i think you can reach it soon and you'll be very happy! :)

    I see you really like violin and piano, that's great! You can later maybe teach it to someone else as well :D

    Nothing is useless, everything is experience. The more things you do, the richer you are

    And I know your pain for college.. Kudos for you paying your own college! My tuition fee was taken care by parents though other expenses are by me, so I respect you!!!
    Thank you so so so much for the support. I don't think I deserve this much support! Lovee <3

  97. Haha today I talked to him, he said he wanted to apply for Cordon Blue in France when he graduated, and i think he would apply for internship at Mandarin.. Where are you going to apply?

    God bless you for every thing you do, love <3

  98. oh my God, itu japan ababil banger hahaha..
    Kalo alumni yakob, SMA nya apa SMP. adek aku SMP di yakob jg haha

  99. Oh my god, cordon bleu france *A* i heard its really hard to enter there. I wish they offer a scholarship for bachelor degree in there *A* mandarin oriental? I want to go to malaysia but i'm afraid of getting a homesick so maybe i'll apply to some hotel in bali or bandung. Ayana bali or bulgari sounds good to me lel~

    Anyway, please post a budget friendly trip to japan. My brother really need it as he will go to japan for international weeks. He has no idea about japan at all XD

  100. Its been a long time since the last time i read your blog.. hahaha.. i think its a very good advice.. i used to work as a tutor, when i was in high school and college.. and i'm a librarian too in our uni *ahemm* i dont know if we've met each other or not.. hahaha

    But i can't buy a car yet :'( but still.. i can pay for my tuition until my graduation day.. yeayyy.. so yeahh.. i'm still a lil bit envy of you :P but i think you've work really hard to get all of it..

  101. halo cii..
    baru ngepo posting pertama cici

    kalo bole nanya, dlu cici gmn sih kok bisa jadi blogger terkenal dan keren kyk gni?
    tips and trick gituuu..

    really appreciate your advice soon cii Stella


  102. haha I hardly go to our library, in fact I hardly go anywhere in uni because I always go home as fast as possible

    Car is pricey, wait until other stuffs are done ^.^ Good luck!!

  103. tulisan cc selalu menginspirasi T.T
    aku juga junior cc loh di SMP yakob, dulu kaget bgt trnyata ci Stella cicinya Billy o,o

  104. This has to do eith a old post. but i have a medium. Dark red hair and i want to dye it a vibrant/dark purple. Can i do that without bleeching my hair?

  105. Finally .... I've been waiting for you to review this product. I discovered this once on an online shop. A lot of people say this is a good product to peel your dead skin. But I can't help but feel sceptical. Glad you write a review.

    But it's so expensive. Hahaha TvT

  106. Stellaaaaaahhh you're my favorite girl in this woooorld *0*
    We (and my boyfriend, I showed this post to him :p and we were "mangap" together) were amazed on how you can even bought a car~!!! *0*
    You're younger than me but more success than me, in our age, this is awesome!
    I'm still study tho.
    And when I read the comment, there also many people have part-working in their school life what the--- what was I doing back then!?
    Raised in a family that like to complain and scolded on how bad our life almost everyday, maybe my brain was intoxicated with it x_x
    I hope from now, I'm intoxicated with your testimony :) and achieve my goals~!
    Thanks from us, Hasuhana and le BF :P

  107. Very detailed review bout this product! I agree, water based peeling is just great for both oily and sensitive skin. Btw, idk why I don't get updates of your blog anymore on both GFC and Bloglovin' dashboard T^T'



  108. what kind miracles is it? *_____* #kepo

    yeah I focus to many thing at once... so ....
    I think I should more focus at "smaller" goals for now... since although I have money for it... I can't do it now/4years from now... because I want a month trip.. for full 1 month... not less... >:D

    lol no... I don't pay by myself... my parent still pay Rp.8.000.000 for every semester for college... and they still give me Rp.1.000.000 every month... :D
    but, with that amount of money... its not enough for pay rent, eat and other thing you need/want.. they didn't give more either...

    I don't like piano and violin, I love music included them... :3
    after this japanese thing goal are achieved I will saved money to build my own music school... its a long term dream though...

    and again... lol no... you give much support to your readers... :D
    your welcome and thanks... >_<

    I send you an email... hope you read it... :)

  109. Stell km nyebutin nama brandnya krg lengkap XDD mestinya V 10 Plus. Hehe
    I agree with you, its hygiene is the best! But it's expensive enouh D:

  110. Stell, di jepan bs beli cure dimana yaa? thnx..

  111. Great review! This exfoliator sounds really good, just annoying all great skin products are so expensive </3

  112. Hai dear, do you mind to tell me how to change ur every background picture to white colour? Really love itt ^_^

  113. Hai dear, do you mind to tell me how to change ur every background picture to white colour? Really love itt ^_^
    Thank you dear

  114. ampun deh lengkap banget murah pula jadi pingin banget ke sana ><

  115. I love blue.
    You're cute in blue I think.

    How can I get that one?

  116. hhahaha kenapa kaget, gak mirip ya lol

  117. depends, if the hair dye is good then it can be absorbed nicely on hair. also it depends on your hair too

  118. it's good but I think it's way too expensive ^.^;;
    If you have normal skin without any problem toward product or whatsoever, maybe you won't need it this much. Cure works well too
    BUT if you have sensitive skin, I recommend this :)

  119. reallyyyy o___O
    Sometimes it's error though.. Best way is to like my FB Fanpage because I always share new post there :) <3

  120. oh thanks for the correction!
    SO expensive D:
    My old exfoliator could last me a year or so for cheaper price. But I have to admit that this works faster and sensitive skin users can use it safer too

  121. di matsumoto kiyoshi atau donki, atau drugstore lainnyaaa

  122. You can buy it here : Sparkling Chix

  123. If I haven't replied so far, it must be deleted on my junk so you can resend it again ^^;;
    Thank you!

  124. favorite so far because you haven't found much much better and inspirational girls than me haha. There are TONS outside there XD
    And about the car, I had my savings since online shop era ^^; so it's already been quite long

    Age is just a number. If you say that we're the same age and you feel nothing, then what should I feel toward children who are younger than me but can win awards / contest, or genius that can invent many things?
    But we also have to know that some people reach their peak on their 20's, 30's, or 40's or even older. Ever heard that Edison had to try many times and spend so much time to invent a light bulb?
    Dont compare yourself, work with your own pace :)
    I am seriously still nobody either.. Wait till I become richer and more famous XD

    Haha I still complain too though! It's quite difficult to have a cheery fun personality every second.. I am amazed if someone can do that and be grateful every time because I can't, not yet..

    Love to you and your bf!! :)

    Oh one thing you win from me, you have a bf haha. My bf is my job.. and my laptop LOL

  125. ce yaampun baru liat balesan cici! haha aku dr tk ci di yakob sampe sma! hehehe adek cici umur brpp?

  126. TBH the first tie I came to your blog, I also pictured you as a girl coming from a rich family LOL. Maybe because you have the "rich girl" kind of face? No offense on that, though. Who knows if you're destined to be a rich girl in the future with your own hard work ^_^

    You should get a medal for your achievements! To buy a car is..... super amazing!! I am really inspired to try and earn my own allowance. It will be very helpful if my dad can stop giving me allowance and just use it for something else. I started an online shop business a few years back, but it never got that big. I still got some orders here and there, but then it started to disturb my school life so I closed it. Now, after reading this post I'm thinking of starting a new one! I hope it will go better than last time.

    Thank you. Your post really open my eyes that I have to get up of my lazy flat ass and do something if I want to reach my dreams. You and your blog are also the reason I decided to jump into blogging world in the first place! :D I guess I love how you review and write everything.

    Once again, thank you! <3

  127. Thank you for this post, it has definitely given me the motivation that I didn't have before when it comes to finding a job.

  128. hi ci stella.. i'm your silent reader...
    thanks a lot for posting this.
    waktu saya SMA, sya juga ada kerja part time.. seperti jaga toko baju, waitress di hotel.. but hasil yg sya dapat itu semuanya sya kasi ke ortu. and now i'm working as accountant di salah satu perusahaan sambil kuliah. tetapi hasilnya juga tidak cukup buat bantu ortu membiayain keluarga.. because of this post, sya jadi ingin mencoba jadi agent asuransi. double job, double income.... thanks a lot ci stella.... i'm crying when i read this post. that for your motivation...

  129. *thanks for your motivation

  130. You are helping me. SO SO MUCH.
    Thanks, Stella
    You are my inspiration.

  131. Indi Sugar TaufikJuly 29, 2014 at 12:25 AM

    Beautiful, suka sama yang grey :) xx

  132. Hello! So sorry to ask, can I ask you about their price range? I really want to try when I'm in Japan but I'm afraid they're way too expensive hahaha. Thanks before! :-)

  133. It really depends about the food you will order as it's ala carte. Unfortunately I didn't know about the total price of what I ate ^^;; But I looked up on google and they said 4000-5000 Yen per person should be enough

  134. Amazing ,fresh food!love it!


  135. OMG fish and seafood?? I really really really and very very very love it, especially fish.

    You're so lucky stella :( I really wanna try it *tears*

  136. ah i admire you...

  137. agree with you. i don't know whether it's just me or anyone else does too. every time i use TBS remover nothing's works well on me. somehow i feel it's too light, hmm~

  138. I wanna buy makeup palette but only for personal use. Do you know how long it will be lasted before the expiration date?

  139. agree ci,kelopak mata jadi berminyak abis pake ini tapi fortunately di aku cleanse really well loh ci

  140. too bad the smell wasn't good, but it makes me curious though how it smells like :\ I'd probably hit the counter to try this out.



  141. Meh :/ I'm curious how bad its scent..
    I never tried TBS makeup remover.. but I think I will skip this one.. >__<
    Thanks for this review Stel

  142. Hi stella ,,
    can you recomended a good countour powder ?

  143. nice review stella :)

    salam kenal yah ^^

    please visit and join on my blog..


  144. Packaging nya kek apa stel? o.o
    Yg grey bagus ya ^^ sama japan softlens lbh nyaman yg mana di km?

  145. OMG!!! Your face is SO scaring!!!

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  147. OMG !!!
    the place is so pretty

  148. I only upload the pretty pictures for the blog's sake but in fact I don't think the place is picture perfect ^^;

  149. It's a very great post, now i'm motivated not only to save but earn more and more.. my goal now is to have an unforgettable wedding moment and buying a house.. ty stella for the inspiration..

  150. cleansing oilnya lebih bagus, cepet nge bersihin eye even face makep

  151. nice review kak, i've been looking out for this one. I reviewed how to wear 2014's trend color: radiant orchid vs vivid orange, read more on http://redlipstains.blogspot.com/2014/08/beautys-choice-radiant-orchid-vs-vivid.html :)

  152. anyway, how much was the insert?

  153. I've never been to Japan and I've always thought Japanese foods are so expensive! Thanks for sharing, Stella ^^



  154. doumo arigatouuuu <3 <3
    harganya mirip sama harga di jkt ya stel? haha XD

  155. miripp... makanya aku bilang sbenernya udah gak mahal.. di jkt klo pegi makan sama temen aja juga udah 100-150ribu :(

  156. Banyak banget kok yang halal kayaknya. Temen2ku yang muslim soalnya gak kesusahan disana
    Untuk sushi-sashimi biasanya itu halal semua. Yang perlu diwaspadain biasanya ramen sih tapi dimana mana ada tulisan "WITH PORK" kok. aku pernah coba makan restoran ramen yang gak ada tulisan porknya, dan emang mereka jualnya veggies ramen..

    Lalu kalau untuk yakiniku mintanya sapi. Kalau di cina mungkin agak susah nemuin halal kali ya tapi klo di jepang setauku banyakan ikan sama ayam XD;

  157. kalau mau gampang bilang aja ke orangnya "buta wo tabemasen" --> gak bisa makan babi.. biasa pasti ditunjukin menu yang gak ada babi :3

  158. Stella, klo buat vegetarian gimana? Byk pilihan juga kah?

  159. Stell..
    I don't know how could you get some haters, like seriously...you are one of the most nicest person on the internet!!! Well, since I only know you from internet but definitely would love to meet you someday! Ah..you just 22 and got many thing from your hardwork than others (including me wtf :D)

  160. Seriously sweetie, I love your blog so much, just found it today, and I am completely in love, I had to put it on my favorites and I had of course to follow you! Hope you can check out mine, if you have time! :)

    Fashion gets Fierce.

  161. Didn't realize Denny's was so cheap over there! Thanks for posting~

  162. Wah aku kurang perhatiin karena bukan vegetarian, tapi Tokyo itu surganya makanan, asal nyari pasti nemu. Sempet spot beberapa sii tapi engga perhatiin banyak apa gak. maaf ya

  163. aww thank you so much, hope you'd enjoy my future posts as well :")

  164. I honestly thought the food would be super expensive like 20usd per person there too *awkward*. I didn't know that the food there was that affordable >.< It looks so delicious too qwq I always wanted to go to Japan too

    Mindy ♥

  165. thanks for sharing this <3 Japan is one of my dream destinations. I've been living vicariously through your posts about japan :))))

  166. Wow so interesting stell <3
    harganya :___: lol
    itu kenapa rambutmu bs berkibar2? haha XD

  167. ini salah satu restoran yang mahal, yang murah di post sblonnya ya haha

    anginnya kenceeenngg D:

  168. you are supposed to spray it in the desired place, go through it with a comb then dry it with a dryer.. and during the day shampoo and condition it.
    I speak/read Japanese fluently and I've used it and it works.

  169. Lihat bannernya bikin terharu. Hahaha TvT

  170. Thanks for the nice infoo -_-)/

  171. Hi, Stella

    I really love this post, I have been following you quite a
    while on Instagram, really love your smile, and your make up LOL hopefully one
    day I could be like you ;)




  172. Ahh harganya murah ya stel *.*
    Maybe I should try it someday XD

  173. Cute! :)

    I would like to invite you to my blog! I would be so happy if we support each other on GFC, Facebook and maybe Instagram! Just let me know when you do so!

    Blog | Facebook Page | Bloglovin | Instagram

  174. tex saverio & danny cho!! OMG!
    btw, congatulation buat Starry Light nya Stella ^^

  175. Nice color stel :3
    Finally blonde hair is back!
    And welcome to never ending root retouch >_< lol

  176. just a little correction.. you kinda wrote "her wife" at the last part... hahaha

  177. Do you love the color of ur hair?
    it's not suitable I think but if u love it, I think it's the best :)

  178. I really like the blonde on you, it looks really chic!

  179. Where can I find your instagram? :)

  180. Things to do before I die lol x))


  181. Such a useful post, thanks! I know life in Japan in general is very expensive, but this comes to show that it's only a matter of careful choosing :)

  182. i love using A'pieu products, their cosmetics give more of a natural feeling however i have not tried any of their makeup removers. i'll consider this one!

    I'm currently using Etude House's eye and lip makeup remover however it's a little hard to remove mascara stains ;;

    and yes i do agree this brand is hard to purchase out of korea however if you are in korea the pricing is really really cheap XD


  183. awww thank you I'm so flattered to hear that <3 *hugs*

  184. I love the packaging!


  185. Everything looks really fun!


  186. make a giveaway of it then if you hate the product..
    hahaha.. XD
    just kidding..